Wednesday 31 May 2023

Learning a language with Duolingo!

Do you use Duolingo? It seems everyone does and I am late to the party. I always thought that the language learning app was something you had to pay for until I noticed it on Ellie's phone. She informed me that it's free but with adverts. She has been learning German. As soon as I realised that it was free I downloaded it.


Duolingo is the most popular language learning platform and the most downloaded education app in the world with more than 500 million users. It offers around 40 different languages to learn including the top 5 most spoken languages to smaller, endangered languages such as Hawaiian, Navajo and Scottish Gaelic. In the case of languages such as Irish, Scottish Gaelic, and Hawaiian, there are more people learning the languages on Duolingo than there are native speakers of each language.

The real world languages for English speakers are Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Navajo, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish, and Zulu. 

It also includes language courses for speakers of other languages. These include French for Portuguese speakers, English for Czech speakers, Chinese for Japanese speakers, and so on. If you want to really push yourself you can learn Klingon or high valyrian from Game of Thrones.

Some of Duolingo languages

You can use Duolingo as an app on your phone or tablet or on a laptop or PC on a web browser. You simply set up a profile, choose your language, set your weekly goals and off you go! I decided to learn French as I remember the basics from school and helping Ellie when she was home learning.

You work your way through each lesson. At the beginning, most of the exercises are simple with multiple choice questions, sentence building exercises where you’ll be given a sentence to translate along with all the words you need. All you have to do is place the words in the right order. Further on there is translation, dictation and speaking exercises. You will sometimes be asked to type out the translations instead of being given the words. The dictation exercises are a great help in improving your listening and spelling skills and there are speaking exercises too where you have to repeat what is said.

Duolingo question
Another Duolingo question

I have been using Duolingo for just over a month and I am hooked. It is fun and I am actually learning something. One thing I could never understand in French was the masculine and feminine words but I've cracked them now and I will go as far to say in one week I have learned more than I did in my whole time at school.

What makes Duolingo fun is that it is built to feel like a game where users compete with each other via Leader boards. I am up to the Emerald League. You maintain streaks, earn points, level up and get virtual currency as you learn. There are cute animations and little things to keep me motivated.

I have realised that using the app on my phone if you get an answer wrong you lose a heart and then you have to practice to get more hearts to continue, on my laptop on a web browser the hearts aren't there and you are free to make mistakes. At the end of each lesson you go over the mistakes and correct them which seems to be really helping me learn. If I have 5 spare minutes I will use my phone but if I want to learn for a bit longer I will use my laptop.

Duolingo is free with the odd advert but you can pay for Super Duolingo which removes the ads, removes the hearts on the app and lets you make unlimited mistakes and there is extra levels and challenges to do. I had three free days of trying out the Super Duolingo when I first signed up and realised that I am getting enough from Duolingo without paying. The only really boost I had was not having to use diamonds or Lingots to do the special challenges and it got me to the top of the league that I was in. 

Do you use Duolingo? What language are you learning?

Tuesday 30 May 2023

My top 5 favourite Animated Movies!

The lovely Joanne over at Slices of Life has been doing a series of blog posts all about her favourite movies of different genres and I am so pinching her idea.

I wouldn't say I am a big movie buff but I do have a lot of favourite films. You can read about my favourite action movies and my favourite sci-fi movies but in this post I am sharing my favourite Animated movies. It was so hard to narrow it down to just 5, there are so many that I love so I have gone with my favourites which hold memories for me.


Toy Story!

I think we have all seen at least one of the Toy Story films. I went to the cinema to see the first one when I was a teenager. and I actually loved it even though my friends and I went to see something else but missed the start of it so Toy Story it was. Becky was at the perfect age to understand the hype when the 2nd film came out and Ellie was already obsessed with Toy Story 1 & 2 when the 3rd film came out.

My youngest holding Buzz Lightyear

My first ever blog post was Toy Story related. All about how Becky bought Ellie a Buzz Lightyear toy from a school bring and buy sale. The same one Ellie had been asking Santa for Christmas. Eek! The same one which I had actually bought and hidden away for Christmas. lol She ended up with two and was beyond happy! We went as a family to the cinema to see Toy Story 4 and the latest Buzz Lightyear film.

