Saturday, 21 September 2019

Week 38 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

I don't know where this week has gone. It seems to have flown over. I've been for a day out shopping with my teen, to my dad's helping him out with some painting and I don't seem to have stopped.

The washing machine still hasn't been fixed. Two weeks without it has been no fun. Thankfully my dad and his partner have came to the rescue and let me use their washing machine. The company that we have the repair plan with had until today to fix it so now we can request a replacement. I bet as soon as we do the part turns up and they're out to fix it. I am past caring, I just need a working washing machine.

Now for a photo every day.

255/365 - 14th September
We were sent a couple of dolls to review. The difference from these and normal fashion dolls is they come with a green screen and an app to use to change the background, hair and make up. It's really quite clever.

256/365 - 15th September
My dad did some of our washing. He wouldn't didn't dry it though. I'm not complaining, I am so grateful.

257/365 - 16th September
The chicken casserole spent all day in the slow cooker. It was so good.

258/365 - 17th September
Ellie had her first proper cookery lesson at school. She made bread rolls.

259/365 - 18th September
Ellie rushed in from school, did her homework and then rushed out to play with her friends.

260/365 - 19th September
Another pretty sky.

261/365 - 20th September
Becky getting ready to go out with her friends.

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Friday, 20 September 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Learned. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This week seems to have been a week of learning for my girls and I. We have learned lots of little things. Some which will change our lives some which won't.

On Monday we were at the doctors to find out which hospital we would be going to, to get the girls hearts checked. I have been worrying about this since we moved house at the end of June. We were actually supposed to be at the Freeman Hospital this week for their yearly check up but I put my foot down and said no, we would be visiting a hospital here in North Lincolnshire. There is a few to choose from and all apart from one are a couple of hours by bus away. We used to do that type of journey so it wasn't an issue but I did hope it would be the local hospital half an hour away.

Anyway we had a lovely chat with our new doctor who really put me at ease. He said if the girls were to need surgery or urgent care they would most likely end up at Sheffield but they have outreach clinics every week at Scunthorpe hospital which we could go to for the yearly appointment. There is no guarantee that the kids will have their appointments on the same day as Ellie is still a child and Becky is now classed as an adult but I can live with that. 

It was a real weight off my mind. I spent all day worrying again for nothing. The doctor did make Ellie's day though. You all know about her favourite stuffed toy, Monkey who is actually a lion. Ellie still carries him around, especially if she goes to new places. When she went into the doctors room he said hello Ellie and what a fine Monkey you have there. She grinned from ear to ear and now can say when anyone says it's a lion that a real doctor actually said it was a Monkey. hahaha

Ellie learned that she is expected to work more at her new school. lol Well not so much at school but at home. She has now had more homework in a couple of weeks from her new school than she did for the whole year at her old school. She is not happy about it but she'll have to get used to it as the school are quick to let me know when she hasn't completed homework. She didn't do her French homework and I was sent a text. In her defence it was online homework and she didn't have any log in details. She now has double to do now.

Tell me I'm not the only one who didn't know that Narwhal's are real creatures? Ellie had to print out sea creatures for her art homework and said she was going to print out a narwhal. I said no, they're not real. She argued, made me Google "are narwhals real?" and proved me wrong. lol I really thought they were mythical creatures like unicorns. Oops.

On a Tuesday Ellie has cookery and PE which means she has an awful lot of stuff to carry. She was furious about how much and said she was going to complain. hahaha I mentioned it on Twitter and learned that Ellie actually has it quite easy. At least she doesn't have to carry a musical instrument too. Ellie did learn how to make bread buns from scratch in cookery and she is planning on making more at the weekend.

We did have a little drama yesterday which Ellie learned what it was like to be grounded. It got to 3.50pm and I started worrying. She usually gets in at 3.40pm. I tried ringing her and her phone was off, I rang the school at 4pm and Stu went out to look for her. She decided to walk the long way home, via the park with her friends. Grr! 4.10pm she got in here, half an hour late to a hug and then a good telling off. She knows she shouldn't have gone off with her friends without telling me and knows she should have had her phone on. If she had kept in touch I would have said it was OK call in the park on her way home. What I was angry was that I didn't know where she was.

