Monday 16 September 2019

Our weekly meal plan! 16th - 22nd September. #MealPlanningMonday

For the last 10 or 11 weeks, since we moved house our shopping bill has been ridiculous. We've had the big shop to do when we first moved here, 3 birthdays and then the kids needed feeding during the day while they were off school. This week for the first time in a long time the bill came in under £70!! I am so pleased. It would have been less but I had cleaning stuff to buy. 

Last weeks meal plan went well until the weekend. I forgot to cook the curry on Saturday. I was stressing about the washing machine not being fixed despite the company saying it would be. We waited an extra few days for a specialist engineer who was supposed to come with the part. He said the part needed ordering and someone would ring us. They didn't, we rang them and they said it could be 10 days before they have the part and it get's fixed! Grr! They have 7! After reading the repair policy they have to offer a replacement product if they can't repair it in 7 days which I will be holding them too. We had fajitas on Saturday and we also didn't eat the casserole yesterday but we will be having that today.

Now the kids are back at school they are coming home hangry. Ellie is OK as she can have a snack before tea but Becky is getting in at just before 5pm and it seems daft her snacking before we have a main meal so we are going to start eating earlier than 6pm and I am going to be using the slow cooker more now the weather is cooler.

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - Chicken casserole with potatoes.
Tuesday - There should be casserole left over which I'm going to make into a pie which we will have with chips.
Wednesday - Quiche and salad.
Thursday - Mince, dumplings and mashed potatoes.
Friday - There should be enough mince left over and cooked which I will add baked beans to and make into a cottage pie and top with cheese.
Saturday - Pizza.
Sunday - A fry up! Sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, black pudding, mushrooms, hash browns and toast.

What are you eating this week?


  1. Oh yes! I am so glad you are having casserole this week, I can now dig out my slow cooker, safe in the knowledge it is definitely casserole season. I do love your meal plans x


  2. I have just seen your chicken casserole on Instagram and it's made me so hungry, looks delicious! x

  3. Your meal plan looks really good. Especially a fry up at the weekend!! I really need to get back into meal planning as my food bill is so high some weeks. I might just join another meal plan Linky sometime.

    Hope you get a replacement washing machine soon. I can’t imagine how much clothes you would have to wash by hand

  4. My kids come home hangry too. We are thinking of feeding them earlier and the adults later, I guess it depends on what we are having. I certainly can't cope with cooking twice if anything is complicated. Good luck with the washing machine xx

  5. I love beef and dumplings! Another reason to love Autumn x