Thursday 25 May 2023

What I loved in May! #LittleLoves

I have decided to start writing about the things I have loved again each month, I used to do it last year and before but then other things came up that I wanted to blog about and it fell by the wayside but I am going to make a point of writing these posts as I did enjoy them.

A heart drawn in crayon

In May I:


Lots of blogs of course. I tend to read blogs more than books now a days than books. 

I have been learning French on Duolingo! I am well and truly hooked now and I feel like I am learning lots. I can read it better than I can understand what I am hearing and speak it.

I have been reading lots of emails from school about exams and about what will be happening for Ellie's last few weeks at school! Eek! She is almost halfway through them now and is doing really well.


The Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All documentary on Disney Plus! He is such a lovely guy and obviously very talented too. It was interesting to learn more about his life, he seems so down to earth and had so much to deal with, his wife having cancer when she was pregnant, his best friend dying and then the court cases. I suppose when you go through the first two the court cases seem like a walk in the park.

The Last of Us. I was so late in watching this, it's so good. I did get a bit of a shock when the zombies first chased after someone. I was expecting them moving the speed of the Walking Dead zombies but they're more like Usain Bolt. lol 

The Harry Potter movies! They're back on Netflix!

I finally got through rewatching Grey's Anatomy and I am all caught up and I have rewatched Breaking Bad. It's such a good show and now I have started watching Firefly Lane.


After watching the Ed Sheeran documentary I have been listening to a lot of his music off Spotify.

I have heard this song so much on TikTok. It was played at some football match in Italy and I think I have seen it recorded from every seat in the stadium. The song has been stuck in my head which is hard considering I don't know any of the words and can't sing along. I am not even sure what it's called. 


Quiches! I have been lazy and have been buying the ready made bases and then filling them with whatever we have in. I make a couple a week and they are great for lunches or a snack.

Pea and ham soup. It is our favourite soup and it is so easy to make. Frozen peas, onion, potatoes and ham stock!

The kids made a mess making their silly pickles. They saw it on TikTok. A giant pickle wrapped in fruit roll up things with spicy crisps and a strange sauce on it.

What I've been making


Fake tan, well almost. I realised how pale I was when the sun started to shine so I got some of that Dove gradual self tan lotion. It did the trick, it was easy to put on and most importantly looked natural with hardly any streaks.

My Mickey Mouse trainers from Primark!

Not worn but a jewellery set has been passed down to me from my great Aunt. She wore it before she passed away and her daughter has been sorting out her things and has been giving my aunts jewellery to all the ladies which she loved.

Pretty spring dresses but still with leggings and cardigans because up until this week it hasn't been as warm as I would have liked.

What I have been wearing

And Lastly:

My favourite blog posts from the month were:

 My obsession with Harry Potter all about how I was so late to the party but I soon became obsessed and my house is slowly been taken over by HP things. hehehe

My TikTok Pet Peeves! I love joining in with the Not Just A Mom linky and it gives me chance to blog about things that I wouldn't normally with their monthly prompts. The pet peeves one was a fun one.

Little Loves and Friday favourite linky buttons

The lovely Rachel Swirl has taken over the #LittleLoves linky which will be on the final Friday of every month so I have decided to join in and I will also be linking up with I am linking up with Erika and Andrea for their Friday Favourites.


  1. Loved reading your post. I read more blog posts than books too, but haven't done much of either lately. I seriously haven't read or seen anything Harry Potter and doubt I ever will. I honestly think I've only seen one or two episodes of Grey's Anatomy ever too, even though I love medical shows. The ones I used to watch are more documentaries though. This linky sounds great. Think I'm going to participate too.

  2. I've always been better able to read French and decode it than I have been hearing it and while I can think of the words to speak it most of the time it never comes out sounding like what I hear in my head. I love those sneakers and that dress is adorable. We've had a few warm days here and there where I can wear dresses or shorts but most days it's still been pretty chilly.

  3. I used to read a lot of books but now I don’t and just like reading blogs. There are not enough hours in the day during the week so I tend to catch up on the weekends. I really like Ed Sheeran because he seems like such a nice guy. I had no idea that his wife had cancer. I will have to watch the documentary. I know what you mean about the zombies in The Last Of Us. It was a relief to see that the ones on The Walking Dead were much slower haha!! Last month we were watching so many zombie movies but we are taking a break now and watching medical emergency shows like 9-1-1. Have you seen Shaun Of The Dead, another zombie movie but so funny. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much watching a movie before!

  4. What a lovely month you had. We really enjoyed the Last Of Us, the zombies can move hehe.
    I'm so glad the Harry Potter movies are back on, we've been binge watching them.
    The gradual tan from Dove sounds good. I might try that. I won't use the stronger self tan because I know I'll end up looking like the Tango man or a cheesy wotsit! Haha. xx

  5. This is a very interesting post and happy to read about things that make you happy and that you love... I am too reading many blogs and happy with those little updates... #MMBC

  6. We don't have HBO so you're not the last to watch The Last of Us! Quiches are an easy and tasty meal! I am all about the dresses as well once the warmer weather arrives!

  7. Firstly, thank you so much for linking up with the new linky. Secondly, thanks you for including me in your favourite reads.
    I too have tried DuoLingo and got a bit hooked getting up the league tables for the first few months and taking out a subscription. I was learning Spanish but haven't bothered so much of late - I really ought to get my head back into the game and get back onto it.
    Loving the summer outfits, it's so nice to be able to get the old legs out and give them a bit of sunning isnt it?