Thursday 13 June 2024

A tribute to my dad!

 It is Father's Day on Sunday and I wanted to write a blog post about my dad. I do mention him in blog posts but I never really write about him. He will probably never read this, he knows that I blog but he just doesn't understand it and I don't even think he would know where to find my blog even though I have told him countless times. lol There are millions of reasons why I love my dad and I think he is the best, it's hard to know where to begin.

My dad

I didn't have much of a relationship with my dad until I turned about 10 years old. He was always working. He is such a hard worker. He was a milkman, delivering milk on a morning and then running his skip hire business during the day and on an evening he was always busy on the farm, building the house we eventually lived in. When I was about 10 years old I started going out collecting the milk money and in the skip wagons with him and we became much closer. Over the years we have got even closer, especially after my mam left and we moved just up the road from him almost 5 years ago!

He has always been there for me from the days when I was crying about not understanding my maths homework from school to the other week when he bought me a huge bag of tea bags because one day I had mentioned we had run out. He always seems to know what I need and when I need it. If something happens in my life he is the first person I ring whether it be for support or for him to say I am proud of you! Even though we see each other a couple of times a week at least we speak on the phone most nights. Since discovering Facebook and the local residents groups he has become such a gossip.

I have been there for my dad too and I think that is what has made us so close. When my mam left I was the person he came to, when he was selling up everything up north and moving to where we are now he asked my advice and I am there for him at least every few days when he needs telling how to do something on his computer. He has got better using a computer but there are some times I just takeover and do it for him as it's easier on both of us. He moved from doing his business accounts on paper to doing them on the computer and his account was so happy! lol He has recently got into online shopping and it is stressful! He hasn't got the hang of using trusted websites and my brother and I are always asking him are you sure you need to buy it from there.

My dad has always been good with money and in the past I wasn't. He always said I should save more and it's only over the last few years I have taken his advice. He lives by the motto when it comes to buying something "do you need it or do you just want it!". That backfired on him when he was thinking about buying a fancy car last year and my brother and I were saying to him do you need it or do you just want it! He just wanted it. hehehe 

My dad doesn't have many interests but you can guarantee if there is a football match on TV he will be watching it. He doesn't support one team and just loves watching football. We plan our lives around it, we know not to ring him when a match is on and defiantly not to take him away from the TV. It's one of the reason he loves Stu so much as it's the only person he can chat football with.

Me and my dad

If something breaks I phone my dad and chances are that he knows how to fix it. He is amazing when it comes to any DIY. He mostly built my childhood home so there isn't much that he can't do. The only thing letting him down now is his knees, he can't kneel on the floor to do things like he used to but he is 76 years old and is pretty good shape compared to most other people his age. If we need a tool or most things DIY related we go and have a look around his workshop to find what we need.

What I did learn about my dad over the last few months is that he is a good gardener, he must get it from his dad, my Grandad. He has a greenhouse full of plants and gave me some of the tomato plants which so far are still doing well. I am so scared they will die and he will be disappointed. Eek!

If laughter is the best medicine, then my dad is a world class doctor. His sense of humour is legendary. He has this uncanny ability to turn any situation into a hilarious memory. Even in the worst situations he can calm me down by cracking a joke. Sometimes they are not always politically correct and probably would offend some people but that is just the way he his. He knows when to be on his best behaviour and knows when a joke is needed to lighten the mood.

My dad is 76 years old and we all are always saying when are you going to retire? For years we have been begging him to slow down and finally he is starting to listen. He is stepping back from his business and is making plans to have some breaks away. I don't think he will fully stop working until he physically can't work anymore. He just hasn't got it in him to just sit around and do nothing! Even now when he comes here for a visit he rarely sits down, he prefers standing or walking. He always likes to be on the go. It's exhausting watching him, I have said I would like to put a step counter on to see how many he does a day! I imagine it being triple what an average person does. lol

My dad isn't just a great dad, he is a fantastic grandad too! The girls adore him and love spending time with him. He is so proud of them both, Becky for being a carer and Ellie for training to be an electrician. He slips Becky the odd £10 note here and there and has started buying Ellie tools for when she is qualified. I think it's so funny, he randomly pulls a package out and you never know what it is. Most recently it was a magnetic wrist band which will keep all of her screws and metal things together.

