Friday 31 May 2024

What I have loved this week! Week 22. #FridayFavourites

Hello there and happy Friday! This week has felt really short with a Bank Holiday Monday and my youngest being on the half term break from college. It has been a great week with lots of family time, fun and favourites to write about. I of course  I am linking up with Erika and Andrea to share them.

What I have loved this week

Britain's Got Talent!
It is finals week of Britain's Got Talent this week so it has been on every evening which I am really enjoying. I don't really have a favourite this year, there is no stand out act like previous years but I think a magician is going to win, there has been some good one's this year. With the final week of BGT it also means that Coronation Street, the British soap opera has a big week with the who killed Lauren storyline. I don't actually think she's dead, they're going to drag this out for months! 

It's been ages since I last went to McDonalds, it must have been well before Christmas and I do like a Maccy D's. My girls and I were out shopping during the week and decided we would go for lunch. It was so good and well worth the wait for our food, it was packed with it being the school holidays.

McDonalds tray

Shopping with my girls!
My girls and I had a trip to Hull which is the biggest city near us which is a bus ride away. We didn't need much so it was a fun trip. I got to listen to my audiobook on the way there as the girls are way too cool to sit with their old mam. We filled our bellies and then hit the shops. It's got to that time of the year where if they want anything out of the ordinary it gets put away for their birthdays. They both picked up a couple of things and we went in the Pandora jewellery shop to get Ellie's finger sized as she has fallen in love with a ring from there.

My girls

As we were heading back to the bus stop we saw TV cameras recording and I recognised the local news reader. We stood watching for a few minutes, we weren't brave enough to walk in front of the camera like other people. We had planned on waiting for my fella to get the bus but we ended up getting the earlier bus so we could watch the news. It turns out the news reader was asking people what they thought about the proposed National Service.

Becky Lynch: The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl!
I have been listening to the audiobook and I am loving it. I have found myself listening to it every chance that I get, in the garden and even when I have been in the kitchen! 

Bestseller in the UK, Sunday Times, April 2024 By age seven, Rebecca Quin, now known in the ring as Becky Lynch, was already defying what the world expected of her. Raised in Dublin, Ireland in a devoutly Catholic family, Rebecca constantly invented new ways to make her mother worry: roughhousing with the neighbourhood kids, getting older and hosting secret parties while her parents were away, enrolling in a warehouse wrestling school, nearly breaking her neck and almost kneecapping a WWE star before her own wrestling career even began - and she was always in search of a thrilling escape from the ordinary. With few female athletes to look to for guidance, Rebecca pursued a wrestling career hoping to change the culture and move away from the antiquated disrespect so often shown directed at the elite female athletes that grace the ring.

I can't remember the last time I saw a rainbow and this week I have seen 3! The weather has been crazy. On Sunday out the back of our house was sunshine and blue sky but at the front of the house it was raining, grey clouds but a beautiful rainbow! It doesn't show up amazingly well on the photo but it was there.


National Service!
Last week it was announced there is going to be a general election in July, we could be getting a new Prime minister, I do hope so. I'm not here to talk politics much. One of the new policies that our Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced is mandatory national service for all 18 year olds which hasn't gone down well. The memes online have been hilarious, especially on TikTok! The funniest one's have came from UK Labour who is the opposition to Rishi Sunak and his Conservative government. Who knew they had a sense of humour! lol

A family meal out!
On Monday we had got all the jobs done around the house like cutting the grass, all the washing sorted and the garage half sorted out so we decided to treat ourselves with a meal out at the pub. We went early as I wanted to be back to watch Britain's Got Talent and I am glad we did as it got so busy just after we arrived.

Gammon & chips and Steak pie & chips

I had gammon, chips, peas and all the extras like mushrooms, grilled tomato and coleslaw! It was so good! I can honestly say it was the best gammon I have ever had! It just melted in my mouth. Stu had the Steak and ale pie, chips and veg and it he said it was amazing, the girls went with their usual. Becky the scampi and chips and Ellie cheeseburger and chips. It sure beat getting the takeaway that we were thinking about!

