Tuesday 9 May 2023

My TikTok Pet Peeves! #NotJustAMom

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This months prompt is: Pet Peeves! I can't believe in over 10 years of blogging that I haven't written about my pet peeves. The closest I have came is writing about things which annoy me about bloggingI have decided to write about my pet peeves about TikTok. I first got into watching TikTok videos a few years ago after my eldest kept saying she saw something on TikTok. I had to sign up to have a nosy, I was hooked pretty much instantly! Each day I will have a scroll through and probably lose an hour of my time. I am a watcher, I don't create videos.


These are my pet peeves when it comes to TikTok!

Story times with more than one part!
If they just focus one what they needed to say instead of dragging it out they could fit everything into one video, no need to us having to go to part 2, 3 or 4. 

The songs! 
They always get stuck in my head. I know just a few lines of so many songs without knowing more them. I hear songs on the radio and think ohh! I have heard this before, on TikTok.

The begging!
If every one of my followers could give me one pound I could, blah, blah, blah while they are sat there drinking an energy drink, eating chocolate and smoking cigarettes. Stop buying the junk then you wouldn't need money gifted to you!

The days in a life!
Saying this is “a normal day in my life,” trying to relate to people and then go into a day that is largely not normal for so many people. 

See half the story here!
You can see half the story on TikTok and then they tell you to go over to Instagram to watch the rest. No, I am here now, show me it here.

Excuse my hair!
When they start a video and then say excuse my hair it looks a mess or my house is so untidy and it is blatantly not, everything is perfect! If you want to see messy hair look at me. lol

Not being ready!
Taking a sip of their drink the second the video starts. Like you couldn’t have done that before hand or having to move something or take a sweater off. Be ready when you start the video.

The filters! 
Stop it, especially with the beauty one's. They are giving teenagers and young people the wrong idea of what reality is. The photo below is me but with a filter, I shared it online and some people only realised it was me because of my hair, even with the double chin. lol

Beauty filter

The movies!
Some people show clips from random movies and don't say what the movie is! I want to watch it, how can I when I don't know what it's called.

No, just no! I hate hearing the sounds of thing especially when it is people eating!

The pranks!
The couple pranks are the worse. It is so obvious that it's one big set up and they are so tacky. 

Not knowing the words!
They lip sync to song and don't know the words, at least put the effort in and learn them.

Not rushing when rushing!
They come on and say they only have half an hour until they have to be out somewhere or 2 hours until a flight and they haven't packed. Why are you making a video when you are short on time?

Watch to the end!
I am expecting something good at the end when a video says watch to the end, it never happens.

Exciting news!
I have some really exciting news that I can't wait to share with you but you have to wait a few more days. The exciting news is something rubbish like they bought a new eyeshadow or socks. lol

Going viral!
When they say "omg I wasn't expecting this to blow up" after posting a clearly attention grabbing video which most likely is full of drama, fake or just seeking the attention.

They're leaving!
Someone creates or gets involved in drama then the situation gets too big and they say they need some time out and are leaving TikTok for a while. Two hours later they are back pretending like nothing happened!

What are you pet peeves about TikTok?


  1. hahaha, I love this. I think I might just stay away from TikTok a bit longer, the clips you get on Facebook drive me nuts. x

  2. I have never seen a TikTok video but can totally see how all this would drive me crazy (which is probably why I can't handle social media!).

  3. I don't have TikTok but some come up on my Facebook clips. Once I start watching I keep scrolling to the next and the next. Before I realise it, I have wasted so much time. The ones that irritate me are the ones where they say " You won't believe it" and then nothing happens! I aways fall for it and rewatch until I give up and realise that they are just doing this for the views I guess.

  4. This list made me laugh because I think a lot of these things when my daughter has shown me Tik Tok videos. I'm in no hurry to get my own Tik Tok account, especially having new insight into the pet peeves about the platform!

  5. Lol, I don't even really watch tiktok (had an account but can't be bothered with it), but even I know how annoying these all are!