I hope your dad is as great as mine and if he isn't I am sure it's his loss. Sending love and hugs to those who's dad's are no longer with you. 

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Some summer clothes from Shein!

I feel like I am stepping way out of my comfort zone with this blog post. I have been sharing more photos of myself lately. More selfies and some of the nice outfits that I have been wearing but nothing like this, not a whole blog post of me! Eek!

Shein order

A couple of weeks ago I ordered from Shein, not just for myself but for the rest of my family too. It was a big order and I ordered some clothes that I would never have ordered this time last year. I have lost a bit of weight, I've started wearing more dresses and I am feeling more confident in myself.

I stepped way out of my comfort zone and bought a couple of skirts, I never wear skirts! The first one, the Corduroy Skirt which I mentioned in my Friday Favourite post was too big but I did manage to move the buttons and now it fits. The second one I didn't think was going to fit as it was the same size as the corduroy skirt but amazingly it did. The Flap Pocket Denim Skirt.

Grey sweater and black skirt

My thought is that I can wear it with boots and tights in the autumn and winter and a like the 
Square Neck Ribbed Knit Sweater I bought. I love the fit of it and it feels really nice. I did worry it might feel too woolly, I don't like that feeling on my skin but it's OK. In the warmer months I can wear it with a t-shirt, trainers or a light, short sleeved sweater like the 
Solid Color Batwing Sleeve Knit Top. Considering it's heavier than the grey sweater it feels much airier and cooler and not just because the sleeves are shorter.

Pink sweater and black skirt

A bought a few t-shirts and these two below were my favourite. The rainbow striped one just screamed summer to me. I can imagine wearing it with just about any set of pants or shorts that I own. The Puff Short Sleeve T-Shirt was not a colour I would usually go for but it was only a couple of pounds so I thought why not. I think it would go with something darker on my bottom half.

3 new outfits

The dress in the middle above, the Floral Print Square Neckline Spring Dress With Puff Sleeves was longer on me than I thought it was going to be but I like it. I was planning to wear it with leggings but I think I can get away wearing it without them whenever the summer decides to arrive.

When I ordered this High Neck Contrast Color Long Sleeve Dress I didn't expect to love it as much as I do! I had planned to keep it for the winter to wear with tights and my boots but when I tried it on I realised it goes so well with my white trainers and it's not as thick as it looks so would be perfect for the chilly days that we have been having lately.

High Neck Contrast Color Long Sleeve Dress

I think I look good in it and I definitely feel good in it. It really isn't something I would normally go for, the only reason I bought it was because it was on sale and I only paid around £3.

Now onto my favourites! The Striped Cinching Waist Dress!

Striped Cinching Waist Dress

This is so comfy and again not something I would usually wear. I tend to stay away from anything that has a lot of white on it as I always seem to attract dirt but I am being brave. I already know where I am going to wear this, we have something planned next month that it would be perfect for.

I seem to have a thing about dresses that have red on them so of course I was drawn to these. These are dresses that I will wear leggings under as they are a little on the short side to show more of my legs. The Summer Holiday Crop Elegant Ditsy Floral Dress With And Puff Sleeves seems to fit me so well and I love it. The leggings I am wearing underneath are just one's from Primark.

2 dresses

 Floral Print Batwing Sleeve Belted Dress was a bargain at just £5 and the material feels like it should cost more. I am glad I went for a bigger size in this as there isn't much give in the material. I feel good in it and I can see me wearing this a lot. 

