Monday, 24 January 2022

Our weekly meal plan! 24th - 30th January. #MealPlanningMonday

Our Weekly Meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went well. We swapped a couple of days around but everything was eaten. When I was at the Co-op on Tuesday I spotted some quarter pound burgers in the reduced section and snapped them up. £1.20 for four was a bargain and they went straight in the freezer for the weekend which we had in buns. Reduced food tastes so much better than full price.

I was so excited at the middle of last week when I booked a Tesco delivery slot, I had forgotten to book one earlier so was surprised to get one. All was well until I checked why the money hadn't came out of the bank on Thursday which was strange. It turns out I had booked it for this week not last. lol Oops. Thankfully Asda still had slots left and I got everything I wanted and it was a few pounds cheaper so win, win.

Getting the shopping delivered fortnightly is working well. I didn't get any shopping for last week apart from milk, fruit and bread and this week with the shopping I have bought stuff for the freezer for next week, mostly meat and veg and some extra tins. It came to about £20 extra than our average weekly food shop. It feels like we are actually saving money at long last! Hooray!

On the menu this week we have:

Tuesday - Chicken stir fry with noodles.
Wednesday - Vegetable goulash.
Friday - Pizza.
Saturday - Chicken nuggets, chips and baked beans.
Sunday - A roast chicken dinner.

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Sunday, 23 January 2022

Best boots ever! #MySundaySnapshot

My dad was having a sort out and I got to get what I wanted out of a box of shoes and boots. There was nothing I fancied for myself but spotted some Doc Martens for Ellie. There was a bit of a panic when it took me a while to find the 2nd boot, it was in a different box.

Ellie has been wanting some proper Dr. Martens for at least a year but as they are so expensive I have been reluctant to buy her any while her feet is still growing. These were in her size and had hardly been worn. I've since polished them and they look brand new! Ellie is overjoyed with them!

Doc Martens

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Saturday, 22 January 2022

Week 3 of #Project365. 15th - 21st January. A photo every day for a year!

January is lasting forever!! It's still cold but this week has been brighter. Yesterday I actually went out in my hoodie instead of my big coat, it was warm in the sun. We've had a good week with a MRI scan for Ellie, exams for Becky, a couple of lunches out for me and my dad came with his trailer to take away the leftover wood from when we put the fence up. We have a quiet weekend planned. Ellie is off out with her friends and Becky will be sleeping off a night shift today. It will be housework for me and dying my hair. I have chickened out of going green and I am going back to the red.

Now for a photo every day!

Hospital and sushi
Rice krispie cake and blue sky
Sausage roll and a big breakfast

15/365 - 15th January
Ellie had her MRI scan and was a complete star (It was just routine before her hearing aid). She dealt with it brilliant and took it all in her stride. I couldn't be prouder. We have an appointment in a couple of weeks for the results and to get her fitted for a hearing aid.

16/365 - 16th January
Sushi for lunch, for Ellie anyway. It stunk the house out.

17/365 - 17th January
I decided to use up some of the chocolate in the tubs from Christmas to make rice krispie cakes. They were so good. A mix of mars bars, Twirls, Galaxy and Dairy Milk. I will never get the exact same mix again so I don't want to rush to make them again in case they disappoint. 

18/365 - 18th January
Blue sky and sunshine!

19/365 - 19th January
Pretty flowers. They're not mine though, they're Becky's off her girlfriend.

20/365 - 20th January
Sausage and cranberry roll. I saw these in Lidl in the reduced section. 50p for two and bought a pack. I wish I had bought more they were delicious and would have lasted a while as they were frozen and just needed cooking.

21/365 - 21st January
A big breakfast. Stu had a half day at work so we met up for lunch.

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Friday, 21 January 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Unknown! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I am starting writing this without a word in mind. It's been one of those weeks where plenty has happened but it all doesn't fall under one word.

We started the weekend going to hospital for Ellie's MRI scan, it was just procedure before she gets a hearing aid so there's nothing to worry about. She took the MRI scan in her stride and the nurse even said she handled it better than most adults. The nurse was amazing and put us both at ease when she was going through the safety questions. I keep saying the nurses always seem to have more people skills than the consultants and I was proved right again. The nurse asked Ellie if she could to pull her mask down so she could understand her better with lip reading, when we last saw the consultant he never thought of doing that. It's those little things which really help. We already have got Ellie's next appointments. 10 minutes with the consultant and then another to get her fitted for her hearing aid. Exciting times. For a second I did panic thinking that the appointments have came really quickly what if there is something to worry about? I know I am just being silly and for all I know they could have booked her hearing aid fitting the same time as her MRI scan.

I spent Wednesday lunchtime like a lot of other people watching Prime Minister's Questions, what a circus! According to Boris and the government the pandemic is over, it's obviously not but wearing masks is being scrapped, Covid passes will be no more and as of the 24th of March we won't have to isolate if we have Covid. It seems like madness to me and that it will be survival of the fittest now. Thankfully Stu, the girls and myself have been lucky and have got away without catching it so far but I don't know how long that will last with all the precautions being scrapped. I for one will still be wearing a mask on public transport and in shops.

Becky had her first exam at college in a long time. She was supposed to have some last year but they were cancelled because of the virus. It was Anatomy and Physiology and she thought it was quite easy, it wasn't just her though, a lot of her friends said the same. She said most of it was common sense the only thing that stumped her was "where in the body is the Thymus gland and what does it do? She took a guess and said in the chest and it produces hormones which should get her a couple of marks out of the 3 available. She has a full week of exams in a couple of weeks which when she was telling me about them made me chuckle. On the first 2 days she can use Google and Teams where all her notes and work is stored. Her tutor has said he is going to upload more information and things that could help too. Exams sure have changed since I was at college. We weren't allowed anything like that which could help us.

We have a quiet weekend planned hopefully. Ellie is off to town tomorrow with some of her friends. It's the first time she's going into town without us. She's done the bus journey plenty of times but as much as I trust her friends they remind me of excited puppies getting a little too loud and bouncing around. I really hope they don't get themselves into trouble.

I got my word by the end of writing this blog post: Unknown! There is a lot of unknown things about Ellie's MRI scan results and her hearing aid. Everything seems uncertain and unknown when it comes to Covid and Becky had unknown things in her exam.

How has your week been?

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