Wednesday, 22 January 2020

(Ad - Gifted) Getting creative with LoveCrafts and learning to Cross Stitch!

January is a great time to start new projects or a new hobby. So when I was contacted and asked if I would like to try a new craft I thought why not. Crafts are great for self care, mindfulness and are perfect for taking time out from the busy parent life.

LoveCrafts is the home for all things crafting from knitting to stitching and even more. There are kits, patterns, supplies, tutorials, guides and lots of inspiration.

I decided to give cross stitching a go and was sent everything I needed in a kit. The one I chose was the Rico Hare Cushion Cross Stitch Kit.

The packaging of the cross stitch kit.
The rabbit cross stitch pattern and wool.

The cute Hare design cushion front kit comes complete with threads and counted cross stitch design. It seemed ideal for a beginner like me.

Cross stitch is simply making cross shaped stitches in an open weave fabric. I have seen and read about people doing it but I've never tried it myself, until now.

I opened the packaging and had a quick look at the instructions which were a little baffling, not because they were confusing but because I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I went straight back to the LoveCrafts website and found a tutorial. How to cross stitch: A beginners guide! It was just what I needed.

a cross stitch pattern. It's a rabbit

The hare pattern looked easy compared to what I have seen, the colours are simple and the pattern looks straight forward. I think this was a fantastic kit to get me started. 

I cracked on and set to work. I may have got a little carried away stitching the red triangles and went right across the top of the square material. Oops. I had to un-thread the majority of it and leave some spaces. I have noticed that I have gone a little bit wrong with the space I need to leave for the rabbits left ear but I am carrying on regardless. My first try at cross stitch was never going to be perfect but I feel good about.

my first few stitches of my cross stitch project

Doing crafts like this is so relaxing and I am really enjoying it. I can see me continuing to cross stitch after I have finished this project and I will of course be updating you on how I get on.

It's not something which will be finished overnight. The above photo shows where I am up to as of yesterday and that has taken me a week. It is starting to take shape and look like the pattern. I kept showing the kids and they weren't convinced but yesterday they could see the rabbit ear. Hooray! It is time consuming but I am fine with that. I am going to be so proud of myself when it's finished. Whenever I get a free half hour I am picking it up and carrying on. My fingers are like pin cushions but it's not putting me off. lol

LoveCrafts has a massive selection of cross stitch kits and I am already eyeing up my next challenge.

 I was sent the Rico Hare Cushion Cross Stitch Kit free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

What I do in an average day.

I know the kids think that while they're at school and college I stay at home and do nothing. I know this because they have told me several times. Grr! I am so lucky to be in a situation to be able to stay at home but that doesn't mean I sit on my bum all day, drinking tea and watching TV.

A cup of coffee and a pile of chocolate chip cookies.

Becky's favourite jumper wasn't washed the day she wanted it. She ignored the fact that it was still in the tip that she calls a bedroom somewhere on the floor and the day I was supposed to have washed it I had changed and washed her bedding. Just because I didn't wash her jumper she assumed I did nothing all day!

Ellie had wanted me to bake a cake for a bake sale or something at school. I said I wasn't baking the one she wanted. A confetti unicorn cake! (I'm still not 100% sure what that is). I am not Mary Berry so I made her 12 cupcakes, an apple and pear crumble for after tea as well as a roast dinner! Just because I didn't bake the unicorn cake I did nothing all day!

On an average Wednesday, in October last year I decided to record what I did all day while the kids were at school and college. (I had meant to post this sooner. lol) It was a normal day. I didn't have to go out and run any errands. I just had the daily housework to do as I had already deep cleaned the house earlier in the week.

I made the beds & opened the curtains.
Got myself dressed.
Checked my emails, promoted my daily blog post and probably had a mooch about on social media.
I tidied the living room.
Hung washing out on the line that hadn't dried the day before and put more outside out of the washing machine.
I got all the clothes off the airers and folded & sorted it into everyone's basket. I then put all the socks and knickers on the airer inside.
I put another load of washing on.
I did then stop to have a cuppa a couple of muffins while I wrote a blog post and watched a bit of This Morning.
I cleaned the bathroom.
Commented on some blog posts.
Put the washing up away which wasn't put away the previous night. Grr and washed the breakfast dishes.
Tidied and had a quick clean of the benches in the kitchen. 
Emptied the bin and swept the floor.
I had more of a mess around on social media.
Brought the dry washing in from outside, folded and sorted that.
Took the baskets upstairs and put everyone's clean clothes away and put more washing on the line.
Commented on more blog posts.
Hoovered the living and dining room.
Made a leftover roast dinner pie, mashed potato to go with it and jam tarts with the leftover pastry. 
Started to write my Project 365 blog post for that week and edited the photos.
Then it was half past three and Ellie was due to come in from school. 