I am so happy with what I bought from Shein. All of the items that I have mentioned were size 20 / 2XL apart from the floral dress above which I got in a size 22 / 3XL I also bought some bracelets which will be appearing soon and a black cardigan. I really do like the long cardigans from Shein as they always seem to be exactly the right length that I want, as long as my dresses! Oh and I random find was a Grey + Sloan Memorial Hospital sweatshirt, it was such a lucky find, I was just browsing and it was there. There was no mention in the description. I had to buy it.

Do you shop from Shein? What have you bought lately?

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Share our Lives - Foods to make for someone else!

This months Share Our Lives linky prompt is: Foods to make for someone else. It's always the simplest prompts which leave me puzzled at what to write. Like last months 5 Favourite and Least Favourite Foods, the favourite foods were easy but least favourite had me stumped but on the other hand I thought I would struggle to write about my Favourite Make up and Hair products but I ended up with quite the list.

This month I have decided to write about what each of my family members love me to make for them! They all have different tastes but I know what to make them to cheer them up if they are feeling down or as a treat.

Foods to make for someone else

My eldest!
Becky loves pasta and cheese so anything including those ingredients make the perfect meal for her. She would love me to make her home made lasagne but I just can't perfect it so that is a meal that she will always cook! Becky's favourite meal that I cook is such a simple one. I cook the pasta twists, mix a jar of the Homepride Pasta BakeCreamy Tomato and Herb sauce to the cooked pasta and then cover it with cheese. If I have enough time and patience she will get a side of garlic bread too, nothing fancy, just frozen garlic bread slices cooked in the air fryer!

My fella.
Stu loves traditional, hearty meals. Anything with mashed potato and gravy is a winner in his eyes. He loves the rare occasion that I cook a full on roast dinner with all the trimmings as he knows the next day I will make a pie using the leftovers. He loves my Leftover Roast Dinner Pie. It's all the good things about a roast dinner with added pie crust and chances are that I make too much pastry and end up making jam tarts which is one of his favourite sweet treats.

jam tarts and roast dinner pie

My youngest!
Ellie is all about rice and noodles which makes it so easy to whip up a meal for her from leftovers in the fridge. Her favourite type of meal is a stir fry and I tend not to use a recipe, I just add whatever we have in the fridge, chicken, mushrooms, peppers, onions then add a bit of soy and hoisin sauce and add a packet of microwave rice and either Supernoodles or Udon noodles. For her it feels like she's won the lottery if she finds some prawn crackers in the cupboard to go with it.

As a family meal!
On a Saturday evening we always have a nice, family meal together and now we're heading into summer we will be eating our favourite more. Burgers in buns, with fries, corn on the cob and onion rings! It's a meal I love making as I know it's something we all love. I have to get everyone's order right though. Breaded onion rings, not battered for Becky, no tomato in the buns for my girls, extra bacon on my fella's burger and no cheese on mine!

What are your favourite meals to make for your family?

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Monday 10 June 2024

Our weekly meal plan! 10th - 16th June! #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went well. We ate everything apart from the Sausage, apple and potato one-pan roast, we ended up having sausages, mash and baked beans. It was one of those days where we just wanted some comfort food.

I got the Gousto box delivered on Saturday which was a drama in it's self. The delivery guy tried to hand me a package which was not my Gousto box, I could see the red Gousto box in his van. He tried to tell me I was wrong until he checked his little scanner thing. Oops. Then when I was unpacking it I realised that there were 2 sausages were missing. It's the first time something has been missing from my box. If it had been something like a pepper or tomato I wouldn't have been bothered but the sausages were the main part of our meal on Saturday evening. I went on the website, said they were missing and was issued with a £3 voucher which I think is fair.

Why have I never made battered sausages before? I did on Saturday night and they were so good, I would say even better than from the chip shop! I will be making them again in the future.

We have decided for the rest of the month we won't be eating out or getting takeaways! (Apart from Father's Day). Becky and I won't even be going to Bingo, partly to save money but mostly because there will be football on with the Euro's starting. heheheh We have a few things happening in July and of course they cost money. If we save now we can really enjoy next month. 

