Monday 31 October 2016

Our Weekly Meal Plan!! - #mealplanningmonday

Considering the kids were off school last week for half term our meal plan went pretty well. We ate just about everything I planned....On Saturday night we had an epic party tea and on Sunday we just picked all day at the leftovers....I got as far as cooking the chicken for the roast dinner I had planned....The chicken dinner will be eaten today!

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - Roast chicken dinner....
Tuesday - Healthy Pot Noodles....
Wednesday - Breakfast Wraps....
Thursday - Sloppy joe pasta bake....
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Hot dogs in buns with fries....
Sunday - Sausage casserole & mash....

What are you eating this week?

Happy Halloween!

I am taking part in Blogtober16 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October....Today's prompt is: Happy Halloween.

Today is Halloween which means I did it!! I wrote a post with a prompt/theme for every day in October! I usually blog every day anyway but it was way harder than I thought it would be....I was continuing to post some of my normal posts like Meal planning Monday, my Word of the Week, Project 365 and My Sunday Photo! Then coming up with posts for Blogtober.

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this challenge.....I have found so many new blogs to read and found out so much about bloggers which I already follow....

I have written blog posts that I probably would never have even thought about writing....There was even some I had thought about writing but I never quite found a place for them in my normal day to day blogging.....

Here are the blog posts for this month!

Thank you to Hex Mum for running Blogtober16 and to everyone who has read and commented.

Sunday 30 October 2016

My letter to Someone. #Blogtober16

I am taking part in Blogtober16 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October....Today's prompt is a letter to someone...

This prompt came just at the right time....I want to rant about someone but now is not the right time to go into details....A letter to an anonymous person is just a perfect way to get my feelings out.....
When you were in my life you controlled me. You made me make choices that I should have never had to make!

When you were out of my life you controlled how I lived my life still. I was afraid to speak to certain people, you alienated me from people I considered family. I dreaded phone calls and letters coming in case they were from you.

You chose other people rather than your own flesh and blood....The choice was good for me because you had something else to occupy your time instead of bothering me....

You lived the life of Riley for a while until that fell apart....You came crying to me. Asking for my support. I called you out on the lies you told and you said I was just causing trouble....You said I could only speak to you as long as I didn't mention your partner!

When you were feeling bad and sorry for yourself you would contact me and make idle threats. You have ruined birthdays and Christmas's for my family but do you care? Nope. Not one bit!

I fought back....Now the control has gone and you have no power over me. I am not afraid of you or your partner.

Recently you have tried to come back into my life....Not because it's the right thing to do but because you want my help and support....Sorry but that ship sailed a long time ago. You are slowly realising that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. Maybe if you had realised this many years ago things could have been different!

I know you read my blog. You pretend you don't but I see you.....It must be awful looking in at what you could have been part of....We are better off without you! You will never be part of our life.....I may sound bitter but it is how I feel. After everything you have put me through I am having the last laugh and I am laughing loudly.....

I just thought getting my thoughts out would make a good blog post.....Maybe one day I will share the full story here on my blog but today I will leave it here.....

Pumpkins. #MySundayPhoto

Saturday 29 October 2016

A photo everyday for a year! #Project366 - Week 43

It's been half term here and we have had a lot of fun....We've had family visiting and have been preparing for Halloween.

On to a photo for every day.

296/366 22nd October
Ellie decided she would copy some crafts off Youtube!

297/366 23rd October
A quiet Sunday afternoon activity.

298/366 24th October
We had family visiting. My nephews mam kindly took a photo of all of us.

299/366 25th October
Halloween shopping!

300/366 26th October
These snacks are delicious. They really do taste like turkey.

301/366 27th October
I forgot to take a photo during the day....I took this on the way to bed...A Halloween tea light holder. So cute and a bargain for £1 from Poundland. 

302/366 28th October
Pumpkin carving time!

Three Confessions! #Blogtober16

I am taking part in Blogtober16 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October....Today's prompt is: Three confessions of your choice.

Well I didn't really think this through....Earlier on in the month on Day 4 of Blogtober I confessed everything when I shared some little secrets!

Over the last week the girls have been off school on their half term holidays. It has been so relaxing and we have had a great week but I probably haven't been the perfect mother....