That is just an average day for me. This doesn't include things that I have to do as well as my daily routine like having to deal with paperwork, helping my dad out, doing the online weekly grocery shop, going into town for appointments, shopping for anything we need, changing the beds, hoovering the stairs and deep cleaning the house.

So staying at home isn't just lazing about, drinking tea and watching daytime TV. I sort of wish it was though!

Monday, 20 January 2020

(Ad - Gifted) I've been trying out the Calypso Sensitive Face and Neck Lotion!

Summer seems a long, long time ago. I was all about protecting our skin from the sun during the warmer months but in the winter I tend not to bother. It's wrong, I should be protecting my skin all year round. Whilst UVB rays are responsible for causing burning and are often weaker during winter months, UVA rays are strong all year round. UVA rays can increase the risk of premature aging, the Skin Cancer Foundation states that more than 90% of the visible skin changes associated with ageing are caused by UVA rays!

Calypso sun care have recently launched a facial UV protection lotion which protects from both UVA and UVB rays. 

The tube of Calypso Sensitive Face and Neck Lotion on a wooden floor

The Calypso Sensitive Face and Neck Lotion SPF50 is specially formulated for sensitive skin which means children can use it and adults too. It's a lightweight and non greasy formula which can be applied before makeup which makes it super easy to include in our daily skincare routine. 

The handy sized 50ml tube is perfect for taking on the go making topping up throughout the day a breeze. 

Unlike many facial moisturisers which contact SPF, Calypso’s Sensitive Face and Neck Lotion actually protects you from UVA rays (responsible for ageing) which we are exposed to year round regardless of how sunny it is!

The opened tube of Calypso Sensitive Face and Neck Lotion with some of the cream dripping out of the lid.

In the past we have tried the kids sun products from Calypso. They were so good that I went on to buy more for them. It is a brand that I know and trust so I was keen to try the Face and Neck Lotion. I have been using it for a couple of days and so far so good. It feels good on my skin and I really have no complaints. I am at an age now (just turned 40) where I really need to look after my skin and it feels good to know that I am doing all I can.

Calypso sun protection is available to buy in Morrisons, ASDA, Wilko, Home Bargains, B&M Bargains, Bodycare, TJ Hughes, Well Pharmacy, Semichem and independent pharmacies.

I was sent the Calypso Face and Neck Lotion free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

Our weekly meal plan! 20th - 26th January. #MealPlanningMonday

Last weeks meal plan went OK. I messed up when it came to having the omelette's. I had forgotten to buy eggs and no one was in the mood to go to the shop as it was a wet evening. We had fish fingers instead. The kids loved the Chicken Nugget Mashed Potato Bowls and they will be going on the menu again. Stu and I decided we didn't fancy them so had the sausages wrapped in bacon with apple traybake that we missed a couple of weeks ago. Everyone was happy!

I have started sneaking at least one veggie meal in a week and my family are not even realising. Last week they had veggie fajitas and no one asked where the meat was so this week I am going for 2 vegetarian meals. We're not turning veggie but sometimes it is good not to eat as much meat.

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - A casserole cooked in the slow cooker. I have diced pork and plenty of veg which needs using up.
Tuesday - Vegetable pasta bake
Wednesday - Sausages, mash and baked beans.
ThursdayMushroom rice bakes with Mediterranean style roasting vegetables which I got from the Tesco reduced section.
Friday - Waffle Pizza Fries. It's been a while since we had this and my family love this meal. It's so simple to make and makes a change from the normal pizza.
SaturdayTakeaway style Chicken Chow Mein with vegetable spring rolls.
Sunday - A roast dinner of some sort. 

What are you eating this week?

Sunday, 19 January 2020

I want to ride my bicycle. #MySundaySnapshot

The sun was shining yesterday and it was dry, after an amazing nights sleep on our new mattress I was full of energy and wanted to go out. We could have went into town but that would have cost us about £20 in bus fare for us all, lunch out and then the kids would want to buy things so I suggested a bike ride. 