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Stu's night to cook and he is making us pie, from the freezer, mashed potato and peas. I made plenty of mash yesterday so he doesn't have to.
Tuesday - Gousto meal - Spiced Black Pudding Scotch Egg With Chips And Salad. We have had this before and we loved it! The black pudding comes mixed with the sausage meat and it is delicious!
Wednesday - Gousto meal - Sweet & Sour Pork Meatballs With Rice.
Thursday - Gousto meal - Smoky BBQ Chicken With Crispy Potatoes And Pepper & Corn Salad.
Friday - Pizza! Shop bought one's out of the freezer.
Saturday - Gousto meal - Sticky Honey Mustard Posh Dogs With Chips.
Sunday - Father's Day and we're going out for a meal and might convince my dad to come too.

What are you eating this week?

Sunday 9 June 2024

Week 23 of #Project365 2nd - 8th June. A photo every day for a year!

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a good day! We are having a lazy one at home, no lunch out for us today as we're trying to save some pennies for some things that we have planned next month. We have had a quiet weekend so far, yesterday I caught up on the housework, unpacked a huge Shein order that we had made, got our Gousto order delivered and still found time to write a few blog posts.

The girls have kept me on my toes this week, I have felt quite stressed but everything has calmed down now and life feels back to normal. I am thinking I was already stressed without realising it, it was exam time for Ellie and she just sails through them when I do all the worrying, they were in the back of my mind and then when other things were added I felt it. Everything is good now and I feel like we're heading into summer and it's going to be a good one. We have a lot to look forward to

Now for a photo every day!

Me and workmen outside
My eldest and I and Pringles
Spotify and Shein order

154/365 - 2nd June
All dressed up for lunch at the pub! I love this dress from Shein, I got it in a size bigger and it is perfect for the summer as it's so light and airy. I got so excited the day before when it was delivered thinking it was my whole Shein order but they only sent a few things.

155/365 - 3rd June
More workmen outside! I don't even know what they were doing this time. They weren't the water board but were working near where they had been the other week. Then on Friday next door was getting work done, sawing and drilling. I didn't mind, I was up anyway but it did me a favour and woke the girls. I didn't have to do any nagging at all. lol

156/365 - 4th June
Rain! About 20 minutes before this I did think about putting washing out on the line. Both neighbours had some out so I thought it was going to stay dry. I am glad I got lazy and didn't bother! It chucked it down for a couple of hours.

157/365 - 5th June
Bingo with Becky. We had a fab night. A lovely meal and between us we won a free drink and £15 which meant it cost us nothing to pay bingo. I think we did well to win as it was quite busy. I liked it better when there was just a handful of other people playing bingo, it upped our chances of winning.

158/365 - 6th June
Tomato Ketchup Pringles! Stu saw someone with them at work and knew I would love them so he found out they were from Heron Foods and got me some! They are nice, they just taste like the Walkers/Leys ketchup crisps. I have asked him to get me more as I have almost finished this tube.

159/365 - 7th June
The girls have been listening to new music on a Friday for the last couple of months and it was finally my week to get excited with Bon Jovi's new album, Forever being released. I like it! 

160/365 - 8th June
My Shein order finally arrived, I would like to say I have waited ages but it's only been just over a week but it has felt like forever. It had something for everyone, t-shirts for Becky & Stu, a few outfits for Ellie and some for me.

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Saturday 8 June 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Stressed! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Both of my girls have had me stressed this week, just when I think I am plodding on with life quite happily with no worries they go and throw a spanner in the works. Nothing bad has happened it's just been on of those weeks where they have given me a few more grey hairs than usual. 

Becky has had some issues in her love life which I am not going to go into but it was a whole drama for a couple of days for the two of them and their families. They went through the "it's complicated" relationship status but things are good again now. Phew! The air has been cleared on both sides and deep conversations have been had. 

