Saturday 6 May 2023

A photo every day for a year! 29th April - 5th May. Week 18 of #Project365

As I am sitting here I am slowly losing my mind with the builders next door. The drilling is never ending, I went out yesterday morning just to get away from it and they were still on drilling when I got home 3 hours later. I am starting to think whoever bought it got it for the young lad to practice using a drill. It sounds stupid but they go around and drill the same walls every day, sometimes multiple times a day. How can they not be finished, they've been hammering and drilling almost every day since October!

So it's the Coronation today. I will be watching along on the TV but we don't have anything planned and then we have another bank holiday and we have nothing planned for that either. I am looking forward to another short week, I really could get used to them. hehehe

Now for a photo every day!

Pickle kit and a couple of pints
Quiche and Sloppy joe mix
Polling station and shoots growing

119/365 - 29th April
The kids bought a pickle kit off the TikTok shop. You wrap the pickle in the sweet fruit roll ups, stick the Taki crisps in the pickle and cover it all in the spicy candy sauce. It sounds disgusting but they ate it. Teenagers and young adults are strange!

120/365 - 30th April
Stu and I went out for lunch (the kids didn't want to come) and we stopped off at the pub for a cheeky pint. They have renovated their beer garden and it looks amazing! I can't wait for some sunny evenings to visit again.

121/365 - 1st May
Home made quiche! I had to make 2 because we all wanted different fillings. This was the ham, cheese and onion one.

122/365 - 2nd May
The Sloppy Joe mix. We had it in buns and Stu took the rest to work and had it with rice.

123/365 - 3rd May
I am loving Duolingo. Stu laughed at me saying when are you ever going to use French? Well, I got an email from the school yesterday saying that our town is doing an exchange with a French town and 25/30 families are visiting here in the summer so I might just get to use it. hehehe He's started to learn Italian. 

124/365 - 4th May
We went to vote. Becky was so excited as it was her first time voting. We came out and she felt so proud of herself doing her bit.

125/365 - 5th May
There is finally things growing in my garden. I was starting to think nothing was going to after planting a couple of weeks ago.

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  1. The drilling sounds like a nightmare. Have to agree...the pickle kit does sound disgusting! Your quiche looks yummy! Everything in my garden has been growing later then usual this year! Glad you have some growth.

  2. I'd complain about the drilling and keep a record of when it is.
    The quiche looks great. I've never made one (the OH won't eat them). I've lapsed with my duolingo.

  3. That must be horrible having drilling going on so much especially with it going on for so long. I do hope that the building work finishes soon and you get some peace again. Love a home-made quiche. Getting to vote for the first time is a big milestone – well done to Becky on voting for the first time. Lovely to see things growing in the garden. #project365

  4. Our neighbours are drill happy too - how we have a wall left I will never know. I think I would be asking questions as to what they were doing by now though. Hope you get some peace soon

  5. Well done with Becky voting. Has your dad identified the noise as a drill? Can't you ask them what they're doing? Is it the same neighbour as the petty one?

    1. My dad asked them. They said it could have been a drill or a saw because they've been using both. They are almost finished all of the work and didn't realise how loud it was, they have quietened down over the last week though. Nope, the petty one is at the other side. lol

  6. I didn't bother voting this time as no one had bothered trying to win my vote! Did you make the official coronation quiche? #project365