Over the summer we would be out most days but since the weather turned colder we've not bothered. Yesterday I dragged the kids out, they were reluctant to come but I promised them a bacon sandwich from a local cafe. We had a fab time and they didn't want to come home. lol Typical!

my girls riding their bikes down a country road

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Week 3 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

It has been a good week. We're back into a routine and we're all feeling happier for it. The kids have had a good week at college and school and we're looking forward to a nice relaxed weekend.

Here's a photo for everyday. I wouldn't say they are the greatest photos, I really suck at taking photos at this time of year. I'm never up to much and it's so grey and dull.

Bottles of flavoured watter
A bowl full of coloured sweets and a box full of wax melts and tea light candles
The start of a cross stitch project
A pile of laundry on my dining room table and my teen sat on the sofa
My pine bed frame with a new mattress on.

11/366 - 11th January
I was sent some new drinks to try. They are vegan and alcohol free which was perfect since I had been doing Dry January, not intentionally. I only ever drink on a weekend and I wasn't feeling great last weekend and too tired the weekend before. lol I may have had a glass or two of wine last night.

12/366 - 12th January
A retro afternoon snack of Rainbow Drops and Jazzels. Yum! Yum!

13/366 - 13th January
I found a box to put all my wax melts and tea light candles in. I need to stop buying them until I've used some of the one's I have.

14/366 - 14th January
I have started a new hobby, doing cross stitch. I have more about it in a blog post next week but I think I'm doing well and I am enjoying it.

15/366 - 15th January
I will never learn, I just can't get into a habit of folding the washing when it comes out of the dryer. I just put it in a pile somewhere until it is huge then moan about sorting it all.

16/366 - 16th January
Lazy bones. hehehe Becky doesn't like to do much on her day's off college. 

17/366 - 17th January
Our new mattress arrived! We have been sleeping on a double mattress on a king size bed frame since we moved house. It hasn't been ideal but we finally got around to buying a new one this week. It's so comfy!

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Friday, 17 January 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Improved. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This week has been great, a massive improvement on last week when I wasn't well and had my contraceptive implant replaced and was left with a sore arm. My arm is still sore if I bend it too much or knock it but it's getting better but I feel good.

We seem to be back into a normal routine now. Hooray. It has taken a while. We are all happier for knowing what day it is, going to bed early on a school night and eating at the proper time. I am making an effort to eat 3 proper meals a day. I used to skip breakfast most days, if I ate breakfast I would skip lunch. Now I'm eating breakfast, lunch & tea. I am eating a bit healthier too. I am eating porridge or Weetabix instead of sugary cereal for breakfast. For lunch instead of sandwiches I am having random things like cheese and crackers or salad. I am staying away from bacon sandwiches and Pot Noodles. I did treat myself to a shop bought sandwich midweek when the shopping was delivered though and a big slice of carrot cake. hehehe 

I am still managing to go to bed before 11pm on a school night and I am starting to feel better for it. It will be even better after today when we get a new mattress. We have been wanting a new one for years but it's one of those things where there has always been other things to buy. When we moved house my dad bought us a new bed frame from the local auction and a brand new mattress but the mattress was a double and the bed frame a king size. Oops. We've been sleeping on it since the end of June and it's just not comfortable so we took the plunge and ordered a new one. It was only £99 from Wayfair but it has to be better than the one we have.

The kids haven't been up to much over the past week. They've been to school and college and out with friends but that's about it. Ellie did start a new lesson at school. Each term they do a different Design & Technology subject and this term it's engineering which she was so excited about. When she is grown up she wants to be an engineer so this is right up her street, it's a shame the first lesson was all listening and writing. Hopefully next week they do something more hands on.

I started watching the Netflix show "You" on Tuesday and had finished the first series on Wednesday and I should be finished the 2nd today! It was so good. I liked the first series better than the 2nd but wow! What a show! It's so wrong that sometimes I was rooting for Joe. He's a serial killer but sometimes he did the right thing.

All in all it has been a good week. I have got back on top of the housework and the never ending mountain of washing and I have even made time to start a new hobby. Cross stiching, I have more about that next week in a blog post but I am enjoying it which I never thought I would. 

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Our DIY plans for 2020.

We have lived in this house now for a little over 6 months. We have a long term tenancy and we are free to make the house our own and we actually want to. We haven't done much so far. We decorated the kids rooms shortly after moving in here and fixed the electrics in the garage so there is power in there and that's about it.