Confession #1 - I have lied to my girls!

Over the last week more than once I told the girls that The Walking Dead was on so they would go to bed and leave me alone watching TV downstairs.

A Christmas present arrived for one of them and I didn't think....I opened it in front of them and they both saw what it was....I said it was for their cousin. Oops!

I told them we had no glue left so we didn't have to do crafts....I also said we had no flour when it came to baking....

Confession #2 - We've had too much screen time!

I let the girls play on the laptops, tablets and watch TV far too much....Way more than the daily recommended amount for a child/teenager. I haven't felt guilty in the slightest....They have had a great time, I played with them some of the time and it gave me chance to catch up on things around the house and blogging.

Confession #3 - We have spent a lot of time in our PJ's! 

The only time we have been dressed is when we've had to go out and when the shopping was delivered yesterday.....hehehe! As soon as I didn't need to be in proper clothes the PJ's were back on.....

Friday 28 October 2016

A family week. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

It's been a real week all centering around family.

At the weekend I had some unwanted contact from a family member who has burnt a lot of bridges in the past....I don't speak to the person and haven't for years....It's a shame they only get in touch when they want something....

On Monday my great aunt came to visit along with my nephew and his mother.....The girls were spoiled rotten with their late birthday presents and a whole heap of other treats....It was nice to have a catch up and a good chat....My nephews mam was kind enough to take a photo of Stu, the girls and me.....It's very rare to have a photo together so it will be treasured.

For the rest of the week we have had lots of time together as a family as Stu has been on a lot of short shifts at work which has meant we have found time to go out shopping a couple of times for Halloween decorations. It's looking rather over decorated in here but the kids love it...

There has of course been a lot of lazy mornings, watching TV and playing Minecraft....It has been a perfect half term.

Over the weekend we're having a little Halloween party tea. We still have pumpkins to carve and we're planning to do some baking....

My favourite Instagram Photo. #Blogtober16

I am taking part in Blogtober16 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October....Today's theme is my favourite Instagram photo.
As of writing this I have posted over 1550 photos to my Instagram account so choosing my favourite photo is nearly impossible.....I find Instagram great for capturing the little moments which make up family life....There's a lot of random, funny, strangeness, food, drink and cuteness going on on my page....There is no order or styling to it. It's just real life.

So I'm choosing my favourite 5 from the last month or so....I couldn't pick just one....I think they are all self explanatory.

Thursday 27 October 2016

The place I would most like to visit. #Blogtober16

I am taking part in Blogtober16 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October....Today's theme is: Place I would most like to visit....

Easy! I mentioned in the If I won the lottery post for Blogtober that I would love to visit America. I think the only way we would be able to afford the trip I wanted is to win the Lottery. lol

It would be an epic trip lasting at least a few months.....I would take the kids out of school....As it would be a trip of a lifetime I would just pay the school fines.

Of course we would have to start at Disney for a couple of weeks! We would stay in a villa nearby, we would dine with the Disney Characters, meet all the princesses, take all the tours and see the fireworks....

After Disney we would go travelling and visit lots of food places like the one's featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives and Man V Food. I would love to have a go at one of the eating challenges.....I could easily eat about 15 burgers and

We would have to visit New York! To visit Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the American Museum of Natural History, Times Square, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the 9/11 Memorial, ride the  ferry to Staten Island, have pizza and see at least one Broadway show....We wouldn't rush through everything so it would take at least a couple of weeks......

Stu would love to visit Washington D.C. to see the Whitehouse, Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument....Not something I am too interested in but I could at least say I've been there.....

Hollywood is a must....We would see the sign, the walk of fame and Universal Studios!

We would have to take in the views of the Grand Canyon.....Stu suggested camping at Yellowstone National Park but why do that when they have gorgeous resorts & lodges....He can camp, I will stay somewhere with a bed....hehehe

I would love to visit Alcatraz Island....Something about it fascinates me....The tours sound interesting especially the night time one.

