Wednesday 11 September 2019

A new start away from the bullies!

I have held off writing this blog post until all ties were cut with Ellie's old school and Ellie had started her new school. She's been there a week today and it's so far so good!

I have wrote many blog posts in the past about how Ellie was bullied throughout primary school by a bunch of mean girls and then at secondary school too. How she felt left outWhen bullies make you cry and when it stopped for a little while. There has always been a lot that I have missed out to keep the peace as I knew the school read my blog and other kids and their parents may have too.

We thought that when she started secondary school the bullies would move on and leave Ellie alone. They didn't! As Ellie said "they just got a bigger army".

On the induction days the bullies set to work turning strangers against Ellie. We went to a concert when they did the transition days and saw a stranger girl talk to Ellie. We saw that Ellie didn't hear then one of the bullies said something to the stranger girl. It took us a couple of weeks to find out off Ellie what was said. We knew it was something not nice because she had looked happy, the bully spoke and then she looked so sad and lost interest in what was going on. The girls said "Ellie is deaf, don't be friends with her because she can't hear what you say anyway". The stranger girl never spoke to her again!

The mean girls would talk to others about Ellie saying how she used to wet herself at primary school. She did but she actually had a medical problem. It didn't matter though, she was known as the girl who wet herself. 

There was a group of popular girls who seemed to target Ellie too. They made up the "Ellie touch". If Ellie touched you, you would get some sort of disease and then become a freak like her! It sickened me.

I really don't know what there problem with Ellie was? She was never in their faces, she never drew attention to herself they just had a bee in their bonnet about my girl.

Ellie did make a good group of friends. There was about 4 of them and they were close. One of these "friends" became quite possessive of Ellie and didn't want her to be friends with anyone else but her. This girl would say to other girls that Ellie was talking about them behind their back. Ellie had struggled in the past to make a best friend clung onto the one she had. She let this girl get away with so much. Stealing and damaging her belongings, taking detentions when this girl lied and got her in trouble, lying to us because this girl told her to. I confronted this girl about the things she was doing and she was proud of getting Ellie to lie and said Ellie should have took better care of her school planner, jumpers and coats. She hid them to teach Ellie a lesson!

Just before we moved house was the final straw. I had planned on Ellie leaving school on the Tuesday before we moved but I was so done with the school. We had gone to parents evening on the previous Wednesday and we ended up speaking to the Art teacher and she said she was so proud of Ellie and how mature she is to just ignore the bullying that was targeted towards her. She just rose above it. Great! It is good that she ignored it but it shouldn't be happening! The teacher should have put a stop to it or spoke to someone who could.

We saw the SENDCo woman who was always amazing and told her about what had been going on with the supposedly "best friend" and the art teacher and she made sure we saw the head of year at parents evening. I felt like they were promising again to stop things but didn't believe us. Why would Ellie hang around with someone who bullied her? It did sound like madness. 

I took her out of school on the Monday instead of the Tuesday before we moved. I could tell Ellie was stressed. She'd had enough. She used to come in from school after a bad day and was so angry. She would isolate her self with her headphones on listening to music until she had calmed down which sometimes took hours. She had more bad days than good days towards the end of the school year!

I really don't want to blame the school, they did try and stop the bullying but sometimes I felt like it wasn't enough. Unless we had solid proof of the bullying not enough was done. Just because the teachers can't see it, it doesn't mean it wasn't happening!! 

Now Ellie has started a new school and she is getting on brilliantly! She has made friends and for the first time in a long time she is happy at school! She is the happy girl I have always wanted her to be! I asked Ellie is everyone was being nice to her and she said yes and that everyone is nice to everyone, there is no bullying here. I hope it continues this way!


  1. I am so pleased she has been able to have a fresh start away from the bullies. I hope it continues and she's gets a chance to enjoy school she really deserves to be happy now x

  2. I am so so glad for your girl and her fresh start hun, she must be elated and so excited to go to school every day. Long may it continue!

  3. "Best friend" bullies are so insidious. We've experienced it. So complex that I think sometimes the best thing is to move school, if the school doesn't step in. I'm so glad Ellie is doing well and has made friends. She deserves it. #MMBC

  4. I am so happy to read this! Ellie is such a lovely girl and she is better off without those little sods bringing her down. Sending her big hugs! x

  5. omg Kim poor Ellie I totally blame the school and if anyone from the school is reading this you should hang your head in shame allowing a child to go through this. You know we have been through similar and its horrific I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, its lovely to hear Ellie is happy, I hope she has the same success moving schools that Joe did, toxic environments are bad for kids and head teacher are wholly responsible for this x

  6. So pleased for Ellie! I hope she has a great time at her new school.

  7. Bullies never prosper, I'm glad your Ellie is happy now and wish her happiness and success :) #MMBC

  8. So glad Ellie is happy now. I didn't ha great time at school, especially middle school and had no friends for years. I tended to have more bother with the boys than the girls but for years I was happier to be on my own because of it.