Thursday, 31 October 2013

Too spooky for children?...

A man has been told by police to tone down his Halloween decorations after a display made a child cry.....The house, in Hertfordshire, has been decorated for Halloween with a collection of gory decorations but a local parent complained to police that the display was too frightening for their child and it had reduced them to tears. 

The house belongs to James Creighton who transforms his home each Halloween to raise money for Cancer Research UK in memory of his grandmother who died from the disease. Last year he raised £1,100 for the charity, and has collected £1,358 so far this month.....

Mr Creighton claims this is the first complaint he has ever received and says he is determined to keep the display up and raise as much money as possible for charity. Good on him!!

I cannot believe the person who called this in wasn't charged with wasting police time.....Surely this lady can walk on the other side of the road or just try and divert her child's attention away from that one house when they walk past.....

I thought the whole point about Halloween was to be scared....If i cry at Christmas because the lights are too bright or flash too much will they demand that someone takes their Christmas decorations down....I don't think so!!

When Ellie was 3 she was upset by a man in a red suit with a big white beard saying "hello little girl" Should I have rung the Police?

Children are going to see scary's up to you as a parent to prepare them for that and explain it to them in my opinion.

I wish he was my neighbour because my girls would love it!!


  1. Oh that's not nearly as scary as that weird guy dressed as a clown a month or so ago.
    What about those houses in America. I'm surprised people aren't scared to death over there the way they go over the top

  2. I absolutely agree, especially as it's for such a good cause. If I don't wear make-up I frighten small children but no-one has ever reported me (to my knowledge) ;) Great post xx

  3. What a fab looking house and bless him trying to raise money for charity, we had some people make a right effort round the estates was lovely :) x

  4. Totally agree hon, it's great that you've written this including his donation details :) the world is a big bad scary place, and what life lesson does it teach children to do this? As you said she should have walked on the other side of the road #PoCoLo

  5. Well said. Children are exposed to far scarier things that this on video games, tv programmes and the internet. So many parents seem not to care what their children watch or overhear yet are the first to complain about things they have not chosen to do themselves. How utterly ridiculous - what is the world coming to? Perhaps we should close all the haunted houses at fairgrounds or ban books with monsters. And those trees which cast shadows over the street in the dark? Well, why not just chop them all down? I am so pleased to hear that the man raising money for such a good cause didn't bow down and give in to such stupidity.

  6. I find I am a bit torn. Yes the purpose and most of the fun of Halloween is to be scared, but then for young kids maybe it's too much. It's like the fact that I have never thought about how it must feel for older people alone in the house when they hear the children outside or when they have strangers knocking on their door, until I read about it and the fact that they have a "How to survive Halloween guide".... I love Halloween, but I guess it is a more stressful holiday than I initially thought...