Saturday 14 September 2019

Week 37 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

This week has been hard. It's been the first full week at school for my youngest and Becky knuckled down and started her health and social care course properly at college. The kids are tired and I am too. We're glad it's the weekend.

I am mostly glad it's the weekend, of course for a lie in but also for our washing machine to be fixed. The engineer is coming today. It's been on the blink now for just over a week. house. I have taken a couple of loads of essentials to wash at my dad's house but the piles of dirty clothes are now taking over the house!

Now for a photo everyday.

248/365 - 7th September
Out shopping for Becky's birthday and we of course had to stop for lunch. We went to Subway and it was delicious.

249/365 - 8th September
I wrapped Becky's birthday presents while sitting in bed watching Glee.

250/365 - 9th September
Becky's cakes were delivered. 

251/365 - 10th September
Becky had a fab birthday and got all she wanted and more. Her favourite thing was the denim jacket.

252/365 - 11th September
A pretty blue sky! It could almost pass for a warm day but it was quite chilly.

253/365 - 12th September
Washing, washing everywhere!

254/365 - 13th September
Lunchtime. Becky and I took a packed lunch out with us when we went for a bike ride and stopped at my dad's to eat it on the way back.

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  1. The first full week back is definitely tiring! It must be very frustrating not having your washing machine working. I hope it gets fixed OK. I'm glad Becky had a good birthday.

  2. love a pork pie.
    Oh dear at the washing mountain,. guess from twitter more will be going soon, you will be glad you moved now just for the washing.
    Happy belated birthday Becky.

  3. We're tired after the first full week of school as well. I've seen Becky's birthday photos on Insta, it looked like she loved all her gifts. Hope your washing machine was fixed. I use mine every day, and would find it very hard not to have it working. The cupcakes are so cute, and I'm sure my boys would approve of that cake with sweets. :)

  4. happy belated birthday Becky. Must be a nightmare without the washing machine. Hope it's all fixed now

  5. I'm exhausted ager the first full week too. Glad Becky enjoyed her birthday, those cakes look stunning! My favourite pic is the pork pie, I love a pork pie lol x

  6. Oh no how frustrating not to have a washing machine for so long! Hope it is sorted now.

    Those cakes look yum! Happy birthday to Becky!

  7. Glad Becky had a good birthday, hope the washing machine is fixed now #365

  8. Glad Becky had a great birthday. My H has been tired with his first week back too.

  9. Happy Birthday Becky, i love that cake, it's fab. The washing machine breaking sounds a real pain, but glad you can get essentials done at your dad's

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Becky!!!!! I hope she had a great day and enjoyed her presents and cakes. Good to know the washing machine is fixed now

  11. I saw Becky's birthday photos on Insta, it looked like she loved all her gifts. Hope your washing machine was fixed.The cupcakes are so cute.x

  12. I spent my teens in a range of denim jackets (some of which I may still have hidden away 20 years on!) Glad Becky had a lovely day #project365

  13. Glad to hear the bike rides are still going well. That birthday cake looks amazing!! I use to watch Glee all the time and you have reminded me how much I use to love it. Will have to watch it again x