The Lion King!

As a cub, Simba is forced to leave the Pride Lands after his father Mufasa is murdered by his wicked uncle, Scar. Years later, he returns as a young lion to reclaim his throne.

I think this was the first ever film that I cried at and still do every time I watch it. Timon and Pumbaa are the best sidekicks and I love all of the songs. I would go as far to say even the remake was good. I am not usually a fan of the live action remakes so this came as a bit of a surprise.

Finding Nemo

After his son gets abducted from the Great Barrier Reef and is dispatched to Sydney, Marlin, a meek clownfish, enlists the help of a forgetful fish and embarks on a journey to bring him home.

My girls used to watch this film every day for a couple of years, they were both obsessed with it. It's funny, cute and just a little bit sad. It was one of the films we took in to watch on my laptop when the kids went into hospital for their heart surgery. We watched it the night before and it was something to keep us calm.


Anna sets out on a journey with an iceman, Kristoff, and his reindeer, Sven, in order to find her sister, Elsa, who has the power to convert any object or person into ice.

Disney on Ice

I think anyone with children know's the story of Frozen. It was such a massive hit, the movie and the songs from it. My girls were at the perfect age to enjoy it when it was first released and went frozen mad! We were even lucky enough to win tickets to see Disney on Ice when they had their Frozen special on. I am still a big fan of the first film but I am not so keen on Frozen 2. It was good but just didn't have the same magic.

South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut

When four boys in South Park see an R-rated movie featuring Canadians "Terrance & Phillip" they are pronounced "corrupted", and Kyle's mom with the rest of the parents pressure the United States to wage war against Canada for World War 3! 

In the late 90's South Park was a big thing and everyone my at at the time loved it. This movie warped my fragile little mind. hehehe but I bought it on video. It is so offensive with all the bad language and everything in it but at the same time it's so funny!

What Animated movies are your favourites?

Friday Favourites

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Monday 29 May 2023

Our weekly meal plan! 29th May - 4th June. #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went well until we got to the weekend and the meal plan going wrong was through no fault of my own. Asda delivered my food shop in a faulty van so the frozen stuff was defrosted and the chilled stuff was warm. It all got refunded and I cooked what I could of the frozen stuff which we ate over the weekend. There was also a ton of substitutions and unavailable items before we even had an issue with the van. I can see me falling out with Asda if they don't buck their ideas up, this week wasn't the first week where they haven't been great.

It's half term here this week which means lots of relaxing. The girls and I are planning a day out. It's Becky's rubbish week at work where she only has Tuesday to do what she wants, every other day she's either sleeping from work or for work. At least she gets the weekend off. My dad has some family coming to visit him so we will be going along to see them.

Hasn't the weather been lovely? I am really enjoying the sunshine and it looks like it's going to continue. Hooray! I am back to drinking my morning coffee out in the garden and watering my plants on an evening, it's so nice to spend time outside.

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - We're planning on having a barbeque so lots of sausages and burgers in buns. They always taste nicer when they're cooked on a BBQ.
Tuesday - The girls and I are having a day out and we will be eating out so we will probably just have a sandwich or cereal later on in the evening.
Wednesday - Quiche from the local butchers. It's amazing and we will probably have it with salad.
Thursday - We will be eating out for lunch so we will just have something quick and easy when we get in. Cheese on toast or a sandwich.
Friday - Pizza, maybe homemade depending on what we are doing.
Saturday - Red onion and bacon tart with potato salad.
Sunday - A roast dinner of some sort.

What are you eating this week?

Sunday 28 May 2023

Little pears! #MySundaySnapshot

 My dad has some fantastic fruit trees at his place and each year I get apples and pears from him. Some years if we time it right we even get some cherries. 

It always seems like one time I will visit there are no pears and the next time they are their looking all pear like. I have never noticed them being this small before but my dad said they always start off like this. 

Little pears

My Sunday Snapshot

Saturday 27 May 2023

A photo every day for a year! 20th - 26th May. Week 21 of #Project365

I have had such a good week, the sun shining has had me in a really good mood and has given me so much motivation. Even Asda messing up my food shop yesterday couldn't dampen my mood. 