What have you loved this week?

Friday Favorites

Thursday 30 May 2024

What to buy for the Dad who doesn't want a gift!

It is Father's Day in just over a couple of weeks and shopping for a dad who insists he doesn't want anything can be a challenge, My dad is one of those dad's who says he doesn't want anything but then would be upset if I didn't get him something. He's a bit of a pain in the bum. He is so hard to buy for too. He has everything he needs and doesn't really have any interests apart from football which should make it easy. Buy him something from his favourite team you say, that would be great but he loves football so much he doesn't have a favourite team. lol

Finding the perfect gift for the dad who says he doesn't want anything involves thinking outside the box and focusing on experiences, personalisation and meaningful gestures.

Happy Father's Day

Experiences and Quality Time:

An outdoor adventure: Plan a day outside. Go for a long walk, a picnic, fishing or a visit a National Trust location. Spending time in nature together can be refreshing and memorable.

Tickets to an event: Whether it's a concert, theatre performance or sporting event tickets give you the chance to do something together while watching something he enjoys.

A Weekend Getaway: Organise a short trip to a place he loves or has always wanted to visit. A change of scenery and a break from routine can be a lot of fun.

Personalised and Sentimental Gifts!

A custom photo album: Create a photo album or scrapbook filled with cherished family memories. This personal touch often means more than any store bought item.

Handwritten letters: Write a heartfelt letter expressing your appreciation and love. You can also collect letters from other family members and compile them into a book. 

Custom art or crafts: Commission a piece of art or craft that reflects his interests or family moments. This could be a painting, a custom illustration, or even a handcrafted piece of furniture.

Subscription Services!

Book or Audiobook subscription: For the dad who loves to read, a subscription to a service like Audible or a book of the month club can be a great gift.

Food and drink subscriptions: Consider subscriptions for gourmet coffee, craft beer or monthly snack boxes. These can offer him something new to enjoy every month.

Streaming services: A subscription to Netflix, Disney+ or another streaming service can provide hours of entertainment without adding clutter.

Charitable Donations and Giving Back!

Donation to a cause: Make a donation in his name to a charity or cause he cares about. This not only honours his values but also makes a positive impact.

Volunteer together: Spend a day volunteering together for a cause he's passionate about. This can be a rewarding experience and a great way to spend time together.

Health and Wellness!

Massage or Spa day: Treat him to a relaxing massage or a day at the spa. It's a great way to help him unwind and take care of himself.

Fitness classes or Gym membership: If he enjoys staying active consider signing him up for fitness classes or renewing his gym membership.

Hobbies and Interests!

Workshop or a class: Enrol him in a class or workshop related to his hobbies such as cooking, photography, or woodworking. This can provide him with new skills and an enjoyable experience.

A gardening kit: If he enjoys gardening you could buy him some seeds to grow or perhaps a few rare plants that he has always wanted.

Music lessons or instruments: If he has an interest in music, consider music lessons or an upgrade to his musical instruments.

Is your dad hard to buy for too?

Wednesday 29 May 2024

Strawberry & Champagne Shortbread Biscuits - Recipe!

When it comes to comfort food few things can rival the simple pleasure of a warm, buttery biscuit. Biscuits have a special place in our hearts and kitchens and today is National Biscuit Day and it is the perfect occasion to honour this beloved baked good with a tasty recipe!

Shortbread biscuits with their rich, crumbly texture and delightful simplicity are a beloved treat enjoyed around the world. Originating from Scotland shortbread has a storied history that dates back to medieval times. Traditionally made from just three simple ingredients: flour, sugar, and butter shortbread is the perfect biscuit: rich in flavour and irresistibly crumbly. Whether enjoyed with a cup of tea, as part of a dessert spread or simply on their own these biscuits are sure to bring a touch of comfort to any occasion.

Strawberry & Champagne Shortbread Biscuits

This recipe makes around 20 biscuits, takes 25 minutes to prepare and 25 minutes to bake.

