Wednesday 11 June 2014

Born in the Wild....

A new US reality show will follow mums-to-be who will give birth in the wild with no doctors present.....

The women will give birth surrounded only by the beauty and serenity of nature. Camera crew will be present to film their births but there will be no doctors.

The press release says: 'What happens when the craziest experience of a woman’s life becomes truly wild, and soon-to-be parents decide to take on an unassisted birth in the outdoors?'

The women chosen for the programme will have to be considered healthy by medics and have already given birth to at least one child in a conventional setting.

What do you think? Could you give birth out in the wild? Would you want to?

It's not something I could do but that's just me....You want to lay for 12hrs on a bed of leaves and give birth in a dirty lake, its your prerogative. I'd rather do it on a comfortable mattress....I'm all for home birth but even the cleanest stream has could have nasty things in it.....

I'm sure somebody will show up to tell me how awesome this is but I do not understand why you wouldn't have someone there to help in case anything goes wrong! 

Women who participate in this are a disgrace.....They have all the advantages of medical care that women in developing countries are crying out for...Yet they choose to put their baby and themselves at risk in this way so they can feel all tough and like a 'natural woman'...What a load of rubbish it is just attention seeking!!

These are my views!


  1. There is noway I would do something like that I have had two normal straightforward births but I still want the security of a hospital to give birth to baby number three so that I no there is doctors and drugs and things if anything goes wrong and it's also clean and safe. I could think of nothing worse then giving birth in the wild and being filmed I won't be watching that show xx

  2. I think it's nuts, but then each to their own. Personally I didn't even contemplate a home birth (just the mess to put up with afterwards would be awful) even if I'd been allowed to. In the end N wasn't coming out after having 13 hours on a drip, so ended up with a cs. I know people who've had a perfectly fine delivery, but had problems straight after, so there's always a risk even if you've been through it without problems before.

    As for being on tv. Again, not something I'd do for something normal out of choice, and definitely not for something like that.

  3. No! It is so irresponsible to do this w/o doctors! What if something happened? In the wild? Mosquitoes? Parasites? So many things that are not controlled and its scary for the baby. #pocolo

  4. Oh no, this is just awful! As you say, it's about ratings and there are millions of women crying out for the conditions that these people have available to them, yet they choose to ignore them for TV. I don't get it.

  5. No way would I do this, I would not risk my or my babys health, and I defo need my good friend entenox!