Monday 23 September 2019

Our weekly meal plan! 23rd - 29th September. #MealPlanningMonday

Monday again already! This month seems to be flying over! It seems like I am hardly seeing the kids now a days. They are out with their friends most evenings. Eesh! The peace is nice but I am missing them, even their arguing!

As of writing this yesterday the washing machine still isn't fixed, it's been broken for over 2 weeks now and the company are debating about writing the old one off and giving us a replacement! Grr! To be honest I am past caring! All I want is a working washing machine! I just know as soon as it is fixed the weather will turn and I won't be able to get it dried on the line. 

Last weeks meal plan went well. The food cooked in the slow cooker was amazing and kept my family happy. It meant we could eat whenever we wanted. I ate earlier than the kids who were out and when they got in they could just help themselves.

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - Slow cooker pulled pork with potato wedges.
Tuesday - Leftover pulled pork in tacos or wraps with salad.
Wednesday - Fishcakes, new potatoes and peas.
Thursday - Stuffed peppers (Ellie has asked for them, I don't know where she got the idea from but we're giving them a go.
Friday - Tuna pasta.
Saturday - Pizza.
Sunday - A roast dinner of some sort.

What are you eating this week?


  1. I really hope you get your washing machine fixed soon, it seems to have been ages :o(

    Enjoy your stuffed peppers, it sounds like a really yummy recipe :o)


  2. Your menu sounds yummy. I've bookmarked the slow cooker pulled pork recipe to give it a try next week xx

  3. Delicious week of meals planned. I love fishcakes but the hubby doesn't. will add them on my shopping list I think.

  4. My meal plan is a freezer drive this week!

  5. Making the pork last two days is a great idea. I'd love to do that, but even changing the meals my family would be up in arms. I hope you get your washing machine sorted soon, what a pain. I went for a washer dryer once and i hated it. It took forever to do a load of washing when I wanted it dried as well. I'd much rather stick a load in the tumble dryer and get on with the next load. Speaking of which I have a mountain to tackle at the moment, a line of washing out (please don't rain) and the tumble dryer is full of bedclothes. I wish my machine was broken so I could just ignore it. xx

  6. we are having tuna pasta as well this week. I love stuffed peppers lots of ideas on bbc good food. Hope the washing machine is fixed soon x

  7. So need to get back to meal planning after a house move - so much less stressful and more affordable too I find. Like the sound of stuffed peppers #MMBC

  8. Tuna pasta a big favourite in our home. Easy and filling and tasty! #MMBC

  9. Oooh I love the sound of pulled pork. I’m a huge fan of the slow cooker, especially when you are out of the house all day or are busy doing things at home it’s lovely to come home to a cooked meal. #MMBC

  10. Ohhhhh loving the sound of your meal plan for this week! I still have to try stuffed peppers - this would make a great meal on Keto and will definitely add a little variety in what is a very chicken based weekly meal plan for me. Thanks for the inspiration! Sim x

  11. Stuffed peppers sound really good!

    I hope the week is going good for you so far and thanks for linking up x

  12. I noticed my son (away at UNI) says he's trying stuffed peppers too! It's not something I have ever done. It's nice when they start having an interest in food and healthy eating. I hope this weeks meals go well too. Thanks for sharing.