Before we moved here I wanted to rip all the carpets up, I hated carpets and wanted wooden floors, I wanted a yellow bathroom, the washer and dryer in the little shed and I wanted rid of the stone fireplace. Well my opinions have changed. I love the carpets, the yellow in the bathroom wouldn't look right, the washing machine is staying the kitchen and the dryer in the garage and I love the stone fireplace, it gives the house character even with the spiders which come out of the bricks in the warmer months. lol

Mine & Stu's bedroom.
We want to go purple. Not bright but not too dark either. I have found some paint I like. Wizard emulsion from Wilkos. We would have that on the bottom of the dado rail and white paint on the top.

I really regret leaving the curtains we had in the old house, in the living room. They would have been perfect. I dyed them purple years ago and they turned out really well. We have white curtains at the moment so I might have to try dying them. 

The landing, stairs and just inside the front door.
There is not much to do in here apart from strip the wallpaper which is peeling off and give it a paint. The walls seem to go up forever and neither Stu or I can wallpaper well enough to even attempt putting new up. I think we'll go with a pretty neutral colour, keeping it simple.

The living room.
Again a lick of paint is needed in here and we also want to wallpaper above the fireplace. We seem to be going with reds, blacks and dark browns so I think the wallpaper needs to be red and white just so it isn't too dark in here and I found one on Ebay for £7.99 a roll which I like.

I want to add shelves at each side of the fireplace, 3 of 4 at least. As much as we have the fireplace to put ornaments and knick-knack's on there isn't much storage in here to put other things. The sides of the fireplace is the place where things get dumped at the moment.

The dining room.
I think the only room I would like to take the carpet up is in the dining room. The carpet which is in there seems to show every speck of dirt and I can easily hoover it 2 or 3 times a day. I would like to put some sort of laminate or wood flooring down.

The Bathroom and Kitchen.
These rooms don't need much doing with them. A lick of paint would be nice but they're not desperate. They are great just the way they are.

The Little shed.
The little shed in the garden needs a good clear out. We have only ever half cleared it out. There is still boxes in there from when we moved house and bottles of booze from over Christmas. lol. I want to eventually get the electric working in there and put the freezer and the tumble dryer in. There is benches in there which will be perfect for sorting out the washing.

The garage.
That is Stu's department but he wants to fill in the mechanics pit, I feel like it's an accident waiting to happen. There is boards over the top but it does worry me. The outside could do with a lick of paint and Stu wants to organise all his tools and whatnot. 

The whole house at the back could do with painting and I want to put a taller fence up to the right of us to have a bit of privacy.

Have you got any DIY plans for this year?

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

(Ad - Gifted) Kolibri - Vegan, Alcohol-free cocktails. #DryJanuary

I usually love a glass or two of wine on a weekend but so far this year I haven't bothered. I hadn't planned on doing Dry January but being worn out after Christmas and New year then having a sicky bug, I've been off alcohol and to be honest I am not missing it.

I was getting sick of drinking juice and water so when I was offered the chance to try Kolibri a new range of vegan, alcohol-free cocktails I jumped at the chance.

2 glass bottle bottles against a fake marble background

According to recent reports one third of UK adults are reducing their alcohol intake and one fifth of Brits are now teetotal. Kolibri Drinks are a pioneering botanical drinks brand born out of the rising trend for healthy, non-alcoholic and sophisticated drinks!

My first impressions of these bottles were wow! They did look so fancy and sophisticated. My teen was stood behind me when I was opened the package and was Ohhing and Ahhing. I said no. hehehe

The drinks come in in three flavours: Strawberry and Basil, Cardamom and Chilli and Elderflower and Lime.

2 close up of the Kolibri bottles saying the flavours.

Each bottle is made with 100% natural ingredients, 100% alcohol-free, with no artificial flavours, are vegan friendly, 100% recyclable, contains less than 40 calories and is sugar free. 

What makes this drink unique is that each bottle comes with the option to add a bit of sweetness to your drink. In the cap there is a syrup that can be added to your drink to sweeten it. The agave nectar is a natural sugar, lusciously combined with hints of lemon juice, apple and caramel.

The cap of the Kolibri bottle with sweetener in.
The Kolibri glass bottle the cap and instructions on how to drink.

To make the cocktail pour the Kolibri which is carbonated water and natural flavourings into a glass over ice and then add the sweetener to your taste.

3 photos first pouring Kolibri, 2nd adding the sweetener and 3rd the finished drink.

These were such a lovely treat for a Saturday night. Out of the two I was sent to try, the Strawberry and Basil and Elderflower and Lime the Strawberry one was my favourite. It is all down to personal taste though. Stu tried them both and he said he preferred the Elderflower one. They are full of flavour and are so refreshing. I could have easily have drank them without adding any of the sweetener but that gave it a little extra something.

