About Us

Hello there. I'm Kim. I have been blogging since late 2012 and was previously known as Northumberland Mam! We moved from Northumberland to Scunthorpe in the summer of 2019 and started a new life so I thought I had to change the name of my blog too. It made sense.

I'm a stay at home mam. We live in a large village just outside of Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire.

My girls and I.

I started to blog after stumbling across blogs hosting giveaways. Sometimes when I found a giveaway there would be some another blog post which caught my eye and I would keep going back and reading those blogs. It got to a point where I thought this blogging lark was a good idea. I could record our lives and be able to look back on it on years to come, I could rant, share my ideas and have lots of fun too.

I Love: Bon Jovi, wine, chocolate, my pj's, Chinese food, Twitter, all of the Soaps, sleeping in & shopping online.

I hate. liars, being cold, people who think they're better than they are, not getting enough sleep, housework, rain and broccoli!

Becky is my eldest daughter. She's 21 and works in a care home as a care assistant, it's a job that she loves and I am so proud of her. 

My eldest daughter

She loves: Chocolate, pizza, long baths, Harry Styles, colouring in, TikTok, her laptop, Stranger Things, shopping, tracksuit bottoms and reading! 

She hates - Chicken, not being on the laptop, walking, being cold, fresh Cream, spicy food, dogs & her sister depending on what mood she's in.

Ellie is my 'Little Chicken'. She's 16 years old! Sometimes she likes to think she is older than she is. She's totally deaf in her right ear and has selective hearing in her left one. She is studying electrical engineering at college and is loving it!

My youngest daughter

She Loves: Sweets, making a mess, sweet chilli sauce, Anime, everything Japanese, Doctor Who, baking, playing the Sims, Roblox, YouTube, singing, her friends and staying up late.

She Hates - tidying up, Becky's TV programmes, cold milk, going to bed early, wearing coats & shopping.

Stu. He's my fella. What a man he is. He goes out to work. helps with the housework, cooks, helps with the kids, gets on with my friends, kills spiders & pours my wine. 

My fella

He's the perfect man. Well nearly. He farts terribly & he stinks, pinches the duvet, snores and never lets me wear his thick cosy socks. hahaha

So that's us.....

Thank you for visiting and reading. 

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  1. I absolutely love this About Us page. Especially when you introduced your fella! I wish I could get my guy to let me take his picture, And to tell everyone he stinks, bahahhahahah!!