Thursday 9 January 2020

A 2020 Family Bucket List!

January is the time to make lists of things you want to complete during the year and there is lots that I want to do in 2020! It's going to be the first full year of us living in Scunthorpe and we have a lot of plans! Some are simple things and some will take some work.

Visit Hull!
This is the top of our list. We've lived here for just over 6 months and we've never visited yet which is pretty rubbish considering it's only an hours bus ride away.

Decorate our house.
We only decorated the kids bedrooms when we moved in here so we want to do a little more. The hallway, living room and my bedroom for starters.

Learn to drive.
We have decided that living where we do either Stu or I needs to learn to drive and we've came to the conclusion that it needs to be Stu because I would certainly get road rage. Becky can get on with learning too.

Plant something.
Plant and grow things in the garden. I don't have a clue what yet but I am thinking of some vegetables.

Go to a theme park.
My girls have never been to one and I think they'd love it.

Get some savings behind us.
We seem to be better off financially here. I think it's because it's a small town where we live and we have less chance to spend money. 

Visit Amble for a little break in the summer.
We love Amble and we always said that when we moved house we would go back to visit. 

Go to a concert or show.
I really want to take the kids to see a concert or some sort of show this year. Ellie wants to see Little Mix but we'll have to wait and see.

Take more photos of us as a family.
We don't have many photos of the four of us but this year I want to take more. I also want to print out lots of photos that I have saved on hard drives and put them into photo albums.

Camp out.
Sleep out in the back garden in the tent. We had planned to do it last year but never got around to it. We have everything we need. The tent and the sleeping bags.

Research my family tree.
Last year I started tracing my family tree and I want to look into it more. It was so interesting and I think I've only skimmed the surface of the history my family has.

Let the kids have a birthday party each.
Ellie's birthday is during the summer holiday's and Becky's at the beginning of September so I've always struggled to organise them a party with not seeing their friends from school but this year it should be different as they both see their friends during the school holidays and on a weekend.

Take Becky to the pub.
She turns 18 in September and I will have to buy her, her first proper alcoholic drink. 

Have a night away from the kids.
I want Stu and I to have a night or two away from the kids. We've not had a night away in forever so it would be a lovely treat.

Stick to one takeaway a month.
I started this at the end of last year, just getting one takeaway a month, usually on the Saturday evening following pay day. We all really look forward to it.

Get all the Christmas presents bought by the 1st of December.
Or at least all the big one's.

Have you got any big plans for 2020?


  1. Some great ideas, I hope you manage to tick them all off. My teen is learning to drive and it so expensive, I keep wanting too as we live in a little village but I keep putting if off. Hope you manage to get your little break to Amble as I know you loved it there x

    1. Thank you! Learning to drive is so expensive! I hope you start to learn too.
      I am already looking into B&B's in Amble. hehehe x

  2. I love this bucket list, all great and achievable plans. I con't believe Becky is going to be 18. How did that happen! Love to know what theme park you visit and I love the take away idea too x

    1. Thank you! I thought I would stick with things that are achievable.
      Yep, 18! Time really does fly. x

  3. Love this idea. I should do this for the kids. I look forward to your adventures x

  4. Your list has great ideas in it. I’m sure you will have lots of fun ticking them off. Enjoy your nights away with Stu, it’s good to have sometime away from the kids. xx

  5. What a great bucket list! I can't believe Becky will be 18 this year! Where did the time go?
    I hope you have so much fun ticking each one off. xx

    1. Thank you! I know! It's crazy she'll be turning 18. It makes me feel so old. x

  6. You're going to be busy - just reading this makes me feel exhausted!! #MMBC

    1. We do have a whole year to spread it over. Phew x

  7. That's some really good aims for the year. I hope you manage to achieve them! I never really make proper plans, although my husband and I are going to get away for a couple of nights for the first time since we turned 40 (will be nearly seven years). My aims for this year are support my son through his GCSEs, run a marathon and support my son with his athletics competitions. Along the way, I will be supporting my other two kids with various things. x

    1. Thank you! Ohh! Have a lovely break away. You deserve it. x

  8. Great list! I too need to figure out what to grow in our garden... Amazing that your big girl is turning 18 this year, time flies! xx

  9. Wow what an exciting and fun packed year ahead of you X #mmbc