Saturday 27 May 2023

A photo every day for a year! 20th - 26th May. Week 21 of #Project365

I have had such a good week, the sun shining has had me in a really good mood and has given me so much motivation. Even Asda messing up my food shop yesterday couldn't dampen my mood. 

It's half term, this one is very welcome after Ellie doing half of her GCSE's and the weather has warmed up. According to the forecast today is supposed to be lovely. I am hoping to get out into the garden and enjoy the sunshine. We have a few things planned for half term. Family is coming to visit my dad and me later in the week and I am sure the girls and I will fit a day out somewhere.

Now for a photo every day!

My eldest and a roast dinner
Coving up on the wall
Firefly Lane and Udon noodles
Baby Yoda ornament and sausage rolls

140/365 - 20th May
Becky had her hair cut on Saturday. It took me a few days to get used to it but I love it now. She finds it so much easier to look after than her long hair, she loves it and feels more confident with her shorter hair. It was only after she had it cut she thought about work, she was worried she would get into trouble for such a drastic haircuts, worrying about how all the residents would take it but they were all fine apart from one who keeps saying she looks like a boy. lol

141/365 - 21st May
We went out for lunch on Sunday. It is so nice to have full on roast dinner without having to do the cooking and washing up. They have said they are continuing to do them over the summer so when it's really warm I won't have to roast in the kitchen cooking.

142/365 - 22nd May
We finally got the coving put up in the living room. It looks so much better now especially with the extra lick of paint.

143/365 - 23rd May
I have started watching Firefly Lane off Netflix. I am really enjoying it. I know there isn't a happy ending but it is a lovely story about friendship. It is making me think of This Is Us by using flashbacks to tell the story.

144/365 - 24th May
I made beef with Udon noodles. I sort of followed a Gousto recipe and made the rest up. It was so good. I think the meals that I improvise with ingredients, adding a bit of this and a bit of that always work out so well. 

145/365 - 25th May
Ellie saw this baby Yoda ornament in Primark months ago but I said if she wanted it she had to pay for it herself. She wanted to save her money for something else. I was in Primark on Thursday and saw it was down to £5, half price so the softie that I am bought it. It's a reward for being halfway through her GCSE's. That's my excuse anyway

146/365 - 26th May
The delivery man turned up with my food shop and said there was an issue with his van and it had stopped chilling so the frozen food was defrosted and the chilled stuff was warm. He said he would refund it all but I could still have everything and dispose of the chilled stuff which wasn't any good and suggested cooking the defrosted frozen stuff which I spent yesterday afternoon doing. Chicken steaks, chips, onion rings, fish fingers, mini sausage rolls, curly fries and a few other bits which we will be eating the rest of today. It wasn't all bad, I got almost half the shopping bill refunded.

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  1. What a nightmare about the food delivery. Glad you were still able to make use of some of it at least. I've started watching Firefly Lane too. I'm not sure about it so far, not sure I'll make it through all of it, but I'm only a couple of episodes in.

  2. The food delivery sounds a hassle but a refund of half and still getting to keep it sounds a good compromise. I'm too busy reading to start any new TV series.

  3. Nightmare with the delivery but glad you made the most of it! Love Becky's hair but it is very different so I'm not surprised it took a while to adjust #project365

  4. Glad you had a good week! Short hair is definitely so much easier to manage. I watched Firefly Lane, last episode was pretty sad

  5. Love Becky's haircut. So nice to go out for roast dinner - always good to have a roast that doesn't come with cooking and washing up! Glad you were able to use up the frozen food from the shopping delivery. #project365