For the biscuits:
225g of unsalted butter and extra for greasing the tray.
2 tablespoons of strawberry jam.
100g of caster sugar.
285g of plain flour and extra for dusting.
Half a teaspoon of salt.

For the icing:
200g of icing sugar.
2 tablespoons of champagne.
3 quarters of a tablespoon of strawberry jam.
Cold water.


Preheat the oven to 170˚C (Fan 150˚C, Gas Mark 3)

In a large bowl cream together the butter, sugar, salt, and jam until light and fluffy.

Gently stir in the flour one small tablespoon at a time, taking care not to overwork the mixture.

After the dough has formed, cover it with clingfilm and pop it in the fridge for two hours or until it has cooled.

Lightly knead the flour on your work surface until a loose dough forms.

Roll out the dough to a thickness of about 0.5 cm.

Cut out using a cutter then transfer to a baking tray that has been lightly greased. Bake in the oven for 25 minutes or until crisp and pale brown.

Place the biscuits on a wire rack to cool.

In the meantime, while your biscuits are cooling combine the jam, champagne, and icing sugar in a small bowl and stir to combine them into a firm paste. If more water or champagne is needed to loosen add some more. Dip each biscuit in the icing until half covered.

Pop them back on the wire rack to dry and then serve with the remaining champagne!

What is your favourite type of biscuit?

Tuesday 28 May 2024

When does the worry end?

Last year I wrote a blog post "Preconceptions about Parenting", it was all about the big ideas I had before I was a parent. How my girls wouldn't have a dummy, have limited screen time and so on. There was one thing I never mentioned, before I was a parent I thought when my girls hit certain milestones I thought I wouldn't worry as much. Well that hasn't happened yet!

My girls and I

Being pregnant I worried that I would miscarry, I had a miscarriage before I had Becky so that played on my mind. When the girls were little I worried a lot about them. They both had the the holes in their heart and open heart surgery, Ellie was practically deaf in one ear, they both had issues at school and lots of things inbetween.

I always thought now that they are older and are pretty settled in their lives I would worry less. Oh how naive was I. I think I worry more now than ever, just not about the things that I worried about when they were little.

Becky loves having a night away, not just at a friends house, I am fine with that but she has started going to concerts and club nights where she will stay at a hotel instead of paying for a taxi home. It does work out cheaper. A couple of weekends ago I couldn't sleep until I knew she was back in the hotel room after being to a club night. She text me at almost 3am. I don't even think it's her actions which worry me, she is a sensible lass, she doesn't drink that much and is like me and doesn't like talking to strangers. It's other people who worry me. People who could spike her drink, pinch her phone or wallet, beat her up or even worse. I often think that it was so much easier when she was little and I could control where she went. 

When my girls were little I knew all of their friends but now I would say I don't even know half. Ellie comes home from college and says so and so said this and I have to say who's that? I love that Ellie has made a ton of friends at college but they do worry me. She is doing electrical engineering and there is her and one other girl in her class of about 25 young adults. The only female friends that Ellie has are girlfriends of her male friends and she has said they're not real friends. Teenage boys scare me.

My biggest worry with Ellie at the moment is that she would rather walk into town and catch the bus instead of getting the college bus from college. Our town isn't the nicest and again it's other people which worry me. Thankfully at least the evenings are light now so there is less chance of her getting into trouble but it doesn't stop me worrying until she is home.

I have been lucky with my girls, they are on the whole good girls, they don't go looking for trouble and thankfully stay out of drama. A few weeks ago Becky and her friend took themselves out of a situation which could have caused a lot of trouble for them (I can't say anything to protect other people) but I am so proud of them. They saw things were heading in the wrong direction and took themselves home for a cup of tea.

I have thought I will worry less when the girls leave home but then I thought I will still be worrying about them feeding themselves, paying their bills and things like that. Maybe when they have been left home for about 10 years I might worry less. lol

When does the worry end?

