Saturday 25 May 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Solved! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


It was going to be problem but I think that is quite a negative word and all the problems we have had have been solved now, they were nothing serious or anything to worry about in the grand scheme of things.

Carrying on from my word last week and the slugs in coming into the house, that problem has been solved. The salt did the trick and since it was put down none have been back, or at least they're not leaving their slimy trails. The ants seem to have disappeared from the back garden, that was until I hit another nest while doing some weeding during the week. They haven't come anywhere near the house though. Phew!

Our washing machine has been making a grinding noise off and on for a couple of weeks and Stu solved the mystery of why, there was money in the filter thing at the bottom of the washing machine, about 6 pound coins and some other change. I am blaming Becky as Ellie doesn't deal with money, she always uses her card and I know I never have money in my pockets and Stu is sensible enough to check his. Since the money came out of the washing machine it has been behaving it's self.

I have been having problems in the garden with weeds, one specific weed. Bindweed! It keeps taking over our garden and I have traced it back and most of the roots are coming under the fence from next door. Ugh! The neighbours are unapproachable so I have solved the problem myself. I weeded as much as I could and I have covered the side of our garden where the soil is in black bags hoping that the weed roots will die off. It can stay that way until next year. The plants I am growing can go into bigger pots as they grow, I have enough compost and I will have a year without planting them in the ground. I am so over the weeds! 

Stu came home from work and said it really wasn't a good idea with the black bin bags as if it rains it could just sit there and cause problems but on Wednesday it rained almost all day and there was a couple of patches of water but I have flattened the soil out and there is now no water sat. Phew! The rain did cause me a problem on Wednesday with the tomato plants that my dad gave me, I had to move them into our little shed as they were getting battered. The poor things.

The only other problem I have had this week is being cold, come on it's supposed to be heading towards summer but it feels more like Autumn. I solved that problem by getting my blanket back out of the cupboard under the stairs and my jumpers out of the bottom of the wardrobe. I saw on my Facebook memories this time in years gone by I was filling the paddling pool for the kids, complaining about being too hot on the school run, going to the beach and just enjoying the weather. Come on Mother Nature, get the memo that we want some sunshine! 

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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Friday 24 May 2024

What I have loved this week! Week 21. #FridayFavourites

Hello there and happy Friday. I hope you have all had a good week? I have had a good one. Nothing that exciting has happened here and it has been pretty run of the mil. I have of course still got some favourites to share and I am linking up with Erika and Andrea.

What I have loved this week

Blog issues.
Having some blog issues is not a favourite but knowing that a lot of other bloggers using "blogger" are having the same issue is reassuring, knowing I am not alone. I have had trouble resizing photos and adding links. Apparently there are also issues about changing the colour of the font but I don't so it hasn't bothered me. From what I have read on the blogger support forum they are aware of the issues and are working on it. Turns out it's one of those things where not everyone is affected but why does it always have to be me. lol

Tomato plants.
One day while my dad was making his lunch, a ham and tomato sandwich he had a great idea of planting the seeds from the tomato to see if they would grow. He's used shop bought seeds before but never tried fresh seeds.

Tomato plants

It turns out they grow well, better than well! He brought me 4 of them as they are taking over his greenhouse and he had about 20 of them. The biggest he brought me is about 3 and a half feet tall, they're bigger than I have ever seen before. Now I just have to keep them alive or he will be very disappointed. Eek! We have had a lot of rain during the week so I did end up moving them into our garage as the rain was giving them a bit of a battering.

Half term!
Half term from college officially started today, Ellie has a week off and I forgot all about it until a few days ago. I thought it would be a straight run through to the summer break. 5 weeks to go for that. The weather isn't looking that good for her week off, rain all week according to the forecast but I am sure she'll have a nice break from college.

Fish and Chips!
I went to the pub's bingo on Wednesday and of course had something to eat! This time I went for the haddock and chips. The fish was almost as big as my plate and it was so good. I couldn't eat it all though.

Fish and chips

New friends!
I am not a sociable person but during the week I made a new friend. It's someone my eldest used to work with, Becky is friends with her but she is my age and we have plenty in common. The older I have got the harder I have found it to make new friends, especially since my girls left school and I don't get that chance to talk to other mums in the playground.

What have you loved over the past week?

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Thursday 23 May 2024

Clothes shopping with my girls.

Up until the beginning of last year or so my girls weren't really interested in clothes shopping. Yes, they would come out with me and buy what they needed but they had no interest in spending a day in town just looking around shops but things have changed and I am loving it!

Clothes shopping

It all started just over a year ago when Ellie decided she wanted to wear skirts and dresses instead of the hoodies and oversized clothes that she usually wore. She jumped straight in, bought a few outfits and hasn't looked back and I am glad to say still wears the clothes that she bought a year ago. There are of course some days when she goes back to wearing tracksuits and hoodies when she wants to be comfy but it's mostly crop tops (which I am not a fan of), dresses and really smart clothes! 