The Kolibri drinks are available to buy from Holland & Barrett at the moment for £2.99. The usual price of them are £3.99. I would quite happily pay the more expensive price as they are not something I'd drink on a daily basis but save for a treat as an alternative to my normal wine. Next time I am in town I will be buying more, I am very interested to try the Cardamom and Chilli one.

Are you doing Dry January? Do you think you'd give these a try?

I was sent these drinks free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

A missing phone and a bad apple.

I knew it was too good to be true when we moved here. I knew everyone couldn't be nice. We had a little bit of drama in the summer when at one point I was close to calling the police. This was one of those blog posts that I kept meaning to post late last year but never got around to it.

a mobile phone being thrown into the air in the middle of a forest

Where we now live everyone smiles and says hello when you walk past them on the street, the kids are polite and I would quite happily walk out of my house and leave it unlocked and not worry that it would be empty when I came back. Neighbours seem to look out for each other. It seemed perfect.

Until it wasn't....

Ellie has been out playing a lot. Sometimes Becky will go with her to keep an eye on her and she will then meet up with her friends. Ellie has a good bunch of mates and all has been well apart from not coming home on time because she was having so much fun.

Ellie was at the park. She had her scooter and had left it nearby while she was on the zip line. A girl picked it up and went to ride off on it. Ellie's friend saw and went to stop the girl. Ellie caught up and went to grab her scooter and the "thief girl" we'll call her went for Ellie. She was pulling her hair and grabbing at her. Ellie got the better of her and pushed her on the ground and went to walk off with her scooter when she was attacked again. Ellie got the better of "thief girl" and there was a scuffle. She must have known Ellie wasn't going to give up her scooter and left the park saying "she would get her".

I know all this because 3 of Ellie's friends walked her home and told me the whole story about how they were going to help Ellie but she didn't need it as she stood up for herself. "R" the nicest child ever had been in tears because she was so upset that Ellie was new to the area and treat like that. I don't agree with fighting and violence at all but if someone attacks you, you have to defend yourself? I have always told my girls to fight back and defend themselves. Some people might not agree but I don't want my girls to stand there and get beaten up.

On a Friday evening Ellie went out to the park to play with some of her friends. There was about 5 of them. Ellie realised when she had got home that she had lost her phone. Ellie had a fair idea that her phone fell out of her pocket when she was on the swings. Stu, Becky, Ellie and 2 of her friends went out to look for it. I said to them no one ring Ellie's phone until they're in the park near where it was lost in case someone random see's it and takes it.

They got to the park and started ringing it and it was no where to be found. I tried calling it and it was just ringing out. Then it started going straight to voicemail. It had obviously been found and switched off. One of Ellie's other friends saw her at the park and asked what she was doing and she explained and then was told that "thief girl" had found the phone and had it.

Soon after Ellie saw someone else and said "thief girl" had taken the phone, knew it was Ellie's and said she was going to keep it. That person said she knew where "thief girl" lived and pointed my fella, kids and their friends in the right direction. Ellie and her friend "R" knocked at the door and asked for "thief girl" and the woman said that she lived next door. The woman shouted to Stu, is it about the phone?, the girl has pocketed it! She sent her son out to help with the search for this girl.

In the mean time I was still at home. I kept trying to ring Ellie's phone and it had been turned back on and was ringing out. Whoever had it still wasn't answering. The phone was useless to them. It had a security code on. If they had innocently had found the phone they could have answered it, even with the security code. I come up as "Mam" on Ellie's phone. A good person would have answered it and said " oh yeah, I have the phone, blah, blah, blah."

When Stu knocked at the right house there was about 10 kids in the street ready to search for the missing phone and the girl who had it. The father answered the door and Stu explained what was going on and the father already knew a phone was missing and his girl had it. Ellie and Stu were invited in. Thief girl" didn't have her own mobile phone so people were sent out to look for her. Eventually word got around and "thief girl" came home and returned the phone to Becky who was waiting outside with a mob of kids who were waiting and enjoying the drama. The father didn't seem that surprised his daughter had a phone which wasn't her's and even said to Stu that he thought he had taken it to keep!

The father had no idea about what had happened at the park a few days earlier when "thief girl" tried to take Ellie's scooter. Stu dropped that bombshell when he was on his way out of the house. Stu said the fight in the park was a one off, it won't be happening again. The father said no it won't! Eek!