Monday 27 May 2024

Our weekly meal plan! 27th May - 2nd June! #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went well. We did swap a couple of days around as Monday felt all mixed up with Stu doing overtime at work on his usual day off and Ellie not getting home until late after missing 2 buses. Grr! It was her own fault, one of the buses she missed was while she was wandering around Primark with her friends. Eesh! We wanted something quick so had the Hoisin Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry and kept the Beetroot Wellington With Mash until Thursday which was perfect as the weather wasn't great and we wanted something warm and comforting.

We got the Gousto box for this week delivered on Saturday and I got 5 meals instead of the usual 4. Some of the meals we have had before and loved and some are new to us. It also means that I am not tied in on Tuesday waiting for the delivery. It's half term for Ellie from college and at the moment we don't have any plans but it's also Becky's day off work so it would be nice to do something together, just me and the girls.

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Gousto meal - The DIY Classic Cheeseburger.
Tuesday - I have no idea for today! It all depends on the weather and what we are doing.
Wednesday - Gousto meal - Middle Eastern-Style Cobb Salad. This is new to us and looks interesting. I am quite looking forward to the spicy potatoes.
Thursday - Gousto meal - Carrot & Coriander Soup With Chutney Twists. This is one of our favourite ever meals from Gousto.
Friday - Fish, chips and mushy peas. Just out of the freezer and not from the chip shop. Hmmf.
Saturday - Home made pizza.
Sunday - A roast dinner of some sort.

What are you eating this week?

Sunday 26 May 2024

Week 21 of #Project365 19th - 25th May. A photo every day for a year!

Hello there and Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a nice relaxed day. We don't have any plans at all. The weather is not looking good, we're forecast thunderstorms this afternoon so I will be turning the TV up and shutting the curtains trying to ignore it. I really hate thunder and lightning. What is with this weather, I am so over all of the rain that we have been having.

We have had a nice weekend so far. On Friday I of course went to my dad's and my brother was there and it was a nice surprise to see my nephew too. He is 3 and was sat playing in a pile of dirt with his toy cars and was absolutely loving life! It was lovely to watch. I missed that, my girls were not into playing with cars and trucks, they were more into dolls and tea parties so it was quite fun to watch. Yesterday was a quiet day catching up on housework, getting the Gousto box delivered and watching the FA cup final.

Now for a photo every day!

Tomato plants and nail polish
Black bags over garden
Me and the tumble dryer
Cat and me again

140/365 - 19th May
My dad brought me tomato plants that he has grown. They are stressing me out. I daren't leave them outside in the weather we have been having and the only place I can put them is in our little shed which is quite dark. So have have been bringing them out when it's dry and putting them inside when it's chucking it down. 

141/365 - 20th May
This is the best nail polish that I have find in a while and I don't even remember where I have got it from. It was a bargain at £1 though. It lasts so well, this was almost a week on and it's not looking too shabby.

142/365 - 21st May
I have given up trying to keep the stupid weeds under control so I have covered the soil in black bags and stones to kill them off. I talked about them on my Word of the Week post yesterday but the bindweed is coming from next door. Ugh. I am just going to put the plants I am growing into bigger pots and them sit them on the black bags.

143/365 - 22nd May
We of course went to the pub on Wednesday for the bingo, I won £25 which payed for my night out and we were sat next to the jukebox controlling the music. hehehe

144/365 - 23rd May
I didn't think I would be still using the tumble dryer most days. It feels like such a treat when I can get the washing out on the line at the moment.

145/365 - 24th May
Our overly friendly neighbourhood cat! He lives over the road and thinks nothing of walking into your house if you leave the door open. I was cooking tea and he came into our kitchen, I saw him and shouted get out and he did! Phew! He had a wander around the garden and then tried to get into next doors caravan. lol

146/365 - 25th May
Just me. I wanted to get this post written but didn't have a photo so you have a selfie of me.

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Saturday 25 May 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Solved! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


It was going to be problem but I think that is quite a negative word and all the problems we have had have been solved now, they were nothing serious or anything to worry about in the grand scheme of things.

