Saturday 28 September 2019

Week 39 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

I have had a frustrating week with mix ups with appointments, the weather and the faff around with the washing machine. We have a new one now and hopefully it shouldn't need any repairs for a few years! 

Now for a photo every day!

262/365 - 21st September
We went blackberry picking and of course I had to make a crumble and for the non-blackberry lover (my fella) an apple pie.

263/365 - 22nd September
We watched the remake of Aladdin. I wasn't expecting much from it but I really enjoyed it.

264/365 - 23rd September
Ellie was waiting for her friends to knock for her to play out.

265/365 - 24th September
Ellie made a pizza at school for cookery and everyone had to try it, even if they weren't keen! hehehe

266/365 - 25th September
I discovered that I can fit into Ellie's shoes. Very handy for when I couldn't find mine in a rush.

267/365 - 26th September
My fella and my dad went to get the new washer first thing and it was soon plumbed in! I love it!! I got 5 loads of washing done which was needed.

268/365 - 27th September
I risked putting the washing on the line despite the grey clouds and forecast rain. I got them 99% dry before it chucked it down and managed to get them in before they got wet again!

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  1. My husband would drive to visit you , for some of that crumble! Lol

  2. What a relief to finally have a new washing machine! And what a result to get it all out on the line.
    There are so many people's shoes I can put on to nip outside! Although annoyingly my eldest, who has the biggest feet in the house (11), likes to put his feet in my flip flops to nip outside. Grr!

  3. Oh, I do love blackberry crumble! And what a wonderful wife you are to bake an apple pie too for your DH. So glad you got your washing machine finally, what a relief. Fingers crossed, it is going to work for years to come.

  4. We've had crumble this weekend, but only apple. Haven't yet been out to pick blackberries. Glad you've got a washing machine back. Always a nightmare when you can't do washing

  5. yeeeehhh to the new washing machine, must wash quicker than mine, I would never get 5 lots done in one day,my shortest cycle over 2 hrs.
    Yum yum to the crumble, not been picking this year as found a few years back my body objects to them come day 3 and again if I eat them within a week, and I have no will power.
    Nice they have friends to go out with

  6. What a relief to have a new washing machine. That must be great to get it done and hung out. xx

  7. Glad oyu've got a new washing machine. My son would love to try the school made pizza! If only my son would eat blackberries or cooked apples! #365

  8. Glad you've got the washing machine sorted. Don't be too excited about you being able to use Ellie's shoes, she's going to have more use out of your wardrobe now than you will of hers lol

  9. Oh that crumble and apple pie look so good!

    We recently watched Aladdin too and loved it!

    I can imagine how pleased you were once you got the washing machine! Such a headache when they break down!

  10. We've still not managed to go blackberry picking! Need to make sure we do it before they all go!
    I love that they make so much food at school, hope it tasted good
    Well done on the washing. I am always pretty impressed with myself if I manage to beat the weather! ha ha x

  11. Glad your washer is sorted out, now the weather just has to improve! I haven't got around to seeing Aladdin yet but it will be on my Christmas list! #project365

  12. Both pies look delicious!! I haven't had a blueberry pie yet but I've made apple before. How do you make the crust soft to cut? Mine are always hard for some reason.
    Alot of remakes don't always hit the mark but Alladin & Beauty and the Beast were great.
    She made pizza at school? Awesome!
    Well done on timely washing and drying clothes