On Wednesday it was Bingo night at the pub as usual but this time it was just Becky and I. Usually Becky gets someone else to shout if she wins as she feels too shy but I told her I was not going to do that and she had to put her big girl pants on and shout loud and proud, she was so stressed but ended up winning a line and shouted! She was so proud of herself and so was I! I love bingo but sometimes get so stressed playing if I an waiting for a number, on Wednesday I was waiting for 4 numbers for 4 different lines. I didn't win the line but of course the next number called after someone had shouted for a win was one of mine! Gutted! I did end up winning £15 later on so it wasn't all bad.

Snapchat has stressed me out! Up until this week I have never had it and Becky convinced me to sign up. It is so confusing and I don't really see the point of it yet but Ellie it's the only social media thing that Ellie uses so I can at least keep an eye on what she's up to. I've been told I have to Snapchat Becky every day to get a streak, apparently they are a big thing. I feel old, it's just one more thing for me not to understand about the younger generation. lol

On Thursday all Ellie had to do was go to college, do her English exam, leave college straight away and get the bus home to go to her dentist appointment. Of course things are not that easy when you're a teenager! She took her headphones for some unknown reason and gave them to someone to look after and then had to find that person to get them back. I needed to know if she would make her bus and of course she didn't answer her phone or texts! Why do teenagers always have their phones on silent!! She eventually rang back to say she missed her bus, she did see it leaving the bus station but wasn't quite quick enough. Ugh! I rang the dentist to apologise and they were actually fine with it. She's booked in for later in the month. At least now her last exam is done so that's one less thing to stress about!

Last week Karen from Cats, Kids, Chaos messaged me about someone with the same name as me offering guest/sponsored posts and this week the lovely ladies from Joleisa had a similar message. The other Kim and I just seem to have the same full name even though I thought it was pretty uncommon. From what I can gather they are not pretending to be me, they're just using a name that people trust and people assume it is me. Earlier in the year it really stressed me out but there's not much I can do apart from let people know it's not me and it is not associated with me in anyway! My biggest worry is that they don't pay for the posts they are offering and people come chasing me but I have emails and messages from people going back months to defend myself if I have to.

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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Friday 7 June 2024

What I have loved this week! Week 23. #FridayFavourites

I have had a bit of a shaky week, my eldest has had problems in her love life, I am not going to share what's gone on but it has affected us all, well everyone apart from my youngest. She sometimes has a heart of stone. hehehe I didn't think I was going to come up with many favourites but here we are and here we go! I am of course linking up with Erika and Andrea to share them.

What I have loved this week

D-Day Celebrations.
Yesterday marked 80 years since the D-Day landings. It brought together the land, air, and sea forces of the allied armies in what became known as the largest invasion in military history. D-Day was the start of Allied operations which would ultimately liberate Western Europe, defeat Nazi Germany and end the Second World War.

I have been watching the news seeing all the men and woman who were involved in the D-Day doing interviews and they are all heroes! All of the one's I have seen are 100 years and over and it is sad to think that many of them won't be here on the next big anniversary in 5 years. There are lots of celebrations going on up and down the country and even in my small town there is a fun day with fairground rides for the kids, music, food vans and other things.

A family photo! 

Family photo

It's not very often I get a photo with my family all in it but on Sunday the sun was shining, we were on our way to get food from the pub and everyone was in a good mood and I snapped this! It's one of my favourites of us all!

Better Call Saul!
I have finally finished watching it! It's only taken me almost 2 years after the final episode aired. lol

Ex-con artist Jimmy McGill turns into a small-time attorney and goes through a series of trials and tragedies, as he transforms into his alter ego Saul Goodman, a morally challenged criminal lawyer.

It took me so long because there was always something else to watch, it wasn't that I didn't like it. I loved it and I was happy with the ending to the whole Breaking Bad series!

This dress!

SHEIN LUNE Plus Allover Print Batwing Sleeve Summer Outfits Dress

I did a Shein order last week and they decided to send just a few things from it, a top for my eldest, a kitchen organiser, a skirt for me (which I will come to in a moment) and this dress! I ordered it in a bigger size than I usually do as it was a non-stretchy material. It is heading towards being a little too big but I have worked out that it's perfect for the summer as it's light and airy! It is so nice to wear and I feel good it in so that is all that matters!

