Friday 13 September 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Birthdays! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

My fella and my girls all have their birthday within a month of each other. It seems like we finish eating one birthday cake and moving onto the next. 

On Saturday Stu, Ellie and myself went shopping for Becky's birthday presents. We probably spent more than we should have but she's worth every penny!

It was Becky's birthday on Tuesday and was a bit different from usual birthdays because she left the house before 8am and didn't get back until nearly 5pm. It felt like I hardly saw her but she did have a fantastic day. 

She was up at 6am opening her presents. This year was the year of "Friends". She loves the TV show and when we've been walking around town she's seen loads of Friends related things. Hoodies, jumpers, cups, socks and make up bags. She has them all now and loves them. I do want to pinch the big Central Perk mug she has, I will be borrowing when she's at college. hehehe Becky went for breakfast with friends and when she came home we had a party tea and of course cake!

Becky is already planning her next birthday. The big 18! Eek! I felt old this year her turning 17, next year I'm going to feel ancient.

It might be a little selfish of me but now the birthdays are done with I can start to think about mine which is in November. Usually I'm not that fussed about my birthday but this year I will be turning 40. Most people dread hitting 40 but I am looking forward to it. 

I already have one of my birthday presents bought for me from my dad's partner. Earlier in the year my dad and his partner Sarah went to see Bon Jovi at Wembley Stadium. My dad bought the tickets, one for Sarah and one for me. In the moment of madness he forgot we were moving house just a month later and I couldn't afford the train fare, hotel and all the other expenses. He used my ticket. Sarah and I said that next time Bon Jovi tours we will go together.

Sarah was online and saw that a tribute group called The Bon Jovi Experience are coming to Scunthorpe early next year so she booked tickets for her and me. If I can't see the real thing a look a likey will do for now. They are the only tribute band in the world to have performed live with Jon Bon Jovi and we have front row seats!

I have also started looking for something different to do than just going out for a meal. I don't want a party but do want to mark the occasion somehow. I am thinking a night or maybe two away with just Stu and I. My dad and Sarah can be on babysitting duties. hehehe


  1. Great to see your daughter still enjoying her birthday, and all the pressies. My 15-year-old is a lot harder to please now, but we get there! Happy birthday in advance! #WotW

  2. Slightly envious about the Bon Jovi experience! Flashbacks to my 80's youth. Hope you enjoy :) #WotW

  3. The Bon Jovi tribute act sounds like it will be a great evening - what a lovely thing to be looking forward to. A big happy birthday to Becky - 17 is quite a milestone birthday isn't it? So glad she had a lovely day x #WotW

  4. What a busy birthday month you've had! Looks like Becky had a lovely day with lots of treats. My husband turns 40 early next month, he wants a takeaway at home and a nice day out so we are just deciding where to go, a few nights away sounds lovely I hope you get spoilt rotten on your big birthday x

  5. Happy Birthday Becky, her hair is sooo long! She looks very happy with her gifts. It's funny but I'd have been happy with a load of 'Friends' goodies some 20 odd years ago! How exciting having your 40th in November, I hope you do something real nice. I didn't do much on my 40th as I had a 3 month old baby to look after! xx

  6. It must be fun (if not expensive) having all the birthdays together. I'm glad Becky had a fun day. Sounds like she's made some good friends already.17 does seem a jump. My eldest is a couple of months older than Becky, so I hear you. Exciting times for you. Being in your 40s is great. Tickets for the tribute band is going to be a fabulous birthday present. #wotw

  7. I loved my 40th it was amazing, yes booking a treat away will be amazing. And the Bon Jovi tribute sounds fab. It looks like Becky had a great birthday, I cant believe she is 18 next year x

  8. Definitely go for the night away! I'm a big supporter of mini breaks, it doesn't have to be expensive (I love a Travelodge). I quite enjoyed turning 40 too, although I'm closer to the 5.0. now, eek x