Tuesday 4 October 2016

Aspire Drinks - Review!

I drink a lot of fizzy pop. Probably too much. I know it's full of sugar and lots of nasty things....I am always keen to try new drinks and I have recently tried the Aspire drinks which are a healthier soft drink option with zero sugar and zero calories!

Aspire features a unique combination of good-for-you active ingredients that naturally stimulate the metabolism, help reduce body fat and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Active ingredients include premium green tea extract (rich in EGCG) Ginger root extract and Guarani Seed Extract fortified with a blend of highly beneficial multivitamins including Vitamin C, B6 and B12.

Aspire enhances a healthy, balanced and varied diet and is especially beneficial for active lifestyles including pre and post workout, running and other sports activities. It’s also perfect for those simply looking for a healthy drink that boosts energy levels during a busy day, or seeking a healthier alternative to sugary soft drinks.

I am not interested in these to lose weight but was interested in boosting my energy levels during the day and them being an alternative to sugary drinks....

Apple & Acai

The sharp, green tang of apples complimented with the antioxident goodness of Acai berries... make this flavour your pick of the crop!

This one wasn't for me...I imagined it to be like sparkling apple juice but I could just taste too much of everything else and couldn't manage more than a couple of mouthfuls...It was just too sharp. It is all down to personal taste though....My fella liked it. Everyone is different and what I don't like other people do....


The fresh, astringent taste of cranberries has made them a popular juice choice around the world. These ruby jewels are definitely not just for Christmas, and are Aspire's original fruit flavour!

The first mouthful tasted quite bitter but after a couple of more sips it tasted quite nice and refreshing....I liked it. You could really taste the cranberry flavour and it was fizzy but not too fizzy....I could happily drink this again.

Mango Lemonade

Mango is nature's tropical gold! Its silky sweetness is a perfect marriage with the sparkle of lemonade... this is Aspire's newest flavour!

This was my favorite of the three drinks...From the first sip I liked it....It is refreshing and would happily swap a can of my normal fizzy pop for this. This one seemed fizzier than the other drinks but it didn't leave me feeling gassy....

I do usually shy away from energy drinks due to their high level of caffeine but the Aspire drinks have no more than an average cup of coffee.....I cut a coffee out of my day and drank these instead. I will be looking out for the Mango Lemonade one when I do my weekly shop.

Due to the caffeine they are not suitable for children, pregnant or breast feeding women.

Aspire Drinks are available at Tesco’s, Holland & Barrett and Amazon. 

I was sent these drinks free of charge in exchange for my review....All thoughts and opinions are my own.