Friday 3 January 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: New Year! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Happy new year! I hope you have all had a good start to 2020 and the new decade.

It's hard to think what we've done over the last week. Every day seems to have blended into one. Most days I didn't even know what day it was. The decorations were taken down at the beginning of the week and it feels so bare. It has made me realise that we really could do with decorating in here. We haven't decorated downstairs since we moved in so it needs doing.

We had a fab New Years Eve. We had a party tea and played board games. It was so much fun, Pie Face never gets boring. The girls are at an age now where they can easily stay up until midnight and they did.

My two girls playing pie face showdown

We had a lazy start to the year. We did nothing on New Years day apart from eat and watch films. It was just what we needed after a late night. It was a fantastic end to the festive season! Yesterday I made the kids get dressed and have a walk out. They were not amused, they want more lazy days.

I'm not one for making massive resolutions, just little changes to make mine and my families life better. My main changes this year are to be in bed by 11pm on a school night, always eating lunch, I have got into a habit of skipping it when I am busy and getting outside at least once a day for some fresh air even if that means standing in the garden for 10 minutes.

I am very excited about watching all the new TV starting over the next week or so: Call the Midwife, The Greatest Dancer, The Masked Singer, The Voice, Dancing on Ice and later on in the year there's the Olympics & Euro 2020!

The New Year is starting with a couple of medical appointments for us. Today Becky has another scan on her heart. They need a few more results that they didn't get at her last appointment. It's nothing to worry about they just want to make sure they have everything covered. We will of course be doing a bit of shopping while we're in town. The kids have money from Christmas which is burning a hole in their pockets and I have finally got an appointment to change my contraceptive implant, the same one I have been wanting changed since November. Hooray! I am dreading it already but I'm sure I'll be fine. lol

Becky goes back to college on Monday and Stu goes back to work too but Ellie doesn't go back until Tuesday. She is very excited about that extra day off. She wants to have a day of fun with me so we're planning on doing some baking and doing some crafts. 


  1. Happy New Year Kim! This week has been a bit like being in limbo hasn't it. It sounds like you had a great new years eve, it's lovely to celebrte at home as a family I can't imagine ever doing anything else to be honest. I hope all goes well with Becky's scan I'm sure it will. Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Thank you! Happy new year to you too.
      I couldn't imagine not spending new years eve at home. Going out is overrated. x

  2. We had a fun family New Years Eve too, it was going to be board game but in the end they went for Mario Party on the Switch. We had a million different cheeses and a box full of crackers, as well as some alcohol (But not too much.) All the kids stayed up until after Midnight.I left the girls up even later with their older siblings, while I went to bed with the Little Man. I'm taking down my decorations this weekend and we have hospital appointments next week too. Happy a really happy new year xx

    1. It sounds like you had a lovely New year! After all the electronic time my girls had over Christmas we wanted something different. lol I hope they hospital appointments go well x

  3. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family Kim. I love the photo of the girls playing Pie Face. I'm with you on getting confused with the days blending into one over the festive period. We're taking down our decorations tonight. Hope all went well with Becky's heart scan today x #WotW

    1. Aww! Thank you! Pie face is such fun. I always forget how much fun.
      Everything went well with the heart scan. It was just a redo because they missed a couple of readings that the hospital in Newcastle wanted to see. Everything was good. x