Who even was I sewing, I never sew! lol I ordered a skirt from Shein, a corduroy skirt. I can't see it being a skirt that I wear over the summer but was thinking it would look great with my boots and tights in the colder months. Anyway, I got carried away ordering in a bigger size and the skirt arrived and it was far too big for me but I had a bright idea of moving the buttons across a little! 

Cord skirt

In hindsight I should have made a hem like thing for the buttons to go on but you live and learn but now it fits almost perfectly, well a lot better than it did. Threading the needle and pricking my fingers about 50 times were not favourites of mine but I am so proud of what I did.

Last assessment!
My youngest had her last assessment of her first year at college doing electrical engineering and she passed with full marks. She showed me what she had to learn for the test and hardly any of it made any sense to me but she is all over it! There was only one other who got full marks so I couldn't be any more prouder! She has 9 more days in college spread over the next 3 weeks but all the hard work is done, they have whizzed through the work so they just have to go in to get their attendance mark and then she will have passed her first year!! I must remind her to find out about making sure she's signed up for the next year! Eek! 

What have been your favourite things over the past week?

Friday Favorites

Thursday 6 June 2024

Would You Rather - Part 8.

A while ago I saw a post from the blog This Is Where It's At with 80 Would you rather questions. I thought they would be fun to answer them. I was going to do all 80 in one post but I do like to waffle on so thought I would split them into a few blog posts. This is the last lot of Would you rather questions and I have really enjoyed doing them. You can read the previous set of questions in a previous blog post.

Question marks

Would you rather have arms as long as Mr Tickle or legs as short as E.T?
Arms as long as Mr Tickle, I wouldn't have to bend down again to pick anything up which would save my back and I could reach on the top of the kitchen cupboards instead of getting my fella or girls to reach for things. Ellie is still shorter than me but she seems to have longer arms. 

Would you rather empty a swimming pool using just a fork or get in a swimming pool for half an hour with a jellyfish?
Jellyfish scare me so I would empty the swimming pool with a fork. I blame my dad, when I was on a beach when I was a child there were jellyfish and my dad made a big deal about them stinging.

Would you rather drink soup out of a farmer's welly or from a binman's sock?
Eww! They both sound gross but I think a binman's sock, it has to be smaller than a welly and I imagine there is a lot of mud and bits in a welly boot.

Would you rather have no sense of smell or no sense of taste?
It's hard to say as they are both connected. Doesn't your sense of smell control what you taste? I would say no sense of taste and hope that the sense of smell makes things taste good.

Would you rather have your name tattooed on your forehead or have no front teeth?
I would rather have no front teeth, I could always get false one's.

Would you rather let a crusty old man drink milk out of your belly button every day for a year or drink milk out of a crusty old man's belly button every day for a month?
Eww! Neither would be nice but I would have the old man drinking from my belly button. I would just have to lay there and just not think about what is happening.

Would you rather fight a kangaroo or a badger?
Ahh! I have heard they are both nasty fighters but I think I would stand more of a chance with a badger as kangaroo's are huge and have quite the kick.

Would you rather eat a wet loaf of bread or drink a pint of whipped fish?
I had to Google what whipped fish was and it actually sounds quite nice as long as it comes with the lemon and olive oil mentioned in the recipes. Soggy bread sounds disgusting.

Would you rather live in a world where you dance instead of walking or instead of talking?
A world where I dance instead of walking sounds like fun. Trying to express in dance what I am trying to say sounds quite challenging so I would say dance instead of walking.

Would you rather share a bed with a walrus or an eel?
I imagine a walrus lying quite still compared to an eel so I would choose the walrus.

What would you answer for these would you rather questions?

Wednesday 5 June 2024

What I'm looking forward to this summer.

