Wednesday 8 January 2020

Five of the more unusual candles I've found.

I have only recently became obsessed with candles. Up until a few months ago I wasn't bothered with them at all but now I love them especially since the weather has turned colder and the darker nights are here. There is something nice about shutting the curtains and lighting one or two.

a candle being lit

These are some of the more unusual one's which I have found recently which I like the look of. 

Hatching Unicorn Candle - £14.99 - Firebox.

a unicorn hatching out of a candle

Ever wanted to hatch your very own unicorn? Well now you can! Melt down this speckled unicorn egg to reveal a baby unicorn. With multi-coloured rainbow wax which melts out from within. This is actual proof that unicorns reproduce by laying eggs.

PyroPet Kisa Candle - £20.00 - Red Candy.

Add a sinister edge to your home decor with the PyroPet Kisa Candle.

a purple candle in the shape of a cat

At first glance it is a sweet geometric candle shaped like an adorable kitten, light the wick to discover the unexpected true form of this creepy cat. As the wax melts, a spine-chilling metallic skeleton emerges complete with sharp fangs. 

The Sorting Candle - £8.95 - Etsy
a white candle in a tin jar

Most of us know which Hogwarts house we’d be sorted into but now there’s an actual way to determine whether you’d be a Hufflepuff or a Gryffindor thanks to a colour changing candle.

Light its glittery wax to burn away a creamy, vanilla scented top layer and reveal one of four colour and scent combinations! The hand poured candle will burn down to reveal one of four colours: red, blue, green or yellow. Each different colour has a special themed scent that will emerge as the vanilla layer has melted. Created by Etsy-seller HappyPiranha.

Infinity Candle - £34.00 - Qwerkity.

a candle in a glass which makes it looks like there is more than one candle

Enjoy endlessly beautiful candlelight that looks like an original piece of installation art with this striking Infinity Candle Holder. The concept is simple: 2 orbs of mirrored glass that reflect the image of the candles in an everlasting stream of light.

Black Crossed Finger Gesture Candle - £34.95 - Trouva.

a candle in the shape of a hand with the fingers crossed

The most supportive candle out there is. It looks super realistic, and smells great! Designed to say good luck, and best wishes, this candle the ideal gift for someone starting university, starting a family or embarking on a big adventure. It’s sure to add a sophisticated touch to any space.

Do you have any unusual candles in your home? What do you think of these?


  1. They're all so cool, but number 2 is my favourite! I've never seen a candle like it - wow!