Friday 19 May 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Exams! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


This week has all been about the GCSE exams that Ellie has been sitting. I am exhausted by them but thankfully my girl is loving them. 

Last Friday Ellie came home with a good luck care package from her form tutor full of cute little things to bring a smile to everyone's faces and she has been getting little cards with encouraging words from teachers. It's so sweet, I think little things like that make exams a lot easier!

Ellie had her first proper sit down exam, the biology one on Tuesday which she said was easier than she expected, somebody said it was like the people writing the exams were writing them for stupid people which is great for the kids if it's true. On Wednesday there was the English Literature one all about Romeo & Juliet and A Christmas Carol. Ellie was pleased with the questions and the writing that she did. English Literature is Ellie's favourite subject and the teacher has been amazing in getting them prepared. Today it's the first maths paper. Eek! Not Ellie's strongest subject but over the past couple of months she has been doing practice papers and getting better results each time so I am hoping it goes well.

Ellie has been brilliant, taking everything in her stride. There has been no dramas or any signs of worry from her. I have been doing the one doing all of the worrying. I haven't been sleeping properly which is a sign that something is playing on my mind. I was dreaming that Ellie couldn't find her school uniform so one morning I was up early checking everything was there and then another night I was dreaming that Ellie was at an exam at the same time as Geography revision so I went to school to take notes for her from the revision class so she didn't miss out. I feel so tired this week, I am glad it's almost the weekend. I don't remember being this worried when Becky was taking her exams but I suppose it was because Becky was more academic minded than Ellie.

Ellie is loving the exams happening. If they are not doing an exam they are revising for their next exam which means the classes are all getting mixed as not everyone does the same subjects like Ellie does geography instead of history and engineering instead of business studies or PE. There was 3 people in one of her classes yesterday so she ended up in a different classroom with all of her favourite people which she was pleased about. The only lesson she is going to properly is photography. Even though she had her exam last week, a practical one in the classroom there is still coursework to mess around with and get it to it's best.

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one.

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  1. I'm glad Ellie's exams are going well, good luck to her! My son is sitting a GCSE early and he has his first paper this afternoon. I'm so nervous for him! When I was sitting my exams it never occurred to me that my parents would have even the slightest interest in them but I feel so anxious about it, I don't know how I'll cope when mine are doing a whole heap of them!

  2. I love those dreams, lol. It's just like us. I think we worry about our kids more than they do. Hope the exams go well for her.

  3. Oh I am like this too; my middle son takes his schoolwork in stride but I often start stressing over his preparedness and performance too (I really should know better by now though). It sounds like Ellie is doing really well though and hang in there-- it'll be over with soon enough! :)

  4. I have noticed a little stress from Boo, but she's still trying her best and that's all I expect from her. It's Chemistry on Monday, really not her best subject but if she can do enough to get a pass in her triple science I'll be happy. I'm not worrying so much, I've learnt from experience that exams can be done anytime. I'm still waiting for Star to get well enough to resit hers but it will happen eventually. xx

  5. Sounds like Ellie is doing so well. Best of luck as she continues. I couldn’t wait for Sam to finish his HSC last year so that I could stop stressing! I would be at work worrying about everything. Did he get to school on time, did he remember to take the right pens etc Haha! The worry never ends no matter how old they are!

  6. How lovely that Ellie’s form tutor did a good luck care package – what a brilliant idea to help with encouraging her students through their exams. A huge well done to Ellie for taking it all in her stride and hope that all her GCSEs go well. I can understand you being more anxious than Ellie though – I’m like that when Sophie is competing at festivals and often have anxiety dreams about them. Hope that this gets a little easier for you though. The revision classes sound like they are working out well. All the best to Ellie for the rest of her exams x #WotW

  7. Ellie seems to be doing brilliantly and I hope it continues for her. We always worry ten times more about things than they do! Karen - Early Rising Mum

  8. So glad Ellie is taking her exams in her stride. She is going to smash them! I can totally understand you feeling stressed though, I hope you get to relax a little this week. Sending lots of good luck vibes to Ellie, she's got this!!!! xx

  9. It sounds like Ellie took everything in her stride. I hope that continued all the way through. In a way its better that you are the one doing all the stressing. I'm sure that will be me as it is something I will have no control over. We never had revision classes like that. It feels like they are supported more now #WotW