Tuesday, 17 May 2022

(Ad - Gifted) Fantastic Father's Day gifts from Amazon Handmade!

Father's day is coming up next month and I always struggle to know what to buy my fella from me and from the kids. As much as I use Amazon I had never came across their handmade section until now. Amazon Handmade is the destination to find unique, genuinely handcrafted products created by your local Artisans and Artisans around the world. They really do have some gorgeous gifts and it is always fantastic to support small businesses.

We have been sent the Personalised Beer Cap Collector to have a look at. Collect your favourite beer bottle caps and display them with pride!

A Personalised Beer Cap Collector

Show off your collection with this lovely personalised beer bottle shaped cap collector. This unusual gift is a great present for Dads that love to crack open a bottle of beer! 

Made in Leicestershire with care by the designers themselves, each item is carefully cut from a piece of wood and then shipped in a strong cardboard sleeve or box depending on the size. Each design has a personalised engraved label finished to the front, ideal for giving your loved ones a special message.

Beer bottle cap personalisation

This comes in 3 different wood types: Birch (Light Colour), Oak (Medium Darkness Colour), Walnut (Darkest Colour) and includes pre-drilled holes ready to be attached to the wall. It comes in two different sizes: Small which is 395mm x 135mm x 6mm for 13 Bottle caps and large which is 595mm x 195m x 6mm for 44 Bottle caps.

The bottle caps aren't included, The bottle is designed to collect your bottle caps from your favourite beers. I think this is a great gift for a beer drinking dad, I am sure Stu is going to love it. It is well made and costs £19.95 which I think is a fantastic price.

There is of course plenty of other gifts you could get your dad from Amazon Handmade:

Whisky glass and print

Dad will love indulging in his favourite blended whiskey with this personalised whiskey glass and with his name engraved to the front alongside an optional extra personal message of your choice which is our lasting alternative to a card, nobody will be touching his vintage whiskey!

This gorgeous print features a custom star map with personalised details, so you will have a meaningful gift for your dad.

Beard seat and coaster

This personalised beard brush and comb set makes the ideal gift for beard newbies and well seasoned beardsmen. The brush is made from firm boar bristles and will easily untangle beard hairs, wet or dry and combined with the peach wood comb it’ll keep your beard looking neat and tidy all day.

Do you know someone who feels most at home at the golf range? Are their selection of drivers and irons the envy of their golfing friends? When they're not dreaming about being back in the golf buggy, can they be found watching the PGA Championship with a nice mug of coffee? If this sounds like the golf mad man in your life, then one of these golf coasters for drinks is the perfect gift for them!

Is their anything you fancy for your dad? 

I was sent the Personalised Beer Cap Collector from Amazon Handmade free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

Monday, 16 May 2022

Our weekly meal plan! 16th - 22nd May. #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went well, we ate just about everything. We ended up having a red onion and bacon tart like the one we had from Gousto a while ago because instead of the pizza bases arriving with the online food shop they sent puff pastry. We weren't too fussed and really enjoyed them.

I had a fun trip shopping with my dad and his partner last week. We didn't end up going to Aldi but did go to Morrisons, B&M, 2 different Home Bargains, Matalan, The Range, Iceland and a cash & carry. I got some great bargains and different things that I don't usually get with the online food shop. It made a nice change, I think I will have to go with him more often. I did almost buy some quiche dishes when I was out, when I have been making quiches I've been using the lid of a casserole dish but my dad's partner said she had some going spare and gave me 2 big one's which will come in very useful.

The kids have a bit of a different week this week. Their routine is changed because of the GCSE's happening. Ellie's school day has been rearranged, she has an earlier bread, lunch and tutor time is in the afternoon instead of the morning. Becky doesn't have to go into college because of people sitting GCSE's there and it's means she can go into work and do some training that she needs to get done before she starts full time when she leaves college in a couple of months. It should be interesting as it's self defence training. Eek!

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Peanut butter chicken and rice.
Tuesday - Pork and apple sausages with potato wedges.
Wednesday - Home made quiche and salad. 
Thursday - Fish pie.
Friday - Pizza.
Saturday - Crunchy beef tacos.
Sunday - A roast dinner of some sort.

What are you eating this week?

Sunday, 15 May 2022

A perfect pie. #MySundaySnapshot

On a Friday Stu usually has a half day at work and when he's finished we always meet up, go for a look around our local auction and then go for lunch to a little cafe nearby. The food is always so good, it's just breakfast things and burgers but they have now started selling different things and a few weeks ago we noticed pies and Stu was determined to try them out. 

He did on Friday and said it was the best steak pie he's had in a long time, the chips and mushy peas were good too but the the bonus was all the gravy! Usually it's either poured on already or the tiniest of jug when we eat out. I would have said he was given enough for two people, of course he used it all, he does love gravy. lol

Pie, chips and peas

My Sunday Snapshot

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Week 19 of #Project365. 7th - 13th May. A photo every day for a year!

We've had another weeks with it's ups and downs. Becky is coping OK with the breakup from her girlfriend, well as well as can be expected but the whole situation has caused some dramas and difficult situations over the past week which has caused a whole heap of stress. I've been trying to keep myself and Becky busy and we have been. I have been out most days and now I am feeling that I need a day at home doing not much of anything. Thank goodness it's the weekend.

Now for a photo every day.

Pizza crusts and my fella in shirt & trousers
Phone case and pool table
Workshop and strawberry plants
Overgrown hedges and grass

127/365 - 7th May
I had meant to take a picture of the amazing pizza that I made but forgot and all that was left by the time I remembered was the crusts. Oops. 

128/365 - 8th May
My fella had to try his smart clothes on for the job interview he was having on Monday. The trousers were a tight fit, he's not worn them in over two years. The interview went well and we're still waiting to hear something. The only thing that put them off him was the fact they close at 8pm which is no good for Stu, the last bus from town is ten past seven. Ugh.

129/365 - 9th May
Becky bought a new phone case. I had to take a photo to show her when it arrived, she was at college. A few days later she decided to buy a new phone and of course the phone case doesn't fit it so has ordered another new one. 

130/365 - 10th May
Becky dragged me out to the pub. Its free pool on a Tuesday so why not. I was feeling very fancy drinking J20, usually I only drink them at Christmas.

131/365 - 11th May
The chaos which is one of my dad's workshops. He could send me in there to look for something which I would never find but he could go look and find it in seconds. He likes to call it an organised mess.

132/365 - 12th May
I suck at growing strawberries. I never have any luck growing them from seeds so I bought a couple of plants.

133/365 - 13th May
I know it's No mow May but the council and really pushing it with one of the paths nearby. It is getting very overgrown. I don't mind the grass, bushes but the stinging nettles are very annoying.

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