It's half term, this one is very welcome after Ellie doing half of her GCSE's and the weather has warmed up. According to the forecast today is supposed to be lovely. I am hoping to get out into the garden and enjoy the sunshine. We have a few things planned for half term. Family is coming to visit my dad and me later in the week and I am sure the girls and I will fit a day out somewhere.

Now for a photo every day!

My eldest and a roast dinner
Coving up on the wall
Firefly Lane and Udon noodles
Baby Yoda ornament and sausage rolls

140/365 - 20th May
Becky had her hair cut on Saturday. It took me a few days to get used to it but I love it now. She finds it so much easier to look after than her long hair, she loves it and feels more confident with her shorter hair. It was only after she had it cut she thought about work, she was worried she would get into trouble for such a drastic haircuts, worrying about how all the residents would take it but they were all fine apart from one who keeps saying she looks like a boy. lol

141/365 - 21st May
We went out for lunch on Sunday. It is so nice to have full on roast dinner without having to do the cooking and washing up. They have said they are continuing to do them over the summer so when it's really warm I won't have to roast in the kitchen cooking.

142/365 - 22nd May
We finally got the coving put up in the living room. It looks so much better now especially with the extra lick of paint.

143/365 - 23rd May
I have started watching Firefly Lane off Netflix. I am really enjoying it. I know there isn't a happy ending but it is a lovely story about friendship. It is making me think of This Is Us by using flashbacks to tell the story.

144/365 - 24th May
I made beef with Udon noodles. I sort of followed a Gousto recipe and made the rest up. It was so good. I think the meals that I improvise with ingredients, adding a bit of this and a bit of that always work out so well. 

145/365 - 25th May
Ellie saw this baby Yoda ornament in Primark months ago but I said if she wanted it she had to pay for it herself. She wanted to save her money for something else. I was in Primark on Thursday and saw it was down to £5, half price so the softie that I am bought it. It's a reward for being halfway through her GCSE's. That's my excuse anyway

146/365 - 26th May
The delivery man turned up with my food shop and said there was an issue with his van and it had stopped chilling so the frozen food was defrosted and the chilled stuff was warm. He said he would refund it all but I could still have everything and dispose of the chilled stuff which wasn't any good and suggested cooking the defrosted frozen stuff which I spent yesterday afternoon doing. Chicken steaks, chips, onion rings, fish fingers, mini sausage rolls, curly fries and a few other bits which we will be eating the rest of today. It wasn't all bad, I got almost half the shopping bill refunded.

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Friday 26 May 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Warm! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I was going to use the word hot to describe this past week but I think I will go with warm and save hot for later on in the year when no doubt we will be roasting in some sort of heatwave. hehehe

It finally feels like we've turned a corner and summer is on it's way. It has been lovely here for the past week. The sun has been shining and it has been warm out. Warm enough to wear short sleeved tops with no hoodies or cardigans needed. I said to Stu on Sunday if the weather could stay like this for all of the summer I would be so happy. It was really warm but there was enough breeze to stay cool and not sweat.

I have been busy in the garden washing the plastic table and chairs and even the cushions off the sun loungers ready to start spending more time outside. On Sunday we had a lovely afternoon out, going for a roast dinner. I really fancied one but it was too hot to spend time in the kitchen cooking. We called into the pub on the way home, it was real beer garden weather.

The sun shining has given me so much motivation. I am even waking up before my alarm clock now feeling like I have had enough sleep. I think it's time to get rid of one of the extra duvets, our bedroom gets so warm, especially on a morning when the sun is starting to shine.

Becky did a thing on Saturday, she has been on about cutting her hair short for ages and now the weather is warming up she thought it was the best time to do it. She wanted me to cut it but I said no, bob's and trims I can do but I didn't feel comfortable cutting it so short and she didn't want to pay to go to a hairdresser so I mentioned it to my dad and he said he'd come and cut it! I 100% trusted him, he used to cut mine and my brothers hair when we were young, he cuts his own hair and his partners too now.

Eldest new hair cut

Becky went from having hair from well past her shoulders to shorter than her ears in a matter of moments. She loves it and I do now. I wasn't too sure to start with, I have been used to seeing her with long hair since she was little. It has taken some getting used to. She has realised that she has an extra 15 minutes of spare time before work now because she doesn't have to brush her long hair and tie it back.