As much as I don't want to think bad of "thief girl" she did take the phone to keep it. It is a shame she is one bad apple among a good bunch. Ellie has since been told to be more careful with her phone. It's to go in a zipped pocket. Eek! 

There was so many people helping to look for Ellie's phone and the girl who took it. One boy had to be in just as the search for the phone started and his mother sent him out to look for it. The man in the local shop where the kids hang out said he'd look out for "thief girl" and the phone, kids Ellie didn't even know stopped her when she had got her phone and was on her way home asked her if everything was OK and checked she'd got her phone back. There was a real community spirit to the whole drama thanks to the good people who live here.

One bad apple, the "thief girl" can spoil the bunch but this time, thankfully it didn't! I still feel safe here, my girls still feel safe here. The "thief girl" does not go to Ellie's school but I have mentioned the situation to them as the girl did used to go. Since then Ellie has had no more trouble. Phew!

Monday, 13 January 2020

Our weekly meal plan! 13th - 19th Jan. #MealPlanningMonday

Last week was not a great week when it came to meal planning. I was poorly midweek and then had my contraceptive implant changed which left me out of action on Thursday. The meal I was most looking forward to on Wednesday, Sticky apple, sausage & bacon was scrapped. I haven't ordered anymore shopping to be delivered as the freezer is full, there's still plenty in the fridge and cupboards.

What we did have was the slow cooker corned beef and it was so good. Such a simple and cheap recipe which is perfect for January. We made our own pizza's on Saturday night and the kids had great fun with that! 

This week on the menu we have:

MondayPork and apple burgers with salad.
TuesdayOmelette & chips. I think we will all have a different one as there is a lot of random leftovers in the fridge to put in them. I'll go with ham and mushroom. 
WednesdayChicken Nugget Mashed Potato Bowls. This is something different which I have never thought of doing before.
ThursdayVegetable Fajitas using the Old El Paso Smoky BBQ Fajita seasoning mix.
Friday - Pizza.
Saturday - Beef stir fry. I have beef leftover from Christmas and a couple of reduced stir fry mixes in the freezer.
Sunday - Our monthly takeaway. A Chinese I think. 

What are you eating this week?

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Making me feel my age. #MySundaySnapshot

I snapped this last night just before Ellie started to make me feel my age by playing a ton of songs which I had never heard before. They're in the charts, everyone knows them, how do you not know it mam!". Why do they have to grow up so fast. I knew all the songs when the girls were little. hehehe

Saturday, 11 January 2020

Week 2 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

I have not had a great week. It's been a bit blah! I had was ill mid week and then had my contraceptive implant changed which didn't go well. The doctor couldn't get the old one out and now I'm left sore and bruised. 

The kids did have a good return to school and college though. They were both up bright and early on their first day's back but of course it didn't last. Ellie was so tired yesterday morning. I'm quite glad it's the weekend. We have no plans at all.

Here's a photo for every day!

My fella made a mess decorating and a pond with goldfish in.
my teenage daughter and the sun rising
a laptop keyboard
my youngest ready to go out with friends and corned beef hash in the slow cooker

4/366 - 4th January
Stu had been painting the inside of the big cupboard in our bedroom. He said he would tidy up everything and pile it neatly. This was his effort. I was not impressed. 

5/366 - 5th January
My dad's fish pond. I was keeping an eye on his house while he was away and the fish did worry me as they were swimming about, he told me they were supposed to stay at the bottom and not move so much in the winter. Apparently that only happens when it's really cold. lol You learn something new everyday.

6/366 - 6th January
Becky's first day back at college for the year. She was raring to go but shattered by tea time and in bed just after 8pm.

7/366 - 7th January
There was a very pretty sky on Tuesday morning. If I'd taken the photo 10 minutes later it was even prettier but I was busy on with brushing Ellie's hair by the time I was ready to take a photo it was just a normal sky. Hmmf!

8/366 - 8th January
A brand new shiny keyboard for my laptop. It stopped working on Tuesday with the b, n, k & delete keys not working. I ordered a replacement off Ebay and it came the next day. Phew! I had been using Ellie's keyboard off her computer plugged into my laptop. It was driving me crazy!

9/366 - 9th January
Ellie was going out with friends. I said to he she was looking rather emo dressed all in black. I do love her sweatshirt though. Nothing to Wear, the story of my life. A bargain from Primark for £2.

10/366 - 10th January
Corned beef hash for tea, cooked in the slow cooker. My youngest was not impressed as Friday is usually pizza night. We are making our own pizza tonight though. Hooray!

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