Her friends knocked for her later on and took all the blame and apologised for worrying me, bless them. They said they were dawdling and messing about and would have been home just after the normal time if it wasn't for their antics but at the same time Ellie should have known better and came straight home. I think she's learned her lesson.

My dad's partner wanted something buying offline and she isn't the most tech savvy person so wanted me to buy it, she of course gave me the money and I was wanting to pay it into the bank. I was rather annoyed because to go to the bank is a £7 return on the bus (she offered me that too) but then I learned that you can pay money into a bank account at the post office which is just a 10 minute walk away. How did I not know this before. I thought using the app to pay in cheques was good but this is a game changer.

Becky has had a good week at college. Don't ask me what she's learned because she can never remember. Some things never change but she has enjoyed it. The first couple of weeks everyone was lovely but now 2 cliques are forming. The older people on the course and all the school leavers. The tutor had to have words and tell the older students to grow up. Eek! It's the old story of they should no better. 

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Snacking on the kids leftovers.

It’s no secret that us parents often sneak a chip or two off  our children’s plates but new stats reveal that this extra eating is causing us to pile on the pounds with the average Brit gaining half a stone each year thanks to picking at their kids food alone!

I am guilty of this! I don't just pick at their food before I give it to them I eat their leftovers too! It seems daft throwing it into the bin when I could eat it, usually if they have had their tea before me which sometimes happens, especially if they come in from school/college and are hangry!

Fish fingers, chicken nuggets, spaghetti hoops, chips and Alphabet or Smiley potato shapes always taste the best when stolen from a plate. Proper kid food as my teen calls it. She always rolls her eyes when I say we're having fish fingers, spaghetti hoops and chips. She thinks she's too old for that food but when it's given to her she always wolfs it down and loves it!

The average Brit consumes an extra 443 calories a week from polishing off their children’s leftovers during term time with this jumping to 506 calories during the school holidays!

The kids won't eat crusts on their sandwiches so when I am making them I will eat the crusts even if I am making myself a sandwich afterwards. Oops.

41% of us admit we’ve secretly hoped our child wouldn’t finish their pudding so we could finish it! I know I have. My girls get puddings most evenings and sometimes they are just too nice and I always want more than my own portion. I have been known to try and convince them that they may not like the pudding that I am serving up just so I can get an extra portion or two. hehehe

Trifle and any type of crumble is my favourite leftover desserts to eat. The kids never seem to leave much though. Hmmf!

If picking from our children’s dinner plates wasn’t enough, we’re also racking up the calories by sharing their snacks. 12% of us admit we eat our kid's snacks every time we give them one. 

I am guilty of this too. Kids snacks are the best! I am a massive fan of the Fruit Bowl blackcurrant yogurt flakes, the little boxes of raisins, Frubes, Babybel, Dairylea Dunkers and crisps aimed at kids like Pom Bears and Wotsits.

Do you snack on food that is meant for your kids?

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

(Ad - Gifted) Playing with the #Snapstar Dolls. - Review! #SnapstarSquad

Ellie loves playing with dolls, some might say still as she is 12 years old but so what! She loves fashion style dolls and has plenty but when we were asked to have a look at the Snapstar Dolls, I was interested. 

We were lucky to be sent a surprise box with two dolls and two accessory sets.

Enter the world of Snapstar an immersive world of fashion, beauty, music, photography and design. There is a lineup of six dolls, each with her own unique personality and style that kids can dress up, customise and pose!

The dolls come with a removable outfit with accessories and removable hair. You can buy additional outfits and hair separately for more fun.

The two dolls we were sent were:

Echo: Bedazzled Babe
Echo is a dreamy damsel who floats through life with an easy-breezy outlook. Although she embodies the shimmering grace of a mermaid, she is never a “fish out of water”. Echo is a hair and makeup pro whose beauty tutorials have made her a social media superstar no wonder all the girls
like getting ready at Echo’s place!

Lola: 99% Unicorn!
Lola is a ball of positive energy who sees the best in everyone and the beauty in everything! Although Lola is passionate about changing the world for the better, she believes kindness is the key. She is always bubbly and giggly all the girls love having her around because she makes everyone around her feel great and want to be their best selves!

These dolls have 15 points of articulation which include a moving head, torso, legs, arms, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles. Way more than the average doll.