I decided now the weather is getting warmer I needed a couple of new outfits so I had a look on Shein and while I was looking I asked Ellie for a list of things that she wants for her birthday. I thought might as well buy everything in one go to get the maximum discount and I did. The basket came to £140 something pounds and I managed to get it down to £104 which wasn't too bad considering I got 3 outfits and plenty of things for Ellie. I might even have an outfit for the wedding we're going to later in the year!

We are now heading into half term and it looks like the weather is going to be warm for the school holidays too. Hooray! We don't have much planned apart from relaxing and not thinking about exams.

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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Thursday 25 May 2023

What I loved in May! #LittleLoves

I have decided to start writing about the things I have loved again each month, I used to do it last year and before but then other things came up that I wanted to blog about and it fell by the wayside but I am going to make a point of writing these posts as I did enjoy them.

A heart drawn in crayon

In May I:


Lots of blogs of course. I tend to read blogs more than books now a days than books. 

I have been learning French on Duolingo! I am well and truly hooked now and I feel like I am learning lots. I can read it better than I can understand what I am hearing and speak it.

I have been reading lots of emails from school about exams and about what will be happening for Ellie's last few weeks at school! Eek! She is almost halfway through them now and is doing really well.


The Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All documentary on Disney Plus! He is such a lovely guy and obviously very talented too. It was interesting to learn more about his life, he seems so down to earth and had so much to deal with, his wife having cancer when she was pregnant, his best friend dying and then the court cases. I suppose when you go through the first two the court cases seem like a walk in the park.

The Last of Us. I was so late in watching this, it's so good. I did get a bit of a shock when the zombies first chased after someone. I was expecting them moving the speed of the Walking Dead zombies but they're more like Usain Bolt. lol 

The Harry Potter movies! They're back on Netflix!

I finally got through rewatching Grey's Anatomy and I am all caught up and I have rewatched Breaking Bad. It's such a good show and now I have started watching Firefly Lane.


After watching the Ed Sheeran documentary I have been listening to a lot of his music off Spotify.

I have heard this song so much on TikTok. It was played at some football match in Italy and I think I have seen it recorded from every seat in the stadium. The song has been stuck in my head which is hard considering I don't know any of the words and can't sing along. I am not even sure what it's called. 


Quiches! I have been lazy and have been buying the ready made bases and then filling them with whatever we have in. I make a couple a week and they are great for lunches or a snack.

Pea and ham soup. It is our favourite soup and it is so easy to make. Frozen peas, onion, potatoes and ham stock!

The kids made a mess making their silly pickles. They saw it on TikTok. A giant pickle wrapped in fruit roll up things with spicy crisps and a strange sauce on it.

What I've been making


Fake tan, well almost. I realised how pale I was when the sun started to shine so I got some of that Dove gradual self tan lotion. It did the trick, it was easy to put on and most importantly looked natural with hardly any streaks.

My Mickey Mouse trainers from Primark!

Not worn but a jewellery set has been passed down to me from my great Aunt. She wore it before she passed away and her daughter has been sorting out her things and has been giving my aunts jewellery to all the ladies which she loved.

Pretty spring dresses but still with leggings and cardigans because up until this week it hasn't been as warm as I would have liked.

What I have been wearing

And Lastly:

My favourite blog posts from the month were:

 My obsession with Harry Potter all about how I was so late to the party but I soon became obsessed and my house is slowly been taken over by HP things. hehehe

My TikTok Pet Peeves! I love joining in with the Not Just A Mom linky and it gives me chance to blog about things that I wouldn't normally with their monthly prompts. The pet peeves one was a fun one.

Little Loves and Friday favourite linky buttons

The lovely Rachel Swirl has taken over the #LittleLoves linky which will be on the final Friday of every month so I have decided to join in and I will also be linking up with I am linking up with Erika and Andrea for their Friday Favourites.

Wednesday 24 May 2023

Pea and Ham soup! - Recipe!

I have got into making my own soup this year. It's all thanks to Gousto and their carrot & coriander soup that we first had ages ago. I always thought there was more to making soup but it's pretty easy. I was looking for something a bit different than tomato or vegetable soup and came across the recipe for Pea and Ham soup on the BBC Good Food website.