I think if we timed it right we would visit when the wrestling show Wrestlemania is on.....I would love to go to a live wrestling show but Wrestlemania is the biggest one of the year.....Of course we would have to have ring side seats.....Sitting up in the rafters is just pointless. You may as well just watch it on the TV. hehehe

There is so many more places I would love to visit. A casino in Las Vegas, see an American football game, a baseball game and an ice hockey match....

I think while travelling around America I would be having to send parcels back home as I know I would buy so much tat....hehehe

Where in the world would you like to visit?

Wednesday 26 October 2016

My top ten all time favourite songs! #Blogtober16

I am taking part in Blogtober16 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October....Today's prompt is: Top ten all time favourite songs.

This was so hard to just choose 10 of my favourite songs.....I could probably fill the list with just Bon Jovi songs. hehehe All the songs I've chosen mean something to me and hold special memories....

1. Bon Jovi - Always.

Just because I love this man! hehehe

2. My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade.

When I first moved to where I live now this was out in the charts and as we didn't have the internet or Sky TV in I ended up listening to the radio a lot...This was always being played....I even went out and bought the single on Stu and I have always said when we get married we're having this as our first dance..I'm sure my friends will appreciate it....My family not so much.

3. Black Eyed Peas - I gotta feeling!

This is my getting ready to go out song.....It has to be played before a night out.....It always puts me in such a great mood!

4. Kenny Rogers - The Gambler

I love this song...The first time I actually heard it was way back in the early 2000's on the Wrestling....The Rock sung it to Stone Cold (which was so funny by the way) and it sounded so catchy...I downloaded it and listened to it properly....So many lessons in life to learn from it....

5. Oh No You Didn't....

This was on a TV advert for the game Mercenaries 2 and it was so catchy it stuck in my head! I have never played or really seen the game....I have no idea who sung it but I love this song....So much I had it as a ringtone on my old phone until I lost It's my housework song....Every Saturday when I have a good clean it's played several times....The kids always say to me 'not that again'

6. Meatloaf - Bat out of Hell.

This reminds me of been a teenager.....My friend and I were crazy about Meatloaf and wore out at least 3 of his album on cassette. hehehe

7. Glee - Defying Gravity

It has to be the Glee version for me.....Ahh! The memories. I love that TV show. I am so sad it ended.

8. Minecraft Creeper Rap

My girls introduced me to this a long while ago.....It's one of those songs that get stuck in your head....I pretend to them that I hate it but I love it.....hehehe

Did you know there is an hour long version of it on YouTube?! My girls do and I have listened to it several times. Boom boom boom! I can't stop singing this bloody tune, tune, tune!

9. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

It is such a feel good song....It really makes me smile and feel like dancing.

10. The Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale Of New York

This is the best Christmas song ever even though it isn't very cheery.....I love it and over Christmas I always have it set as my ringtone on my phone....I always have a sing a long before I answer. hehehe

What's your favourite song?

Tuesday 25 October 2016

What superpower would you most like to have? #Blogtober16

I am taking part in Blogtober16 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October....Today's prompt is: What superpower would you most like to have?

I thought long and hard about this and really struggled....I don't like heights so flying is out, I don't think I could deal with reading minds, especially when they think something about me, being invisible would be boring and super strength would be pretty useless to me!

I came up with two superpowers I would like.....I'm going to mention both!

My first choice would be the ability to control time.....I would be able to stop, reverse, slow down and speed up time whenever I pleased....People often ask "if you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be? With my power I would actually be able to..... Having control of time would give me control of any situation.....

If I didn't feel like getting out of bed I could just stop time and sleep in for a while......hehehe I always complain that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done....Stopping time means I could do everything I wanted.

I would love to slow time down while my girls are this age....They are so lovely. They can do things for themselves but still need me....If there is something I am waiting for I could speed up time....At the moment I would fast forward to next week so I could see the next episode of The Walking Dead. hehehe

My 2nd choice for a superpower would be the power of healing.....I am writing this while watching Stand Up To Cancer and it is heartbreaking! I would love to make everyone better again! Not just Cancer though....Every disease there is....I would never have to suffer with the flu, my girls hearts would be perfect and nobody that I loved would have to die before their time was up.

