Monday 24 June 2024

Our weekly meal plan! 24th - 30th June! #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went well, we ate almost everything! As expected the Thai-Style Coconut Chicken was my favourite meal and we really enjoyed the Sausage & Pepper Chilli Con Carne Pasta Bake too. Becky even said it's better than the pasta dishes which she makes and she is an expert at making anything with pasta. 

The Gousto box was delivered early on Saturday so I didn't have to jiggle any meals around. The poor delivery guy was  very angry about it though as he said it weighed too much and he has been underpaid. Eek! Come to think of it, it's the first time that I have had Evri deliver my box so I am thinking they deliver the lighter boxes and Yodel or DPD do the heavier one's. 

Yesterday it felt like I had a whole day of it before 10am. On a Sunday I like to have a lie in but yesterday just after 9am we had the water people here unblocking drains. Ours and next doors was blocked, our toilet was filling up and outside in the alley way was starting to smell. It turns out no one is to blame and there is a dip in the drainage where everything yucky is sitting and piling up. Eww! It's a common thing in older houses and we were told that when we go to the loo we need to flush twice to keep the water flowing. When I say no one is to blame I have thought, we might be. Since we got a shower put in we've stopped having baths so there is no surge of water, clearing things where the dip is when we take the plug out. Oops. I might have to start having baths again or just filling one with cold water so we can clear the drains.

Anyway, because I was up early it felt like a long day ahead of me doing nothing so I convinced Stu and Ellie to go to the pub for lunch and it was so good. So good to have a big meal without sweating in the kitchen making it and so good because my mashed potato is rubbish compared to the chef's at the pub! I need to ask him about it next time I see him.

Sunday lunch out

It's funny about 3 months ago I would never eat cabbage, I had it at the pub and now it's something that I think about all of the time. I even took Ellie's off her. I don't know if my tastes have changed as I have got older or it's just the way they cook it but it's so good!

What I didn't plan for when I ordered the Gousto box a couple of weeks ago was the weather! Oops! It's supposed to be quite a warm week and I will have to spend time in the kitchen cooking. Eek! I am hoping to get the meals cooked on the morning so we can reheat them later on as our kitchen gets the sun from about 11am and it ends up feeling like an oven in there by tea time!

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Gousto meal - Classic Hot Dog With Sweet Onions And Cheesy Fries. Stu is not getting out of cooking on a Monday, he is going to make this. hehehe I would have left it until later in the week but it had a short use by date on the sausages.
Tuesday - Gousto meal - Beef Meatball & Tomato Farfalle.
WednesdaySome sort of salad, I am planning to go to the farm shop to get some fresh bits and hopefully they will have some lovely cooked meat too.
ThursdayGousto meal - Plant-Based Chick'n Pie With Mash And Green Beans. I am very interested to try this as I have never had meat free chicken before and it looks so strange. It looks like really pale doner kebab slices. I'm not telling my family it's meat free, I want to see if they notice. hehehe
Friday - Pizza, out of the freezer!
Saturday - Sticky Honey Mustard Posh Dogs With Chips. This is our favourite meal from Gousto!
Sunday - Quiche and salad.

What are you eating this week?

Sunday 23 June 2024

Week 25 of #Project365 16th - 22nd June. A photo every day for a year!

June is flying over. We have a few things planned for next month and I keep thinking the things are weeks and weeks away but they're really not. Eek! Why does the best part of the year have to go by so quickly. 

My week has mostly been spent watching football and enjoying the sunshine, yes the sun has finally been shining here! Friday was just gorgeous and we spent most of it at my dad's. Today we need to do some gardening and cut the grass, apart from that we have nothing planned. I think we are going to have a lazy day at home.

Now for a photo every day!

My fella and the girls
Hay fever tablets and a bee
Voter certificate and feathers
Doctor Who and plant based chicken

168/365 - 16th June
Father's Day and the men in my life had a fab time. We went to see my dad, dropped off his present (which he loved) and went for lunch then went to the pub for a few drinks. The sun was shining so it was lovely sitting in the beer garden.

169/365 - 17th June
These hay fever tablets have kept me going for the past week. I woke on Monday thinking I had a cold but it was just allergies. Ugh! 

170/365 - 18h June
The bee's are loving my garden, they are big fans of the pollen unlike me.

171/365 - 19th June
I hunted out my Voter Authority Certificate ready to vote next month. I don't have any photo ID so got myself one of these last year so I could. If you have no photo ID you have until Wednesday to order a free one to vote in the upcoming election.

172/365 - 20th June
I was putting some rubbish out and noticed something on the grass, I went closer and noticed there was a pile of feathers. Poor bird. I am guessing a cat got it as there was no sign of the bird in my garden.

173/365 - 21st June
I stayed up to watch the last episode of Doctor Who off the iPlayer. Technically it was still my Friday as I hadn't gone to bed. hehehe It was good but a bit of a let down. I still enjoyed it though.

174/365 - 22nd June
Our Gousto box was delivered and we have Chick'n Pie later in the week using meat free chicken. I have never had meat free chicken before and I can't imagine how it's going to taste. It looks like ill slices of kebab meat from the takeaway shop. lol I am sure it will be lovely.