Pea and Ham soup

The kids were determined they weren't going to eat it the first time I made it and when they came in it was all they could smell and that won them round. They both ended up going back for 2nd helpings which was really surprising as Ellie hates peas usually. It doesn't taste of peas though, it's more of a ham taste. They call it Shrek soup now because it looks like a melted down Shrek. hehehe 

What you need to make the pea and ham soup:

pea and ham soup ingredients

An onion.
2 large potatoes.
2 Ham stock cubes.
A bag of frozen Petit Pois. I use the 545g bag.
As much ham as you want chopped up.
Some butter.

I didn't even know you could get ham stock cubes until I started planning on making this soup. I thought I would have to boil a joint of ham or something like that but these little cubes make life much easier.

This time when I made it they sent me two different types of ham instead of 2 of the shredded ham hock which we prefer. It didn't make a difference. I chopped the honey roast ham up and put that in the soup along with some of the shredded ham but did keep some back to sprinkle on the top of the soup when it was being served.

How to make:

Chop the onions and put them in a pan with a melted knob of butter. I always use the pan that I am making the soup in, it saves on the washing up. 

Just before the onions start to brown add the chopped potatoes. I don't bother peeling them. I am sure it could add to the flavour. When they are coated in butter add 1 litre of ham stock. The 2 stock cubes is enough for 1 litre.

Simmer everything in the pan until the potatoes have softened and then add your frozen peas and bring the pan to the boil. Leave to simmer for another 5 minutes or so and then take it from the heat and blend.

Hand blender

The first time I made soup I used our Breville blender as I didn't have anything else. I have since bought a hand blender which is a lot easier to use.

When the soup is blended add the ham and give it a good mix, remember to keep some back to add when you serve it. We always get some fresh buns from the butchers to have with it and it's always amazing!

It is such a quick meal to make, I can go into the kitchen, start cooking and be eating within half an hour.

Do you like to make soup? What's your favourite?

Tuesday 23 May 2023

The most stressful things about parenting a teenager!

A study of 1,000 parents of teenagers found 75 per cent think the ages of 13 to 19 year olds are the most challenging years of raising children with 32 per cent admitting they were ‘unprepared’.

Teenagers really are something else, they have tantrums like toddlers but are almost adult size and sometimes should know better but we just know mood swings and hormones are to blame. With Becky I felt underprepared, parenting a teenager was all new to me as well as being new to Becky. I feel more prepared now that Ellie is a full on teenager. I've learned from past mistakes and experiences. 

Me and my girls

The most stressful things about parenting a teenager are:

Coping with their mood swings!
Sometimes I can just look at my girls and know now it is not the right time to ask something, it wouldn't be worth the outburst from them. They can go from happy and having a laugh to being in such a mood in a matter of moments. I guess it's just part of them being a teenager, I can sort of remember it from when I was their age. Sometimes the girls just have to look each other the wrong way and an argument will start.

Helping them to make important life choices, such as what GCSEs or A Levels to take.
I still say that 14/16 years old is far too young to be choosing what you are going to do with the rest of your life. I did almost 2 years studying childcare at college to only go on and not work with children. I feel lucky that my girls knew and know what they want to do with their lives. Becky did health and social care at college and has gone into work in care and Ellie has been determined to be an engineer since she knew what an engineer was. It was still stressful deciding on the courses they would study especially with their GCSE's when they made the choices and still didn't get to do the subjects that they chose.

I've been through the GCSE's once with Becky and we are in the middle of Ellie will be sitting her GCSE's. I think I worry more than my girls. Making sure they are at the right place at the right time, they have revised enough, I don't want them to stress and so far so good. Becky took everything in her stride and Ellie seems to be to. I have said all they can do is their best.

Allowing them to make their own mistakes.
I think this is the hardest part of parenting. There are so many times that I have had to bite my tongue and not say I told you so. If they don't make the mistake they will never learn and have that life experience. I am just there to support them but it is hard seeing them do something which I know won't end well. Things like spending money on silly things, staying up too late and eating too much junk food and then feeling ill. 