Carrying on from my word last week and the slugs in coming into the house, that problem has been solved. The salt did the trick and since it was put down none have been back, or at least they're not leaving their slimy trails. The ants seem to have disappeared from the back garden, that was until I hit another nest while doing some weeding during the week. They haven't come anywhere near the house though. Phew!

Our washing machine has been making a grinding noise off and on for a couple of weeks and Stu solved the mystery of why, there was money in the filter thing at the bottom of the washing machine, about 6 pound coins and some other change. I am blaming Becky as Ellie doesn't deal with money, she always uses her card and I know I never have money in my pockets and Stu is sensible enough to check his. Since the money came out of the washing machine it has been behaving it's self.

I have been having problems in the garden with weeds, one specific weed. Bindweed! It keeps taking over our garden and I have traced it back and most of the roots are coming under the fence from next door. Ugh! The neighbours are unapproachable so I have solved the problem myself. I weeded as much as I could and I have covered the side of our garden where the soil is in black bags hoping that the weed roots will die off. It can stay that way until next year. The plants I am growing can go into bigger pots as they grow, I have enough compost and I will have a year without planting them in the ground. I am so over the weeds! 

Stu came home from work and said it really wasn't a good idea with the black bin bags as if it rains it could just sit there and cause problems but on Wednesday it rained almost all day and there was a couple of patches of water but I have flattened the soil out and there is now no water sat. Phew! The rain did cause me a problem on Wednesday with the tomato plants that my dad gave me, I had to move them into our little shed as they were getting battered. The poor things.

The only other problem I have had this week is being cold, come on it's supposed to be heading towards summer but it feels more like Autumn. I solved that problem by getting my blanket back out of the cupboard under the stairs and my jumpers out of the bottom of the wardrobe. I saw on my Facebook memories this time in years gone by I was filling the paddling pool for the kids, complaining about being too hot on the school run, going to the beach and just enjoying the weather. Come on Mother Nature, get the memo that we want some sunshine! 

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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Friday 24 May 2024

What I have loved this week! Week 21. #FridayFavourites

Hello there and happy Friday. I hope you have all had a good week? I have had a good one. Nothing that exciting has happened here and it has been pretty run of the mil. I have of course still got some favourites to share and I am linking up with Erika and Andrea.

What I have loved this week

Blog issues.
Having some blog issues is not a favourite but knowing that a lot of other bloggers using "blogger" are having the same issue is reassuring, knowing I am not alone. I have had trouble resizing photos and adding links. Apparently there are also issues about changing the colour of the font but I don't so it hasn't bothered me. From what I have read on the blogger support forum they are aware of the issues and are working on it. Turns out it's one of those things where not everyone is affected but why does it always have to be me. lol

Tomato plants.
One day while my dad was making his lunch, a ham and tomato sandwich he had a great idea of planting the seeds from the tomato to see if they would grow. He's used shop bought seeds before but never tried fresh seeds.

Tomato plants

It turns out they grow well, better than well! He brought me 4 of them as they are taking over his greenhouse and he had about 20 of them. The biggest he brought me is about 3 and a half feet tall, they're bigger than I have ever seen before. Now I just have to keep them alive or he will be very disappointed. Eek! We have had a lot of rain during the week so I did end up moving them into our garage as the rain was giving them a bit of a battering.

Half term!
Half term from college officially started today, Ellie has a week off and I forgot all about it until a few days ago. I thought it would be a straight run through to the summer break. 5 weeks to go for that. The weather isn't looking that good for her week off, rain all week according to the forecast but I am sure she'll have a nice break from college.

Fish and Chips!
I went to the pub's bingo on Wednesday and of course had something to eat! This time I went for the haddock and chips. The fish was almost as big as my plate and it was so good. I couldn't eat it all though.

Fish and chips

New friends!
I am not a sociable person but during the week I made a new friend. It's someone my eldest used to work with, Becky is friends with her but she is my age and we have plenty in common. The older I have got the harder I have found it to make new friends, especially since my girls left school and I don't get that chance to talk to other mums in the playground.

What have you loved over the past week?

Friday Favorites

Thursday 23 May 2024

Clothes shopping with my girls.