Last week I saw a blog post from Jennifer over at Jennifer's Little World about the things that she is looking forward to this summer and I thought I would pinch her idea and write about the things that I am looking forward to as well.

orange petaled flowers

We have another long summer with Ellie finishing college at the end of this month. She has so many plans with friends and Becky has lots of things planned too but I am sure we will spend some time together! I hope anyway!

The The UEFA European Football Championship (Euro's) start in a couple of weeks and I am looking forward to them. I always say I am not a football fan unless it's the World Cup or the Euros. In the last couple of tournaments England has done pretty well so I hope that continues. I will also be cheering Scotland along, well for the first round anyway. 

A couple of weeks after the Euros there is the Olympics. I do like watching it on the TV especially the gymnastics, equestrian events, diving and the speed climbing which I got right into last time. It's amazing to watch. New to the Olympics this time is breakdancing which sounds interesting to watch.

Our local pub was taken over with new owners, chef's and staff a few months ago and we love it! I am looking forward to spending time in their beer garden when the sun is shining and from what I have read they have lots of fun things coming up over the next few months. I am hoping to be drinking cocktails in the sun.

In July we will of course be going to the local agricultural show which we have been to every year since we have lived here. It is a great couple of days and there's something for everyone. I love sitting and watching the show jumping, Stu loves seeing the old tractors and machinery, Becky loves seeing all the animals and Ellie loves hanging out with her friends at the fairground rides seeing who can ride the Waltzers the most and not throw up. lol

Barbeques in the garden mean I don't have to cook, Stu is in charge of that and it is nice to sit outside and eat as long as the bugs stay away. We get all the sun in our back garden from about lunch time until it sets so it's always so nice out there and I am hoping to spend more time out there. I will take my laptop out or a book and sit in the shade but still enjoy the warmth of the sun. 

The girls are wanting to go to the local Pride events. I know Becky is going with her friends to one and Ellie has convinced me to go along to a different one with her. A few weeks ago I tried to explain to my dad that you don't have to be gay, bisexual or anything else to go along. Everyone is welcome! From what I have read they have some great performers on.

We will spend a few weekends watching festivals on the TV. Glastonbury for Coldplay and Shania Twain, Reading and Leeds for Blink-182, Gerry Cinnamon and Lana Del Rey and The Isle of Wight Festival for The Pet Shop Boys, Green Day, Jessie J and McFly. The girls really love music and enjoy watching live performances and there's always something special about festivals.

We don't have any holidays planned for this year but I am hoping to have a couple of nights away at the end of the summer to celebrate Ellie and Becky's birthday. There's only 12 days between their birthdays so fitting something in the middle would be ideal. We won't go far but somewhere away from home will be good.

There will also be summer dresses, ice lollies, ice cream, salads, cooling off in the shower, walks on an evening, trips to the cinema to see Despicable Me 4 and Deadpool & Wolverine, sleeping late, lazy mornings, picnics and of course blogging about all of the fun we have! 

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Tuesday 4 June 2024

365 Days Of Gratitude. In May I was grateful for..

 Another month has flown over, May seemed to go quicker than any other month this year and I have a feeling the next few months will fly over too, they always do in the summer!

I have seen many people on social media list something every day that they are grateful for and thought I would join in and have on my private Facebook account every day and I thought I would share here too. I did this for the whole of last year couple of years and it has really made me realise that even on the bad day's I have something to be grateful for.


Day 122 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for a day at home catching up on the housework. It's been a busy week.
Day 123 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful that Ellie's hair dye went on well, just the usual dark red.

Day 124 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful that my dad gave me a lift home from his as it was chucking it down!

Day 125 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful that my new hair dye went on well! I did have a moment of panic when the bleach turned my hair blue, the purple I did have was to blame. It all turned out OK in the end.

Day 126 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for a nice family day out in the sunshine.

Day 127 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful that it stayed dry so we could get the gardening done.

Red hair dye on

Day 128 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for a day home alone. I love my family but it's nice to have a break from them now and again.

Day 129 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for a long soak in the bath. It always feels like such a treat to have one on an afternoon.