Monday 24 October 2016

Our Weekly Meal Plan!! - #mealplanningmonday

Last weeks meal plan all went to plan....We are doing so well lately with our meal planning....I can't imagine it going so well this week though. The kids are on holiday for half term. We don't have much planned....We're just taking the time to relax and have some fun as a family.

All this weeks meals are easy and fuss free.....

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - A chip shop tea....
Tuesday - Chicken nuggets, chips and spaghetti hoops....
Wednesday - Fish finger sandwiches....
Thursday - Tuna pasta bake....
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Another party tea. This time a Halloween one (I actually have no idea apart from Halloween cakes. lol)....
Sunday - Roast chicken dinner....

What are you eating this week?

The Disney character I most identify with is.. #Blogtober16

I am taking part in Blogtober16 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October....Today's prompt is The Disney character you most identify with.....


The fantastic fish from the films Finding Nemo and Finding Dory! 

I am a bit forgetful just like Dory....The kids call me forgetty spaghetti head. lol I try to keep on top of things by writing notes but sometimes lose them. Oops. I've taken to writing on my hands which Ellie tells me off for....

I don't want to blow my own trumpet but I am kind, optimistic, cheerful, caring and supportive....I will go out of my way to help people just like Dory did with Nemo....

I like to sing....Just not in front of people....I can't speak whale though.....hehehe

My life motto is Just Keep Swimming....I don't want to be all woe is me but as a family my fella, girls and myself have been through some rough times. Sometimes all you can do is keep swimming....

Sunday 23 October 2016

My favourite time of year. #Blogtober16

I am taking part in Blogtober16 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October....

This is really hard.....I was so torn between Autumn and Summer. I've gone with summer....

There is the six weeks holidays from school which means lots of lie in's, lazy days, PJ days, movie days and days out. All we eat is ice lollies and BBQ food. The paddling pool is out which means the kids get lots of fresh air.... 

The summer is also birthday season here. My fella's in the middle of August, Ellie's at the end and Becky's the beginning of September.....

I get to spend some quality time with my girls without school ruining our fun....We bake, do crafts and play a lot of Minecraft....

When summer is nearly over there is back to school shopping....As much as I moan about it I do find it exciting! Then there is the going back to school....A break for me and exciting for the kids!

What is your favourite part of the year?

They met the stars of the show! #MySundayPhoto

Saturday 22 October 2016

A photo everyday for a year! #Project366 - Week 42

Ahh! What a week! We had parents evening for my youngest Ellie (she's doing great), Disney on Ice and now it's half term. I think I can do with a week of not doing much at all....We're tired and need a break from school....

Onto a photo every day....

289/366 15th October
A lazy lunch.

290/366 16th October
She loves to Dab. 

291/366 17th October
We did some crafts with kits from Baker Ross.

292/366 18th October
We went to see Disney on Ice. I think Ellie's face says it all.

293/366 19th October

294/366 20th October
Finally some fun homework! She seems to learn more when writing isn't involved!

295/366 21st October
My first of many mince pies. Yum!

My greatest accomplishment. #Blogtober16

I am taking part in Blogtober16 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October....

When I was in hospital waiting to go for my c-section with Becky I can remember crying on the shoulder of a midwife saying what if I am a rubbish mother, what if my baby doesn't like me, I don't know how to be a mother.....I really needn't have worried....It turns out I am quite good at this mothering lark...

Without a doubt being a good mother is my greatest accomplishment....I know it's so cliche but it's true.

I am far from a perfect mother....I shout when I know I shouldn't....I am sometimes short tempered, I feed my girls junk food, I let them play on the computer for too long and I over spoil them....

I think I am doing a good job though....My girls are kind, thoughtful, pretty sensible, happy, polite and do well at school....They make me so proud every day....

I have taught both my girls to cook....Just simple meals. Beans on toast, scrambled eggs, toasties and things so I know they have the basics to keep them selves alive....

The both like a variety of music. 70's, 80's, 90's 00's. Rock, pop, classical, musicals and country.....I have taught them well....hehehe I love it when they sing a long to a random old song....

My girls know they can come to me and talk to me about anything....Some of the discussions we have are deep and also things I would never dare talk to my mother about....I am so glad they feel confident enough to talk to me!

I haven't accomplished much in life but I am a good mother to my girls....