Up until the beginning of last year or so my girls weren't really interested in clothes shopping. Yes, they would come out with me and buy what they needed but they had no interest in spending a day in town just looking around shops but things have changed and I am loving it!

Clothes shopping

It all started just over a year ago when Ellie decided she wanted to wear skirts and dresses instead of the hoodies and oversized clothes that she usually wore. She jumped straight in, bought a few outfits and hasn't looked back and I am glad to say still wears the clothes that she bought a year ago. There are of course some days when she goes back to wearing tracksuits and hoodies when she wants to be comfy but it's mostly crop tops (which I am not a fan of), dresses and really smart clothes! 

Ellie's clothes

We have had some fantastic shopping trips. She can think of nothing better than spending a few hours looking around Primark, yes it takes that long. She has got it down to perfection now. Walks around looking at what they have without picking anything up and then does a 2nd walk around picking up what she wants. I think in all of our trips there are only a few times that I have said no, you are not getting that. One was a skin tight body suit and the other was a dress which she might as well not have been wearing as it showed way too much off!

Becky has always been a tom-boy in the way that she dresses with hoodies, tracksuit bottoms and oversized t-shirts. She has never been overly confident when it comes to how she dresses and even now still wants to fade into the background but she has come to realise that her tracksuits and baggy clothes are just not suitable for nights out. She has been going out more to concerts, club nights and even to bingo at our local pub and has noticed everyone dresses up a little or a lot depending on where she is. She has been buying a few tops to go with the black jeans which she always wears but needed some more outfits.

Last week she asked me to go shopping with her to pick some new clothes. I jumped at the chance and really did think I would have my work cut out but it was easy! Usually Becky shops in the men's section but she went straight around the ladies section and was picking up a few things. Her basket was filling with nice tops, smart trousers, a couple of shirts and some plain black trainers. She knew she couldn't keep wearing her black and white Nike trainers for nights out but hates real shoes so black trainers were the way to go! They look really smart.

Becky's clothes

We stopped at the make up section which didn't impress her much, she might be wearing really nice clothes but make up is a total no go for her. She does make me chuckle. I picked up and eyelash curler and she thought it was some sort of torture device and couldn't get her head around why there were so many different shades of foundation until I explained that everyone's skin colour is different. She does make me chuckle.

We carried on to another shop and I could tell that Becky was feeling more confident in her clothing choices when she picked up some shorts. She only wears shorts around the house or when she knows we're not going to see anyone that she knows. This time she was buying shorts to wear while she's going out with friends in the summer.

One of the reasons I love shopping with my girls is that as much as they are about shopping they are all about refreshments too. hehehe When I go shopping with Stu he hates going to Costa or Starbucks but my girls love to stop off for a drink and last week we tried the Mango Dragonfruit Refresha drinks. I don't know if I am a fan. I wasn't overly keen on the taste but I couldn't stop drinking it. I will have to get another to make sure. hehehe

Now that I have been out shopping with Becky, Ellie is hinting at we need a shopping trip together. She better get saving as that girl thinks money grows on trees. 

Do you like going clothes shopping?

Wednesday 22 May 2024

The top 5 movies that traumatised me as a child!

I wouldn't say I am a big movie buff but I do have a lot of favourite films and I have been listing them for a few months. You can read about my favourite action movies, Sci-Fi movies, my favourite Animated movies and my favourite musical movies and my favourite disaster movies. In the run up to Halloween I shared my favourite scary movies and the week after I shared my not so scary movies which were more up my street for the spooky season, in the run up to Christmas I shared my favourite Christmas movies my favourite sport movies and most recently my favourite movies to cry to.

This time it is all about the movies that traumatised me as a child. What were our parent's thinking letting us watch these movies!!


The Land Before Time!
After a huge earthquake, a young dinosaur named Littlefoot finds himself lost and alone until he meets four friends in search of their families.

This has a great message that power of friendship can overcome even the greatest of hardships but what sick, sick people allowed an animated children’s movie about dinosaurs to be this sad?

