Friday 14 October 2016

This week has flown over. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This week has flown over....It feels like it should only be about Wednesday but I'm not complaining....This whole year seems to be going so quickly.

I have started to think about Halloween....We're not going to bother going out trick or treating this year as it will be the first day back at school after the half term holidays....We are just going to have a little party tea on the Saturday before....

I am struggling with time management.....As you know I have been taking part in #Blogtober16 I thought it would be so easy....I had quite a few of the 31 posts scheduled so I was ahead...Then I slacked off....I want to complete it but don't want to stop posting posts like this and my Meal planning Monday, Project 366, Sunday Photo and commenting and reading other peoples blog posts.....Then I have real life things to do.....There needs to be more hours in the day! lol Tomorrow I am going to have a blogging day and I will catch up with everything.....

I handed in my notice with the school PTA....The time seemed right. I can't go into details as we are always having letters sent home saying not to discuss the school negatively online.....I just don't agree with how certain people make up rules to suit themselves....I have been leaving the meetings over the last 6 months or so feeling so angry and negative. It shouldn't be like that.....

We have parents evening next week at school for Ellie.....Every year we get the form and I fill it in asking for the 3.05pm to 4pm slot and end up getting something like 5.30pm as the times fill up so quickly....Well I go the form in early and managed to get the first slot at 3.05pm! No waiting around or having to walk home then back to school later on.....  

The parents evening should be interesting....Her teacher has been poorly since the 2nd week of term and just came back on Wednesday....I'd like to think she's been filled in with the trouble Ellie has had with some girls in her class. I think the substitute teacher did well handling the situation as since then Ellie has had no bother at all and is so happy going to school again.....

It is nearly time to go and see Disney on Ice. We go next week. The girls are so excited....Ellie has been counting down the days and she has her costume ready! Ellie says she is going to scream when she see's Anna and Elsa! hehehe 

I predict my Word of the Week next week to be something Frozen related....hehehe


  1. We could all do with more hours in the day or more energy to fill the hours we already have. It sounds like poor management and organisation at the school so it's probably best for you that you have stepped down. Have an amazing time at Disney on ice can't wait to hear all about it x #WotW

  2. I'm sorry you had to give up the PTA but it's not nice when you have to put up with so much negativity so it sounds like you've done the right thing. I bet you have a great time at Frozen on Ice and I can't wait to hear all about it x

  3. So jealous of Disney on ice! I hope you get sorted, as far as the girls go, add parents we protect our children, schools should have that same responsibility x

  4. Where is the time going?! You're doing well blogging that much - I couldn't do it! Sounds like the right decision with the PTA, and I do hope parents evening goes well x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  5. it can take over your life and feel overwhelming at times, but I think commenting and editing are the hardest bit sometimes. Sounds like you have done the right thing with the pta, it is a shame that the situation is happening mind, must be so frustrating. ooo, I hope you have a fab time going to Disney On Ice X #WOTW

  6. Have a great time at Frozen. And yes time is marching on isn't it? Will soon be christmas! eek! #wotw

  7. Hope you had a wonderful time at Disney on Ice and glad to hear that everything has been sorted with Ellie. Sounds like stepping down from the PTA is a good move. I thought about doing Blogtober and decided against it because it would have meant a lot of extra posts on top of my usual weekly ones - it's hard work trying to juggle it all sometimes! Good luck with trying to finish it though :-)