Each doll comes with a green screen and a green doll stand which can be moved to help you create the best pose. The green screen allows kids to take photos of their dolls through the Snapstar Studio app and add backdrops that make the green screen and doll stand disappear, add makeup, change the hairstyle, add stickers and so much more.

The Snapstar Studio app is free to download and is compatible on devices with Apple App store or Google Play access.

Within minutes Ellie was showing me how to use it. She had it figured out in seconds. It is straightforward to use and pretty self explanatory. There is different sections for the background, hair, eyes, lips, blusher, etc.

You can then save the photos to your phone and upload them to social media if you want to.

What we thought:

Ellie loves these dolls and the app. She has played with them over the last few days and shows no signs of getting bored. She thinks the dolls are fantastic, the way she can move them and put them in different positions. She loves the different outfits, accessories and the fact that she can go onto the app and change their look.

I think these are great too. They are for over 5 year old's but I think they are perfect for tween aged children. Ellie did start asking for social media accounts to share her creations as that seems to be encouraged by the packaging but I said no, not until she is old enough. She still has a year to go before she can legally use social media.

For kids who have no interest in the social media aspect the fashion doll element alone is enough to keep them entertained even without using the app. The app adds an extra element and fun.

There are six very different looking dolls in the series which means there’s a high chance of at least one appealing to your child. On a whole really like them. The rest of the collection is for sure going on Ellie's Christmas list.

The dolls have just started being sold in Argos and retail for just under £20.00. 

We were sent these dolls and extra outfits free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

How our summer bucket list went...

I had big plans for the summer. It was our first in the new house with a big garden and being surrounded by countryside and nature. I planned a lot of things for our Summer Bucket List.

When I wrote the list we'd been here less than a month and I think I got a bit carried away and set my sights a little too high. Out of the 28 things on the list we did about 9 of them and some of them not fully.

I also didn't count on the fact that the kids would want to spend more time at my dad's house than I thought they would. I'm not complaining about it though. 

What we did do over the summer off our bucket list was:

Go for a family bike ride.

We actually bought another bike from the local auction so we all had our own. Stu's cost him £17 and mine £11 so they were real bargains.

Over the summer we went on so many bike rides. We were skint from moving and paying for new school uniform and the kids birthdays so the cheaper the day out the better. All we had to do was make a packed lunch and we were off. We cycled miles, exploring and going on adventures. Becky and I are still going on bike rides when she has her days off college.

Have a barbecue or 10!
We had quite a few BBQ's. Most of them were spur of the moment things when the weather was nice and I didn't fancy standing in the kitchen over the cooker.

Visit a farm shop.
We found a fantastic one a few weeks after we moved here, just up the road. It's about the same distance away as the local shop so if we need fruit or veg we go there. It works out a lot cheaper too. Roll on October when they are selling pumpkins!

Do some gardening. Planting and hopefully growing something.

We didn't do much with our garden over the summer apart from mowing the lawn but we did do some gardening at my dad's place. He had a lot of work to do in his garden and we helped out. Becky learned how to drive the ride on lawn mower, I had great fun chopping down bushes and tree's with a machete and Ellie had great fun making friends with ladybirds, stray cats, pigeons and feeding fish. 

Visit a new park.
The kids have! There is a park local to us which they say is better than any park they have ever been to before. I have walked through it and it does look lovely!

Decorate the kids rooms.
Mostly! Ellie's room was done a little while ago and Becky's room was finished over the weekend! Hooray! 

Camp out in the garden.

We did get the big tent out and the kids spent a couple of hours messing about in it but they didn't sleep in it.

Go to a car boot sale.
We have been to a couple but we much prefer the local auction. The people who run it are lovely, there is some amazing bargains and the kids would rather spend their pocket money there than in shops now. 

Star gaze.
Yes we have! There was a point at the start of the summer where I thought we were never going to see any stars. It just didn't seem to get dark enough but then it did and the stars are amazing! We spent many evenings sat outside just looking up!

I am not bothered at all that we didn't do much off the summer bucket list and the kids aren't too. The crafty things we can do over the winter and there's always next summer.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Our weekly meal plan! 16th - 22nd September. #MealPlanningMonday

For the last 10 or 11 weeks, since we moved house our shopping bill has been ridiculous. We've had the big shop to do when we first moved here, 3 birthdays and then the kids needed feeding during the day while they were off school. This week for the first time in a long time the bill came in under £70!! I am so pleased. It would have been less but I had cleaning stuff to buy. 

