Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Lunchbox Rut...

New research by leading children’s cheese brand Cheesestrings has revealed that kids throw away an average of £130 worth of lunch box items a year and kids find lunch items boring, uncool and unappealing....

Half of children waste an average of £40 worth of food each term and one in ten admit to throwing away items from their lunch box because they don’t think they are cool.....

Have you got  lunchbox fatigue yet?

Here are a few ideas for you!

Use leftovers. Chicken drumsticks with the skin removed and cold frittata as well as cold rice or couscous with bits of veggies mixed in...Also things like homemade chicken nuggets and cold sausages!

Try to make food look more appealing so kids don’t realise that it’s healthy! Try putting fruit and vegetables into a cupcake cases.....They will think they are getting a treat!!

Make your lunch together – let them make your lunch too so they feel all grown up!

Make your child smile by leaving a funny note or joke in the lunchbox....

Make sure everything in their lunchbox is a different colour...
.Bright colors are the easiest way to increase the wow factor in your child’s lunchbox...

Hide a treat under the ‘boring’ food It will be a lovely surprise when they find it!

Choose easy-to-eat foods.....Though you may not mind peeling an orange or biting into an uncut sandwich, your kid most certainly does—especially when she's at the lunch table, where socializing, not eating, is a priority

Use cutter shapes to make sandwiches more interesting!!


  1. Love the idea of a "ham flower" even if the name is a bit strange.

  2. I definitely have lunch box fatigue so thanks for some great ideas to liven things up.

  3. Waste really winds me up. Luckily at the moment my little girl (16 months) won't waste anything but I know that will change as she gets older. Grr! I understand about things not being cool enough though, they all want to fit in. I think letting them help you to make lunch is a great idea, they can choose what they want then and tell you at the time if something's too school for cool.

  4. Love that puzzle piece sandwich! Wasted lunch is so terrible - and sometimes really avoidable. Frankly I wonder how kids make it through the school day if they don't eat lunch! We've had loads of success by involving the kiddos in the lunch process. When they have a voice in their meal planning, lunches are easier for everyone! Note: this doesn't mean that they ask for the moon and I pack it! So very sorry for the shameless self promotion but using LaLa Lunchbox has led them (and others) to pack balanced lunches and the grocery list that's generated from their choices is simple and easy for parents. Good luck fighting the lunch rut!