The NeverEnding Story!
To escape from his dull life and bullies at school, Bastain takes refuge in an old book store. There, he begins reading an old storybook and finds himself drawn into the mythical world of Fantasia.

Artax sinking into the Swamps of Sadness. That despair you hear in Atreyu’s voice as his beloved horse slowly sinks into the mud never fails to make me cry and when I watched it as a child I was beside myself. I had a similar looking pony and was convinced anytime we went near mud that we would sink!

When a giant white shark fatally attacks swimmers on the shores of Amity Island, Sheriff Martin Brody teams up with a marine biologist and a local fisherman to hunt down the creature.

This didn't traumatise me that much but it did my brother. I don't know where my mother was but my dad was in charge and thought it was a good idea to let us watch Jaws. I was about 9 years old so my brother would have been about 7. I don't know why he thought it was good to show children a movie about sharks, you don't exactly get friendly one's. My mother was furious and my poor brother had nightmares for weeks. Oops.

The Wizard of Oz!
A young Kansas girl who dreams of a better life" somewhere over the rainbow" is caught in the eye of a tornado and lands in the fantasy world of Oz.

I didn't even know what a tornado was but if the wind picked up I thought I would be transported to Oz and I really didn't want to go. The Wicked Witch of the West terrified me and those flying monkeys gave me nightmares.

A family's dream home turns into their worst nightmare when evil spirits rise up to torment them and possess the soul of their innocent daughter.

Can you believe that Poltergeist was only rated PG when it was released in the 80's. I think that's why my parents thought it was OK for my brother and I to watch when we were young. I don't even remember what scared me as I have never went back and rewatched it, once was more than enough for me!

What movies traumatised you as a child?

Tuesday 21 May 2024

Cup of tea anyone? #InternationalTeaDay

Did you know that it is International Tea Day today?

International Tea Day is a time to raise awareness of the importance of tea in our lives and to raise awareness of the long history and the deep cultural and economic significance of tea around the world! It is also to raise awareness about the global tea trade, promote sustainable practices within the industry and honour the millions of individuals involved in tea cultivation and production.

Cups of tea

I love a cup of tea and there is one for every mood! Feeling a bit under the weather? Reach for a soothing cup of chamomile or ginger tea to ease those sniffles. Need a little pick me up to conquer the day? A bold black tea or energizing green tea has got your back. And there is of course the herbal teas: lavender, and peppermint. The possibilities are endless!

Tea is like a warm hug for your soul. There's something incredibly comforting about cradling a mug of steaming tea between your hands. There is of course the social aspect too., whether you're catching up with an old friend over a pot of tea, going out for a fancy afternoon tea complete with scones and cucumber sandwiches tea has a magical way of bringing people together. There's a reason why the phrase "put the kettle on" is a well known. It's like saying, come, sit, let's share a moment!

I don't drink as much coffee as I used to and drink a lot more tea and my favourite of the day is at the end of the day when everyone is home, settled and fed and I get to sit with the soaps on the TV and enjoy the cuppa with a piece of cake! We used to drink PG Tips but when I have been at my dad's I have been drinking Yorkshire Tea and we seem to like it more. So much so my dad has just bought us a huge bag of tea bags from the cash and carry. While I was reading about Yorkshire Tea I discovered the Yorkshire Bedtime Brew which I bought tried and I have been drinking before bed. Of course it's decaf but also has herbs and spices in which make me feel sleepy.

Tea has so many health benefits. From boosting your immune system, aiding digestion and reducing stress. Plus, with so many caffeine free options available you can enjoy its goodness any time of day without worrying about staying up all night!

Today is the day to educate yourself on everything to do with tea, but especially the production of it. Did you know that tea production and processing constitutes a main source of income for millions of families in developing countries.

If you’re a lover of tea, then do some research about some of your favourite tea companies. Look up brands that support fair trade and possibly switch to those brands to make a difference in the way you buy tea. 

Are you a tea drinker? What is your favourite type to drink?

