Thursday 26 September 2019

Arguments about shoes!

Forget arguments about homework, screen time and junk food. It's the humble shoe which causes the most rows in British households according to new research!

The nationwide study found British parents can spend a whopping 10 minutes hunting high and low for their children’s shoes every single day which is a staggering 61 hours over the course of the year!

I can quite believe that!! I try to enforce the rule that shoes get taken off at the front door but it doesn't help when the kids sometimes come in the back door and their shoes could end up anywhere in the house, sometimes upstairs even when they're not allowed.

I have all the day to day shoes at the front door and all the others in the cupboard under the stairs. Once a week I clear the bottom of the stairs of random shoes which shouldn't be there like my boots which my teen borrowed, Ellie's trainers for PE or wellies which Stu wore when he was strimming the nettles in the back garden. (It obviously means he walked through the living room with them on! Eesh!)

Almost one in 10 British mums and dads said that locating and putting on their children’s shoes when leaving the house meant they were routinely late for everything.

Every morning I can easily say to Ellie get your shoes on about 4 or 5 times before she actually does! It drives me crazy. When she does go to put her shoes on it seems to take an age to get them on her feet. Becky is not much better. She always seems to wear hi-tops for college which seem to take forever to lace up.

It’s not just hunting for shoes that causes friction. The study also found that British mums and dads are at loggerheads with their kids when it comes to buying new footwear, with one in ten parents confessing to being livid at having had to fork out on new shoes as their child had lost them at school.

Thankfully that hasn't happened to us. I would be furious if either of my two lost their shoes, especially at school!

There is also the arguments about shoes being scuffed beyond repair with 22 percent saying that scooter usage routinely ruins their children’s footwear and leads to huge rows.

We have had that before. It took me a while to figure out why Ellie's shoes were so scuffed until I saw her using her foot as a brake when she was using her scooter! Grr!

One in five of mums and dads admit to splashing out on expensive trainers that their child doesn’t need because of constant badgering from their little ones to keep up with the latest trends.

I am one of those parents. I bought Ellie some new trainers for PE just so she would look good at her new school and Becky is always wanting the latest, fanciest trainers. She doesn't always get them but I have bought her them in the past. I do make sure the kids have either worn the latest pair out or have grown out of them before buying new one's. I think branded, expensive one's do last longer than the cheap one's. I have a pair of Nike one's which I wear nearly every day that I've had for two years and a cheap pair which are dropping to bits which I've only had a few months.

Do you have arguments over shoes with your children?


  1. It's which ones to wear that cause the biggest problems in our house - roll on when they're all at school & then there's no choice! #MMBC