Friday 20 September 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Learned. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This week seems to have been a week of learning for my girls and I. We have learned lots of little things. Some which will change our lives some which won't.

On Monday we were at the doctors to find out which hospital we would be going to, to get the girls hearts checked. I have been worrying about this since we moved house at the end of June. We were actually supposed to be at the Freeman Hospital this week for their yearly check up but I put my foot down and said no, we would be visiting a hospital here in North Lincolnshire. There is a few to choose from and all apart from one are a couple of hours by bus away. We used to do that type of journey so it wasn't an issue but I did hope it would be the local hospital half an hour away.

Anyway we had a lovely chat with our new doctor who really put me at ease. He said if the girls were to need surgery or urgent care they would most likely end up at Sheffield but they have outreach clinics every week at Scunthorpe hospital which we could go to for the yearly appointment. There is no guarantee that the kids will have their appointments on the same day as Ellie is still a child and Becky is now classed as an adult but I can live with that. 

It was a real weight off my mind. I spent all day worrying again for nothing. The doctor did make Ellie's day though. You all know about her favourite stuffed toy, Monkey who is actually a lion. Ellie still carries him around, especially if she goes to new places. When she went into the doctors room he said hello Ellie and what a fine Monkey you have there. She grinned from ear to ear and now can say when anyone says it's a lion that a real doctor actually said it was a Monkey. hahaha

Ellie learned that she is expected to work more at her new school. lol Well not so much at school but at home. She has now had more homework in a couple of weeks from her new school than she did for the whole year at her old school. She is not happy about it but she'll have to get used to it as the school are quick to let me know when she hasn't completed homework. She didn't do her French homework and I was sent a text. In her defence it was online homework and she didn't have any log in details. She now has double to do now.

Tell me I'm not the only one who didn't know that Narwhal's are real creatures? Ellie had to print out sea creatures for her art homework and said she was going to print out a narwhal. I said no, they're not real. She argued, made me Google "are narwhals real?" and proved me wrong. lol I really thought they were mythical creatures like unicorns. Oops.

On a Tuesday Ellie has cookery and PE which means she has an awful lot of stuff to carry. She was furious about how much and said she was going to complain. hahaha I mentioned it on Twitter and learned that Ellie actually has it quite easy. At least she doesn't have to carry a musical instrument too. Ellie did learn how to make bread buns from scratch in cookery and she is planning on making more at the weekend.

We did have a little drama yesterday which Ellie learned what it was like to be grounded. It got to 3.50pm and I started worrying. She usually gets in at 3.40pm. I tried ringing her and her phone was off, I rang the school at 4pm and Stu went out to look for her. She decided to walk the long way home, via the park with her friends. Grr! 4.10pm she got in here, half an hour late to a hug and then a good telling off. She knows she shouldn't have gone off with her friends without telling me and knows she should have had her phone on. If she had kept in touch I would have said it was OK call in the park on her way home. What I was angry was that I didn't know where she was.

Her friends knocked for her later on and took all the blame and apologised for worrying me, bless them. They said they were dawdling and messing about and would have been home just after the normal time if it wasn't for their antics but at the same time Ellie should have known better and came straight home. I think she's learned her lesson.

My dad's partner wanted something buying offline and she isn't the most tech savvy person so wanted me to buy it, she of course gave me the money and I was wanting to pay it into the bank. I was rather annoyed because to go to the bank is a £7 return on the bus (she offered me that too) but then I learned that you can pay money into a bank account at the post office which is just a 10 minute walk away. How did I not know this before. I thought using the app to pay in cheques was good but this is a game changer.

Becky has had a good week at college. Don't ask me what she's learned because she can never remember. Some things never change but she has enjoyed it. The first couple of weeks everyone was lovely but now 2 cliques are forming. The older people on the course and all the school leavers. The tutor had to have words and tell the older students to grow up. Eek! It's the old story of they should no better. 


  1. ohh you've learned lots this week. I had to giggle about the Narwhals, they do sound more like Pokemon though :) Good news about the hospital, that must be a relief. I learned about paying in at the P.O. ages ago, but my husband can't use it for his bank. We have a P.O. just across the road. I haven't been over in a while though, it might be close but it only takes one person to park on a drop kerb and it makes the journey so much longer. I hope Ellie has learned her lesson about coming straight home from school, or at least turning her phone on so you know where she is. It's good that she's making local friends though. xx

  2. The only reason I know about narwhals is because my child loves stuff like that! That's fab that you can use the post office, makes life so much easier. Funnily enough, my son had cookery and p.e. on the same day, he probably complained about the same as Ellie haha x

  3. I knew about narwhals. I remember a story about unicorns being too late for the Ark and turning into narwhals, which has always stuck in my head (pun totally intended!) Ellie is on a learning curve. I'm sure it will become more run of the mill soon. I would have felt the same if mine were late and their phones were off. Her friends sound sweet and good for them sticking up for her. #wotw

  4. I'm glad you managed to sort out where your girls' heart check-ups will be and that you can be seen locally. How lovely that the doctor made such a nice comment about Monkey. I remember doing a similar thing to Ellie on the way home from school once - dawdling and deciding to take a wander down a footpath and go a more scenic route home. My poor parents were so worried! At the time I didn't get why they were so worried but now I do. I did know narwhals were real but I can't say I know anything else about them! That's useful to know about being able to pay money into bank accounts at the post office - I didn't know you could do that. #WotW