Wednesday, 11 December 2013

What mums want for Christmas...

The majority of mums and dads, that’s 93 per cent, have concerns about friends and family spending lots of their hard earned money on them, when in fact half would prefer to get nothing at all rather than get loved ones into debt.

 Most mums and dads would prefer a small and thoughtful gift rather than an expensive bought gift, according to a survey from Forever Friends.

Instead of a traditional Christmas present, parents ranked the following as the top 10 things they’d like to receive from friends and family:

1. To be taken out for a meal

2. A small but thoughtful token of a friendship/relationship

3. To be cooked a homemade meal

4. A big hug

5. A card which included personal, heart-felt words

6. Something homemade

7. For time to be set aside to catch up over coffee for a good old chat

8. Have someone offer to do the washing up or cleaning (ranked no.10 for non-parents!)

9. To be run a bubble bath to relax in with a good book

10. Have a long catch up reminiscing over old photos...

I like presents but I like the simple things in life too....All the above sound great especially someone doing the washing up, cleaning or cooking me a meal!!

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