Saturday 20 May 2023

A photo every day for a year! 13th - 19th May. Week 20 of #Project365

This past week has all been about the GCSE exams. Ellie doing them and me worrying about them. lol She's doing great, I really have nothing to worry about but I keep fretting that she will forget her pencil case or we will sleep in and she will be late for school and an exam. I need to chill out! lol

Apart from stressing about the exams I haven't really done much over the past week. It's been one of those where I've just plodded on with life. 

Now for a photo every day!

My Sims family tree
Sheep and new shelves
Me and my eldest
Harry Potter on Netflix and paint

133/365 - 13th May
I had a look at my family tree on the Sims. I started a character ages ago and adopted a child. The child has since grown up, moved out and got married. I am playing as that family now and let my original character do her own thing and she's been busy. She's been married twice, has 4 more children of her own and 4 step children too. lol

134/365 - 14th May
Sheeps! hehehe and the lambs are out in the fields too.

135/365 - 15th May
When we moved in here we struggled to fill the kitchen cupboards but now we're running out of space. Oops. Stu made a couple of extra shelves to put the bowls on. He is good when it comes to DIY.

136/365 - 16th May
Me! My hair is so faded now. I decided to give it a rest from dying it a few months ago and I've actually had compliments about it and asked how I got this colour. I washed it, that's it. lol I of course will be dying it again when I get around to it.

137/365 - 17th May
We are going to a wedding later on in the year and Becky needed something smart to wear, tracksuits and a hoodie was not going to cut it so she had a look online and found a trouser suit on Shein. The suit fits perfectly, it's comfy and she can get away with wearing white trainers with it so she's happy. All she needs now is a top to go under it.

138/365 - 18th May
The highlight of my week has been the Harry Potter films arriving back on Netflix. I am trying not to rush watching them again.

139/365 - 19th May
The paint was delivered for our fences, it came on a big truck which did make me chuckle. The tubs of paint weren't that big. lol

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  1. Love the colour of Becky's suit. I need to paint our fence. Our neighbours did their side, so really should do ours too.

  2. Glad Ellie’s exams are going well so far and fingers crossed that the rest go well too. How lovely to see the lambs out in the fields. Becky’s trouser suit is lovely. Having three tins of paint delivered on a big truck would make me chuckle too. #project365

  3. Your Sim has been busy lol! I've been playing again recently, I'll never get bored of it.
    Becky's suit looks lovely, I think I'd prefer to wear trainers with it too!
    Love your hair and the length looks fab too.
    We've been binge watching Harry Potter, I do like the Fantastic Beasts movies as well. xx

  4. Your hair looks absolutely beautiful! I love the colour of Becky's suit too :o)


  5. The entry about getting clothes for a wedding made me smile. I totally understand the desire to wear comfortable shoes. #MMBC

  6. I love playing Sims but I'm not consistent enough. Poor things I haven't checked in on them in ages they have probably made a mess of themselves! I love Becky's suit, the colour looks great on her. And your hair looks great too, I need to do my roots asap but it's such a chore! I can't wait to see what colour you pick next time you dye it. would you believe that I have never watched any Harry Potter movies or read any of the books?

  7. Love the colour of Becky's suit, a plain white t shirt like she has on is a good look, especially if teamed with trainers. I love love love your hair like that, I assumed you had planned to do it like that.

  8. Hope Ellie is ok with the rest of her exams. I love seeing lambs in the fields

  9. I like the ombre effect on your hair! Hope you are both getting some rest from GCSEs this week for half term... #project365