The fact they spend so much time on technology.
I think in the world we live in it is hard to stay off technology, especially for teenagers when all their friends are on it. We do have set times when we stay off technology and spend time as a family but even then it can be stressful getting the kids to put their phones down or switch their computers off. They would much rather spend time online than in the real world sometimes which I can understand but it does cause some stress.

My girls on their computers

Them wanting their independence/ more independence than you want to give them.
I know that Ellie staying out until 9pm at night with her friends in the park will bring nothing but trouble but I am the mean mam who won't give her the freedom. I am at that stage in parenting where I know how much independence and freedom my girls can have, Becky usually does what she wants and learns by her mistakes like staying up scrolling through TikTok will result in her being tired when it's time to get up in the morning but for Ellie I am still here to make the rules. She sometimes wants all the independence but none of the responsibility. Like I say she can go out with friends after she's washed the dishes but sometimes she'd rather not wash the dishes and stay in. lol

Helping them to deal with their body image and feel confident.
My girls are pretty confident in their own bodies. They still have some things they hate about themselves but I think everyone does. I try and big them up and boost their confidence about themselves but sometimes it is hard as a parent. When they were both younger they wanted to fit in but now Becky is at the age where she just does her and wears what she wants to wear. She doesn't feel the need to please people and fit in. Ellie is not quite there yet, she wants to cut her hair short but wants to wait until she leaves school because all the popular girls have long hair. Ugh.

Communicating with them about sensitive, tricky or embarrassing subjects.
I am pretty open and honest with my girls so nothing is a taboo subject. There is a lot that I speak to the girls about that they wouldn't dream of speaking to their dad about. I wouldn't go as far to say they never get embarrassed but we are open and that makes those sensitive subject easier to deal with.

They are getting into boys/ girls – learning about relationships!
This has been so different when it comes to my girls. Becky had a girlfriend and likes girls and Ellie is all about the boys. It's horrible and probably wrong to say that I am more worried about Ellie's relationships as she could be the one getting pregnant, there is no chance of that happening with Becky and her relationships. With Becky I stressed about the relationship moving too fast and the people that she chooses to be with. 

Alcohol / Smoking / Drugs.
When it comes to smoking and drugs I think I am pretty safe with my girls, they know what effect smoking could have on their hearts so they are dead against it. It is alcohol that I worry about. Becky is really sensible and she is past the stage of sitting in the park drinking with her friends but Ellie is at that stage now. So far she is adamant that she doesn't want to ever drink any alcohol and good on her but she is easily led.

What do you think is the most stressful thing about parenting a teenager?

Monday 22 May 2023

Our weekly meal plan! 22nd - 28th May. #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went well. Our favourite meal was the Fruity mango & coconut chicken breast mini fillets with sweet potato fries. It felt like such a great meal for the summer with the fruity flavours. I love all the summery food that the supermarkets are getting in now. The BBQ food and all of the ice cream and ice lollies. I buy ice cream all year around but I think it's time to stock up properly with ice lollies.

This weeks see's more exams for Ellie, she has two days this week where she has 2 exams. Eek! She is doing well with them and has said they have all been easier than she expected. Phew! After this week she is almost half way through her GCSE's. I will be glad when they're over, they're wearing me out, I haven't been sleeping properly.

The weather is looking good this week, it feels like summer could be arriving. I am hoping to spend some time outside although I am pretty caught up with the work out there. I am going to see my friend later this week to what she has been doing in her garden which should be nice. 

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Sausage pasta. I will make plenty so there's leftovers. Some for lunch the next day and to go into the freezer.
Tuesday - Beef & black pepper Udon noodles - A Gousto meal, I have bought frozen beef strips as the fresh one's seem to have shot up in price.
Wednesday - Jacket potatoes with either baked beans and cheese or tuna. We will decide what we fancy at the time.
Thursday - Iceland Chicken savoury rice stir fry in wraps. A burrito type thing. 
Friday - Scampi, chips and mushy peas.
Saturday - Pizza nachos.
Sunday - Pie mash and veg.

What are you eating this week?