Ellie's clothes

We have had some fantastic shopping trips. She can think of nothing better than spending a few hours looking around Primark, yes it takes that long. She has got it down to perfection now. Walks around looking at what they have without picking anything up and then does a 2nd walk around picking up what she wants. I think in all of our trips there are only a few times that I have said no, you are not getting that. One was a skin tight body suit and the other was a dress which she might as well not have been wearing as it showed way too much off!

Becky has always been a tom-boy in the way that she dresses with hoodies, tracksuit bottoms and oversized t-shirts. She has never been overly confident when it comes to how she dresses and even now still wants to fade into the background but she has come to realise that her tracksuits and baggy clothes are just not suitable for nights out. She has been going out more to concerts, club nights and even to bingo at our local pub and has noticed everyone dresses up a little or a lot depending on where she is. She has been buying a few tops to go with the black jeans which she always wears but needed some more outfits.

Last week she asked me to go shopping with her to pick some new clothes. I jumped at the chance and really did think I would have my work cut out but it was easy! Usually Becky shops in the men's section but she went straight around the ladies section and was picking up a few things. Her basket was filling with nice tops, smart trousers, a couple of shirts and some plain black trainers. She knew she couldn't keep wearing her black and white Nike trainers for nights out but hates real shoes so black trainers were the way to go! They look really smart.

Becky's clothes

We stopped at the make up section which didn't impress her much, she might be wearing really nice clothes but make up is a total no go for her. She does make me chuckle. I picked up and eyelash curler and she thought it was some sort of torture device and couldn't get her head around why there were so many different shades of foundation until I explained that everyone's skin colour is different. She does make me chuckle.

We carried on to another shop and I could tell that Becky was feeling more confident in her clothing choices when she picked up some shorts. She only wears shorts around the house or when she knows we're not going to see anyone that she knows. This time she was buying shorts to wear while she's going out with friends in the summer.

One of the reasons I love shopping with my girls is that as much as they are about shopping they are all about refreshments too. hehehe When I go shopping with Stu he hates going to Costa or Starbucks but my girls love to stop off for a drink and last week we tried the Mango Dragonfruit Refresha drinks. I don't know if I am a fan. I wasn't overly keen on the taste but I couldn't stop drinking it. I will have to get another to make sure. hehehe

Now that I have been out shopping with Becky, Ellie is hinting at we need a shopping trip together. She better get saving as that girl thinks money grows on trees. 

Do you like going clothes shopping?

Wednesday 22 May 2024

The top 5 movies that traumatised me as a child!

I wouldn't say I am a big movie buff but I do have a lot of favourite films and I have been listing them for a few months. You can read about my favourite action movies, Sci-Fi movies, my favourite Animated movies and my favourite musical movies and my favourite disaster movies. In the run up to Halloween I shared my favourite scary movies and the week after I shared my not so scary movies which were more up my street for the spooky season, in the run up to Christmas I shared my favourite Christmas movies my favourite sport movies and most recently my favourite movies to cry to.

This time it is all about the movies that traumatised me as a child. What were our parent's thinking letting us watch these movies!!


The Land Before Time!
After a huge earthquake, a young dinosaur named Littlefoot finds himself lost and alone until he meets four friends in search of their families.

This has a great message that power of friendship can overcome even the greatest of hardships but what sick, sick people allowed an animated children’s movie about dinosaurs to be this sad?

The NeverEnding Story!
To escape from his dull life and bullies at school, Bastain takes refuge in an old book store. There, he begins reading an old storybook and finds himself drawn into the mythical world of Fantasia.

Artax sinking into the Swamps of Sadness. That despair you hear in Atreyu’s voice as his beloved horse slowly sinks into the mud never fails to make me cry and when I watched it as a child I was beside myself. I had a similar looking pony and was convinced anytime we went near mud that we would sink!

When a giant white shark fatally attacks swimmers on the shores of Amity Island, Sheriff Martin Brody teams up with a marine biologist and a local fisherman to hunt down the creature.

This didn't traumatise me that much but it did my brother. I don't know where my mother was but my dad was in charge and thought it was a good idea to let us watch Jaws. I was about 9 years old so my brother would have been about 7. I don't know why he thought it was good to show children a movie about sharks, you don't exactly get friendly one's. My mother was furious and my poor brother had nightmares for weeks. Oops.

The Wizard of Oz!
A young Kansas girl who dreams of a better life" somewhere over the rainbow" is caught in the eye of a tornado and lands in the fantasy world of Oz.

I didn't even know what a tornado was but if the wind picked up I thought I would be transported to Oz and I really didn't want to go. The Wicked Witch of the West terrified me and those flying monkeys gave me nightmares.

A family's dream home turns into their worst nightmare when evil spirits rise up to torment them and possess the soul of their innocent daughter.

Can you believe that Poltergeist was only rated PG when it was released in the 80's. I think that's why my parents thought it was OK for my brother and I to watch when we were young. I don't even remember what scared me as I have never went back and rewatched it, once was more than enough for me!

What movies traumatised you as a child?