Last weeks meal plan went well until the weekend. I forgot to cook the curry on Saturday. I was stressing about the washing machine not being fixed despite the company saying it would be. We waited an extra few days for a specialist engineer who was supposed to come with the part. He said the part needed ordering and someone would ring us. They didn't, we rang them and they said it could be 10 days before they have the part and it get's fixed! Grr! They have 7! After reading the repair policy they have to offer a replacement product if they can't repair it in 7 days which I will be holding them too. We had fajitas on Saturday and we also didn't eat the casserole yesterday but we will be having that today.

Now the kids are back at school they are coming home hangry. Ellie is OK as she can have a snack before tea but Becky is getting in at just before 5pm and it seems daft her snacking before we have a main meal so we are going to start eating earlier than 6pm and I am going to be using the slow cooker more now the weather is cooler.

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - Chicken casserole with potatoes.
Tuesday - There should be casserole left over which I'm going to make into a pie which we will have with chips.
Wednesday - Quiche and salad.
Thursday - Mince, dumplings and mashed potatoes.
Friday - There should be enough mince left over and cooked which I will add baked beans to and make into a cottage pie and top with cheese.
Saturday - Pizza.
Sunday - A fry up! Sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, black pudding, mushrooms, hash browns and toast.

What are you eating this week?

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Week 37 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

This week has been hard. It's been the first full week at school for my youngest and Becky knuckled down and started her health and social care course properly at college. The kids are tired and I am too. We're glad it's the weekend.

I am mostly glad it's the weekend, of course for a lie in but also for our washing machine to be fixed. The engineer is coming today. It's been on the blink now for just over a week. house. I have taken a couple of loads of essentials to wash at my dad's house but the piles of dirty clothes are now taking over the house!

Now for a photo everyday.

248/365 - 7th September
Out shopping for Becky's birthday and we of course had to stop for lunch. We went to Subway and it was delicious.

249/365 - 8th September
I wrapped Becky's birthday presents while sitting in bed watching Glee.

250/365 - 9th September
Becky's cakes were delivered. 

251/365 - 10th September
Becky had a fab birthday and got all she wanted and more. Her favourite thing was the denim jacket.

252/365 - 11th September
A pretty blue sky! It could almost pass for a warm day but it was quite chilly.

253/365 - 12th September
Washing, washing everywhere!

254/365 - 13th September
Lunchtime. Becky and I took a packed lunch out with us when we went for a bike ride and stopped at my dad's to eat it on the way back.

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Friday, 13 September 2019

Roald Dahl inspired days out! #RoaldDahlDay

It is Roald Dahl day today and over the years that I have been blogging I have written a couple of posts. How we love Roald Dahl here and Fun with The Twits

September the 13th is Roald Dahl’s birthday and if Roald Dahl were alive today, he’d be 102 this year. That’s a ripe old age, much older than Grandpa Joe, who was only ninety-six and a half!

Get the family together and have a day out with some fab Roald Dahl inspired days out. Bring the characters to life by exploring some of the UK’s best attractions.

The BFG.
Bekonscot Model Village, Beaconsfield.
Complete with miniscule houses, bridges, and foliage, a lake, and even a castle, Bekonscot’s Model Village & Railway, the oldest of its kind gives you the chance to feel like a real life BFG.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.
Discover the secrets of real-life chocolate factories like Terry’s, Rowntree’s, and Craven’s and learn all about the Chocolate City with a guided tour of York’s chocolate shops, historic sites and more.

The Enormous Crocodile.
Bring The Enormous Crocodile’s characters to life at the only crocodile zoo in the UK, where you will see a variety of different species, learn about their natural habitats and even watch them feed!

The Witches.
Home to the largest collection of witchcraft-related artefacts in the world, this independent museum is the perfect choice for an exciting and educational day out with curious children.

The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me.
It can be the Giraffe and the Pelly and You at ZSL London Zoo, which has giraffes, pelicans and many more animals!

James and the Giant Peach.
Befriend some of James’ travelling companions at Edinburgh Butterfly & Insect World, which houses an array of creepy crawlies, butterflies, and reptiles. 