Sunday 21 May 2023

Pretty weeds! #MySundaySnapshot

I spend most of this time in the garden pulling weeds, it is a never ending job but sometimes the weeds can be pretty. Dandelion's at this time of their life cycle are cheerful little things but they do take over my garden. I had a shout at Ellie when she was walking around the garden blowing the fluffy dandelions and spreading the seeds everywhere, I've told her when they grow again she will be doing the weeding. hehehe

A dandelion

My Sunday Snapshot linky

Saturday 20 May 2023

A photo every day for a year! 13th - 19th May. Week 20 of #Project365

This past week has all been about the GCSE exams. Ellie doing them and me worrying about them. lol She's doing great, I really have nothing to worry about but I keep fretting that she will forget her pencil case or we will sleep in and she will be late for school and an exam. I need to chill out! lol

Apart from stressing about the exams I haven't really done much over the past week. It's been one of those where I've just plodded on with life. 

Now for a photo every day!

My Sims family tree
Sheep and new shelves
Me and my eldest
Harry Potter on Netflix and paint

133/365 - 13th May
I had a look at my family tree on the Sims. I started a character ages ago and adopted a child. The child has since grown up, moved out and got married. I am playing as that family now and let my original character do her own thing and she's been busy. She's been married twice, has 4 more children of her own and 4 step children too. lol

134/365 - 14th May
Sheeps! hehehe and the lambs are out in the fields too.

135/365 - 15th May
When we moved in here we struggled to fill the kitchen cupboards but now we're running out of space. Oops. Stu made a couple of extra shelves to put the bowls on. He is good when it comes to DIY.

136/365 - 16th May
Me! My hair is so faded now. I decided to give it a rest from dying it a few months ago and I've actually had compliments about it and asked how I got this colour. I washed it, that's it. lol I of course will be dying it again when I get around to it.

137/365 - 17th May
We are going to a wedding later on in the year and Becky needed something smart to wear, tracksuits and a hoodie was not going to cut it so she had a look online and found a trouser suit on Shein. The suit fits perfectly, it's comfy and she can get away with wearing white trainers with it so she's happy. All she needs now is a top to go under it.

138/365 - 18th May
The highlight of my week has been the Harry Potter films arriving back on Netflix. I am trying not to rush watching them again.

139/365 - 19th May
The paint was delivered for our fences, it came on a big truck which did make me chuckle. The tubs of paint weren't that big. lol

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Friday 19 May 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Exams! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


This week has all been about the GCSE exams that Ellie has been sitting. I am exhausted by them but thankfully my girl is loving them. 

Last Friday Ellie came home with a good luck care package from her form tutor full of cute little things to bring a smile to everyone's faces and she has been getting little cards with encouraging words from teachers. It's so sweet, I think little things like that make exams a lot easier!

Ellie had her first proper sit down exam, the biology one on Tuesday which she said was easier than she expected, somebody said it was like the people writing the exams were writing them for stupid people which is great for the kids if it's true. On Wednesday there was the English Literature one all about Romeo & Juliet and A Christmas Carol. Ellie was pleased with the questions and the writing that she did. English Literature is Ellie's favourite subject and the teacher has been amazing in getting them prepared. Today it's the first maths paper. Eek! Not Ellie's strongest subject but over the past couple of months she has been doing practice papers and getting better results each time so I am hoping it goes well.

Ellie has been brilliant, taking everything in her stride. There has been no dramas or any signs of worry from her. I have been doing the one doing all of the worrying. I haven't been sleeping properly which is a sign that something is playing on my mind. I was dreaming that Ellie couldn't find her school uniform so one morning I was up early checking everything was there and then another night I was dreaming that Ellie was at an exam at the same time as Geography revision so I went to school to take notes for her from the revision class so she didn't miss out. I feel so tired this week, I am glad it's almost the weekend. I don't remember being this worried when Becky was taking her exams but I suppose it was because Becky was more academic minded than Ellie.

Ellie is loving the exams happening. If they are not doing an exam they are revising for their next exam which means the classes are all getting mixed as not everyone does the same subjects like Ellie does geography instead of history and engineering instead of business studies or PE. There was 3 people in one of her classes yesterday so she ended up in a different classroom with all of her favourite people which she was pleased about. The only lesson she is going to properly is photography. Even though she had her exam last week, a practical one in the classroom there is still coursework to mess around with and get it to it's best.

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one.

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