Day 130 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful that I emptied the dirty washing basket. I even got all the clean clothes put away! 

Day 131 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for a day with my girls. Went out for something to eat and to see my dad.

Day 132 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for the BBC iPlayer so I could watch Doctor Who with Ellie this afternoon!

Doctor Who

Day 133 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for a lovely lunch out with Stu. Got home at around half 5 to the girls saying "what time do you call this?". The drinks were flowing, the sun was shining and we totally lost track of time. 

Day 134 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful that I have lots of plant pots! I repotted what I have grown into bigger pots today!

Day 135 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for a nice day in town, shopping with Becky.

Day 136 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for the Lidl brownies that I hid from the kids. hehehe I got to enjoy one this afternoon in peace.

Day 137 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful that my dad dropped off a huge bag of tea bags. 1040 of them should keep us going a while. 

Day 138 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for a good chat with my brother about nothing in particular but it was nice to have a catch up.

Day 139 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful that I went to bed early last night as I was woken up by a cement truck outside of my house this morning! Ugh! People need to learn to just relax on a weekend. lol

Cement truck

Day 140 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for a lazy day at home!

Day 141 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful that Stu got all his overtime at work done on his day off. No late finishes for him this week.

Day 142 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for the shower! It was nice to have one after doing some gardening. I don't know how we managed without one for years!

Day 143 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for a fun night out at the pub bingo! I won £25 which payed for my night out.

Day 144 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful that Ellie's English GCSE went well. (She's having to redo it as she didn't pass last year!)

Day 145 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for family. We've spent plenty of time together today.

Day 146 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful that I didn't spoil Grey's Anatomy for Ellie! I did come close. She is watching it for the first time and she was talking about George. I thought she was talking about what happens at the end of series 5 and not him just passing his exam. Eek! (I don't want to spoil it for anyone else but 007! If you know, you know!)

Day 147 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for rainbows! Didn't show up well on the photo but I could see it! 


Day 148 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for tea out at the pub! Gammon, chips and all the sides. Grilled tomato, salad, mushrooms and coleslaw! The portions are still crazy big! I couldn't eat it all! Well worth the money!

Day 149 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for a day out shopping with the girls in Hull.

Day 150 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful for a day at home catching up on jobs which needed doing.

Day 151 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful that Corrie finally gave us some answers! I still don't think Lauren is dead though!

Day 152 of #365DaysOfGratitude
Today I am grateful that it's payday! Well Stu's pay day from work. All the overtime that he had to do really added up!

What were you grateful for in May?

Monday 3 June 2024

Our weekly meal plan! 3rd - 9th June! #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went well but we did swap all of the meals around! On Monday after working in the garden we decided to have a meal out at the pub, it was bank holiday after all. I had the gammon and it was so good, my favourite meal yet from there. All we missed off the meal plan was the home made pizza, we had the fish and chips on Saturday night instead.

We are not getting a Gousto box until the weekend as there wasn't enough meals on offer that we fancied and haven't had in the last few weeks. I don't want to get it just for the sake of getting it even though it does make my life easier. I have got it booked in for the next couple of weeks as there are quite a few new meals that we are looking forward to.

We don't have much on this week but Ellie is going to have a mad rush on Thursday. She has the 2nd English GCSE and then a dentist appointment a short time after. She should have enough time as long as the buses are running on time. Fingers crossed!

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Stu is cooking so it will be a surprise! I am sure whatever it is will be nice. I am guessing something with pasta.
Wednesday - Bingo night so Becky and I will be eating out and Stu and Ellie will be fending for themselves.
Thursday - Red onion and bacon tart with potato salad. This was a Gousto meal that I changed, it is so simple and tasty. I always make extra to have for lunch the next day too.
Friday - Pizza! Shop bought one's out of the freezer.
Saturday - Gousto meal - Battered Sausage With Chips, Curry Sauce & Mushy Peas. 
Sunday - Gousto meal - Mushroom Wellington With Onion Gravy And Mash.

What are you eating this week?