Saturday 1 October 2016

A photo everyday for a year! #Project366 - Week 39

Can you believe it's October? Where is this year going?! 
Another week, another Project 366 post. A photo for every day.

268/366 24th September.
A very tasty breakfast.

269/366 25th September.
A lazy Sunday morning playing on the Xbox.

270/366 26th September.
Waiting at the dentists....Becky had her braces tightened.

271/366 27th September.
Autumn is here. Boots on.

272/366 28th September.
Ellie's Frozen dress for Disney on Ice.

273/366 29th September.
She brought her trombone home from school to practice. lol

274/366 30th September.
Becky brought this home from school....It brings back so many memories. I loved it when I was about her age.


  1. Lovely pictures, whoo I have not seen them cinnamon swirls before, do you just cook them? I love these, especially warm, yummy :) Aww it is good how schools let the children bring home a trombone for practice isn't it, mine have never done this before ..

  2. Oh love cinnamon buns, it's my all time favourite while we were in Germany, they call it Schnecken there. Lovely photos too, Kim and yes, boots on! :) xx

  3. I really can't believe it's October! I loved Adrian Mole when it first came out. I could recite the school trip off by heart! I will have to get my kids to read it.