KidZania, London
At KidZania an indoor city built to child scale kids can play at being grown ups just like Matilda to their heart’s content, by taking on one of 60 role play jobs, earning money and exploring the city. Meanwhile, the real adults can relax.

Fantastic Mr Fox.
Odds Farm Park, High Wycombe
Immerse yourself in the farm life setting of Fantastic Mr Fox at Odd’s Farm Park. While you might not see any foxes, there are plenty of other animals to see, and a wide variety of activities from tractor rides to go karting to exploring the Maze to keep everyone entertained.

Billy and the Minpins.
With centres up and down the country the UK’s top forest adventure allows children and adults to replicate Billy’s woodland journey atop a 160m zip-line!

Esio Trot.
The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre, Great Missenden.
Roald Dahl’s final book, published one year before his death, Esio Trot inspires a trip to The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre, which showcases the author’s life and works. With numerous galleries and activities, this interactive museum allows visitors to learn about Dahl’s childhood and real life inspiration, gain a sneak-peek into his Writing Hut, take a tour or view one of the galleries.

Do any of these days out take your fancy?

This week my Word of the Week is: Birthdays! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

My fella and my girls all have their birthday within a month of each other. It seems like we finish eating one birthday cake and moving onto the next. 

On Saturday Stu, Ellie and myself went shopping for Becky's birthday presents. We probably spent more than we should have but she's worth every penny!

It was Becky's birthday on Tuesday and was a bit different from usual birthdays because she left the house before 8am and didn't get back until nearly 5pm. It felt like I hardly saw her but she did have a fantastic day. 

She was up at 6am opening her presents. This year was the year of "Friends". She loves the TV show and when we've been walking around town she's seen loads of Friends related things. Hoodies, jumpers, cups, socks and make up bags. She has them all now and loves them. I do want to pinch the big Central Perk mug she has, I will be borrowing when she's at college. hehehe Becky went for breakfast with friends and when she came home we had a party tea and of course cake!

Becky is already planning her next birthday. The big 18! Eek! I felt old this year her turning 17, next year I'm going to feel ancient.

It might be a little selfish of me but now the birthdays are done with I can start to think about mine which is in November. Usually I'm not that fussed about my birthday but this year I will be turning 40. Most people dread hitting 40 but I am looking forward to it. 

I already have one of my birthday presents bought for me from my dad's partner. Earlier in the year my dad and his partner Sarah went to see Bon Jovi at Wembley Stadium. My dad bought the tickets, one for Sarah and one for me. In the moment of madness he forgot we were moving house just a month later and I couldn't afford the train fare, hotel and all the other expenses. He used my ticket. Sarah and I said that next time Bon Jovi tours we will go together.

Sarah was online and saw that a tribute group called The Bon Jovi Experience are coming to Scunthorpe early next year so she booked tickets for her and me. If I can't see the real thing a look a likey will do for now. They are the only tribute band in the world to have performed live with Jon Bon Jovi and we have front row seats!

I have also started looking for something different to do than just going out for a meal. I don't want a party but do want to mark the occasion somehow. I am thinking a night or maybe two away with just Stu and I. My dad and Sarah can be on babysitting duties. hehehe

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Caught up in the memories of the kids toys!

A new study of 1,000 British families has revealed that parents are hanging on to their children's toys even after their child has stopped playing with them because of their own sentimental attachment.

I know there are some of the kids toys which I have kept. There's the obvious first teddies which are in the kids memories boxes but then there is some which are in Ellie's room which I can't bear to throw out. The pink barbie car, all the Toy Story toys that Ellie has collected over the years and some of Ellie's dolls which she doesn't play with anymore but they were passed down from Becky. It's a running joke that every time I try to throw Mr Potato head out because he's missing some of his parts they always seem to turn up!

When we moved house I had the ideal opportunity to get rid but I couldn't. Ellie did part with a lot of toys but the one's I have mentioned weren't even discussed, they just came with us.

Sometimes people hold on to children's toys for longer than needed because they get caught up in the memories and their emotional connection to them. This can especially be the case when it comes to play things they gave their little ones at an early age.

Selling on old toys together as a family can be a great way to make some money and invest that in making new memories together.

Start Small.

Focus on one area of the home, perhaps that box of unused toys that have been gathering dust in the attic or garage for years. Once started, families may well find that they will get on a roll with it.

