Friday, 21 June 2013

The Latest Chav Accessory!!

I have nothing against horses....I had some when I lived on a farm, had a Saturday job at a riding school....I quite like horses....It's the owners I have problem with!!

Where I live a horse has became the latest chav accessory!!

I don't live in the countryside....Far from it!! There are horses living in front gardens, back yards & tethered up on the side of the road!!

 Have you seen the size of horse crap!! Big piles of it everywhere....I used to complain about dog poo but horse poo is something else!!

And don't get me started on the carts they drive about on....They do not take any notice of the laws of the road! My fella was walking the kids home from school last week and they were crossing the road at the pedestrian crossing they waited for the green man to come on and started to cross....The chav on the cart was behind a car, pulled out and went blazing towards my fella and my girls!!! Stu lucklily pulled the girls out of the way....Traffic lights don't apply to horses & carts!! 

There's a house down the road and all day a horse stays in the front yard....It's not a garden....The horse just about fits in the yard and the cart thing is always lent up against the wall blocking the pavement....Annoying!

I've seen chavvy lasses with their orange faces and bright pink tracksuits happily galloping down the street.....On the pavements with people having to move out of the way!!

Surely this could be a nice little earner for the government.... Draft in all sorts of legislation and create a few jobs in the process.....Horse owning licenses, training, road tax, cart MOT's, insurance, compulsary vet checks on the horses etc etc...

Rant over!! lol

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  1. We have a traveller community, on the other side of Kingston, where they have a huge issue with horses in garden and on random scraps of land, and carriage riding on the road. I think the RSPCA and police got involved eventually!

  2. Wow... Chavs on horses. That's frighting!