Monday 20 May 2024

Our weekly meal plan! 20th - 26th May. #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

I messed up with Gousto! I few weeks ago I ordered 3 weeks worth of meals and thought it was all good until I checked the delivery which was supposed to be coming on Saturday. It turns out that hadn't booked it for Saturday just gone but for Saturday coming. That was not what I wanted. Oops. Thankfully I had chance to change things around but it did mean a change in what we ate over the weekend and what we are eating this week but it's all good. Today we are getting 3 meals delivered from Gousto and on Saturday we're getting a big box with 5 meals delivered.

Last weeks meal plan went well, apart from not eating the meals over the weekend. We had pizza and sausage, mashed potato and baked beans. The Peri Peri Spiced Fish Cakes was out favourite meal, I even cooked them in the air fryer which I think made them taste even better and my family were right not to be convinced by the French Toast With Bacon, Spiced Nuts And Caramelised Apple. It did taste and feel more like a dessert than a main course. It did taste so good though.

This week is our fun week with our Wednesday meal out at the pub bingo. I am thinking this time I want to win the £50 voucher for food. I have won all the other big prizes apart from that. hehehe Stu has overtime to do at work again and instead of finishing half an hour each evening for a couple of weeks he is going in to work today on his day off to get his hours over and done with. He's worked out that if he starts at his normal time he can be finished by 2pm.

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Gousto meal - Beetroot Wellington With Mash And Onion Gravy. My family are not convinced about this, it does sound interesting but since we have been getting Gousto boxes we have tried so many meals that we wouldn't even think about.
Tuesday - Gousto meal - Hoisin Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry.
Wednesday - Becky and I are eating out and Stu and Ellie will be trying another new meal from the Chinese takeaway.
Thursday - Gousto meal - Beef Meatball & Tomato Farfalle.
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Gousto meal - Sticky Honey Mustard Posh Dogs With Chips so long as I have ordered correctly with Gousto. lol
Sunday - Gousto meal - Chicken & Leek Casserole.

What are you eating this week?

Sunday 19 May 2024

Week 20 of #Project365 12th - 18th May. A photo every day for a year!

 Hello there and happy Sunday! I hope you are having a great day. We don't have much planned for today, I don't even think we will be leaving the house. It's Stu's only day off work today as he has to do overtime next week but instead of spreading it over a week he is doing it all tomorrow on his day off. Today is his lazy day.

I have had such a faff writing this blog post. Our internet kept going off. I had the previous hour planned, write this blog post while watching Doctor Who off the BBC iPlayer but I couldn't do either. Then when I came to write it I couldn't add the photos and then when I could I couldn't make them bigger. I don't know if it's a blogger issue or an issue with my internet. Ugh! So if the photos look a bit wrong I do apologise.

Now for a photo every day! 

A bottle of wine and plants
Me and my eldest trying on clothes
Tea bags and peri peri fish cakes, chips and mushy peas
A cement truck

133/365 - 12th May
Stu and I went out for lunch and I claimed my free bottle of wine that I won at the bingo. I thought you can tell we're heading into summer with the pub using plastic glasses but it turns out their glass washer was broken.

134/365 - 13th May
I had a few hours in the garden moving my plants into bigger pots. They are doing really well.

135/365 - 14th May
Just me. I was back to wearing Autumn looking clothes. It rained off and on all door but was still so warm. I am so glad I just wore tights under my dress and not leggings or jeans.

136/365 - 15th May
Becky bought some new clothes and of course had to try them on to show me. She said she was way out of her comfort zone not wearing baggy t-shirts and a hoodie but she needed something smarter for a night out.

137/365 - 16th May
My dad went to the cash and carry and bought me a huge bag of tea bags. 1040 should keep us going for a while.

138/365 - 17th May
As much as I love the Gousto meals I do change things up a little. Instead of having normal chips I made sweet potato one's and thought the Peri Peri fishcakes would be too spicy so didn't want the spicy peas so made minty one's.

139/365 - 18th May
This was my Saturday morning wake up! I had planned on a lie in but someone nearby was getting concrete/cement delivered and they made such a racket.

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