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Saturday 22 June 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Football! WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I always say I am not a football fan but then something like the World Cup or the Euro's happen and I am hooked! I have seen nearly every match and considering I am not a football fan I have heard of a lot of the players. From what I see a lot play for teams in the English Premiership for teams like Man City and Arsenal. 

The Turkey v Georgia match has been my favourite so far, Stu has Georgia in his works sweepstake so I was cheering them on and they did so well considering they are only in the tournament because they did well in the UEFA Nations League. (I make it sound like I know what I'm talking about but I really don't). lol They're the underdogs so have nothing to lose and they really did give it their all. They even sent the goalkeeper down to the other end of the pitch near the end of the match to help out with a corner, it all went wrong and Turkey got the ball and had a free run to the goal, the Georgia's goalkeeper couldn't catch up. I am gutted they lost.

As much as I like the football I like some of the drama that goes on like the players arguing with the referee. France's Mbappe had a bit of an accident breaking his nose when he hit someone's shoulder and he went back onto the pitch holding his nose and sat down. The referee wasn't happy as he saw it as time wasting and gave him a yellow card. Eek! Going forward if he plays he will have to wear a protective mask.

On Wednesday, our usual bingo night we ended up going to the pub anyway. The staff were umming and ahhing about the bingo going ahead as it was just the usual's in but about 10 minutes before the Scotland match kicked off the pub started to fill up so there was definitely no bingo. Hmmf. We watched the match in-between chatting and still had a good night.

Becky always says she's not interested in the football but has seen quite a few of the matches too. She was sat at work watching one with a resident and for once she knew what she was talking about as it was Portugal and knows all about Cristiano Ronaldo. hehehe We have realised this tournament is probably the last time that we will see him play as I am sure he said he wouldn't be playing in a World cup again.

It's the moments around the football which I like, some Scottish fans helping an old man in the rain holding an umbrella over him. A little German bar selling a couple months worth of beer in one day. The Scottish fans singing their national anthem before their match on Wednesday! They were loud. The ground staff trying to stop the stadium flooding when it absolutely chucked it down and of course seeing all the fans having a lot of fun.

I will be sat here watching the football for the next few weeks, obviously wanting England to win all of their matches. They were abysmal on Thursday evening, they didn't deserve the draw. I could have done a better job of passing the ball. I did laugh at the likes of Alan Sherer getting angry talking about the game but still having to be professional. He looked furious! It still looks like we're thought to the next round though. Phew! I can't imagine that "Football is Coming Home" though, not after how they've played so far. Eek!

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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Friday 21 June 2024

What I have loved this week! Week 25. #FridayFavourites

Hello there and happy Friday! This past week seems to have flown over and it feels like I don't have much to show for it. It has not been a bad week though, just busy!

I am here today to share some of the things that I have loved this week and I am of course linking up with Erika and Andrea to share them.

What I have loved this week

Summer Solstice!
Yesterday was the longest day of the year and it actually felt like summer. There was no threat of rain and as I am writing this it is 18C but it felt warmer. We have had quite a bit of rain over the past week but the flowers in my garden have started to bloom thanks to it. The weather forecast is looking good for the next week too! Sunshine and warmer temperatures. Hooray! It feels like summer is actually here!

The Euro's are happening, the The UEFA European Football Championship and the country has gone football mad again. I am going to write more about it in my Word of the Week post tomorrow but I have watched a lot of football over the past week and I am loving it. England were playing last night and I am so disappointed in them, they did not play well at all but did manage a 1-1 draw. We should go through to the next round.

Father's Day! 
We all had a lovely day on Sunday, we went to see my dad to give him the gifts that he didn't want me to buy and of course he loved them. A cheese hamper with different flavoured cheese, crackers and chutney and some fancy ginger biscuits. We had lunch and then went to the pub for a couple of drinks, it was so busy but we had a fab time.

Gel nails!

Gel nails

Last Friday I did my own gel nails and they are still going strong. I know they don't look the greatest but they are better than when I first did them earlier in the year. lol I thought they were going to be bright red, when I put it on it was red but dried more of an orange colour! I love it! Now I am thinking the other colours which I bought in the set might not be the colours that they look like straight out of the bottle. I have a blue, green, pink and a lilac.

Doctor Who!
The new series is coming to an end and there's just one more episode left! I have really loved the new Doctor and his companion Ruby Sunday! They have brought something different from all the previous Doctors and companions. I am so tempted to stay up tonight to watch the new episode at midnight when it is released on the BBC iPlayer. Who is Ruby’s mum? What’s was Susan Triad’s dreams all about? And there has to be more to Mrs Flood!

Hay fever tablets! 
I woke up on Monday thinking I had a cold, I felt rotten but then my eyes started itching and puffed up. I took a hay fever tablet and in a few hours I was feeling much better! I have suffered this week when I wake in the morning. I am not happy about the hay fever but I am glad it wasn't a cold. I have only been bothered with hay fever since we moved here 5 years ago, we are surrounded by fields and my poor nose does not like it. 

Inside Out 2!
It's not one of my favourites but my girls. They have been to see it twice, once on Saturday and then they went to see it in 3D yesterday. The first time they saw it they didn't wait until the very end and there was a little extra bit after the end credits. I thought I had taught them better, always stay right until the end. I learned that from Marvel movies. They said it was even better 2nd time around.

What have you loved this week?

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