Create a habit.

Make letting go of old toys a family habit. Introduce the process as just a regular part of family life between the seasons. By identifying a few old toys to clear out every few months you can make it part of a family routine. This will enable everyone to get more comfortable with clearing out and can prevent problems in the future. Once something has been normalised, it becomes easier for everyone.

Make money.

Rewarding for letting things go by realising some of the hidden financial value in the toys lying around the home. Sell on Ebay, local Facebook groups or online sites such as Gumtree. This can be a great way to raise funds for a special event or even a special treat for your family.

Do you sell your children's old toys or are you reluctant to part with them?

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

A new start away from the bullies!

I have held off writing this blog post until all ties were cut with Ellie's old school and Ellie had started her new school. She's been there a week today and it's so far so good!

I have wrote many blog posts in the past about how Ellie was bullied throughout primary school by a bunch of mean girls and then at secondary school too. How she felt left outWhen bullies make you cry and when it stopped for a little while. There has always been a lot that I have missed out to keep the peace as I knew the school read my blog and other kids and their parents may have too.

We thought that when she started secondary school the bullies would move on and leave Ellie alone. They didn't! As Ellie said "they just got a bigger army".

On the induction days the bullies set to work turning strangers against Ellie. We went to a concert when they did the transition days and saw a stranger girl talk to Ellie. We saw that Ellie didn't hear then one of the bullies said something to the stranger girl. It took us a couple of weeks to find out off Ellie what was said. We knew it was something not nice because she had looked happy, the bully spoke and then she looked so sad and lost interest in what was going on. The girls said "Ellie is deaf, don't be friends with her because she can't hear what you say anyway". The stranger girl never spoke to her again!

The mean girls would talk to others about Ellie saying how she used to wet herself at primary school. She did but she actually had a medical problem. It didn't matter though, she was known as the girl who wet herself. 

There was a group of popular girls who seemed to target Ellie too. They made up the "Ellie touch". If Ellie touched you, you would get some sort of disease and then become a freak like her! It sickened me.

I really don't know what there problem with Ellie was? She was never in their faces, she never drew attention to herself they just had a bee in their bonnet about my girl.

Ellie did make a good group of friends. There was about 4 of them and they were close. One of these "friends" became quite possessive of Ellie and didn't want her to be friends with anyone else but her. This girl would say to other girls that Ellie was talking about them behind their back. Ellie had struggled in the past to make a best friend clung onto the one she had. She let this girl get away with so much. Stealing and damaging her belongings, taking detentions when this girl lied and got her in trouble, lying to us because this girl told her to. I confronted this girl about the things she was doing and she was proud of getting Ellie to lie and said Ellie should have took better care of her school planner, jumpers and coats. She hid them to teach Ellie a lesson!

Just before we moved house was the final straw. I had planned on Ellie leaving school on the Tuesday before we moved but I was so done with the school. We had gone to parents evening on the previous Wednesday and we ended up speaking to the Art teacher and she said she was so proud of Ellie and how mature she is to just ignore the bullying that was targeted towards her. She just rose above it. Great! It is good that she ignored it but it shouldn't be happening! The teacher should have put a stop to it or spoke to someone who could.

We saw the SENDCo woman who was always amazing and told her about what had been going on with the supposedly "best friend" and the art teacher and she made sure we saw the head of year at parents evening. I felt like they were promising again to stop things but didn't believe us. Why would Ellie hang around with someone who bullied her? It did sound like madness. 

I took her out of school on the Monday instead of the Tuesday before we moved. I could tell Ellie was stressed. She'd had enough. She used to come in from school after a bad day and was so angry. She would isolate her self with her headphones on listening to music until she had calmed down which sometimes took hours. She had more bad days than good days towards the end of the school year!

I really don't want to blame the school, they did try and stop the bullying but sometimes I felt like it wasn't enough. Unless we had solid proof of the bullying not enough was done. Just because the teachers can't see it, it doesn't mean it wasn't happening!! 

Now Ellie has started a new school and she is getting on brilliantly! She has made friends and for the first time in a long time she is happy at school! She is the happy girl I have always wanted her to be! I asked Ellie is everyone was being nice to her and she said yes and that everyone is nice to everyone, there is no bullying here. I hope it continues this way!