Sunday 31 January 2021

A finished school project. #MySundayPhoto

During the week Ellie's school arranged a screen free day and had them doing all sorts of things. It was a nice change.

For her Design and Technology project she has been creating a festival and the theme is "Covid is Over". It feels a lot like wishful thinking at the moment but she's really working hard on it. This weeks task was to make a stage where her acts would perform. She spent hours on it and had fun doing it. It was all her own work apart from Stu helping to cut the box and I printed some things out for her to cut out. She did all the painting, cutting out, gluing, sticking and even created a band using Lego figures.

My girls project. A stage.

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Saturday 30 January 2021

(Ad - Gifted) The Old Curiosity Valentine's Day Gin Gift Box - Review!

 Valentine's day is coming and the Scottish craft distillery, Old Curiosity has launched a new limited edition gift box in preparation perfectly capturing the spirit of the day. With its whimsical and charming packaging this gift box is designed to adorn and enhance a gin-lover’s collection.

Old Curiosity Valentines day gift box

The Secret Garden Gift Box contains gin 
which are distilled with botanicals grown in the distillery’s Secret Herb Garden on the outskirts of Edinburgh. 

The Secret Garden is an award-winning herb nursery with over 600 naturally grown and tended varieties of herbs and flowers which are picked, dried and distilled by hand to deliver the pure essence of nature. The nursery is most renowned for the highly acclaimed and multi award-winning collection of premium, 100% natural, Secret Garden Gins which are stocked by some of the UK’s most prestigious retailers and now exported to 11 countries around the globe. The distillery also produces ranges of teas, soaps and hand sanitisers.

The gift box contains two 20cl bottles both 39% ABV. The Apothecary Rose Gin offers a familiar Turkish Delight flavour whilst the Pink Elderflower and Jasmine satisfies a sweeter tooth but is sugar free.

Pink Elderflower and Jasmine gin
Apothecary Rose Gin

The gin gift set has a RRP of £29.95 and I think that is a great price. The box is gorgeous and has such a pretty design and the bottles are so cute. I am not usually a gin drinker but I will be giving it a try tonight and I am especially looking forward to giving the Apothecary Rose Gin a go.

Hamish Martin, Director at the Old Curiosity Distillery, said: “This year, it seems more important than ever to show the ones we care about, how much we love them. That’s why we have put so much effort in to creating gifts that are guaranteed to make the ones we love, smile.” He is totally right. Even if you don't want to send this to a romantic partner you could send it to a friend just to say you care and don't forget that it is Mother's day in March.

Bottles of Old Curiosity Gin

With Valentine's coming up it is a great excuse to have a little fun and make some cocktails. These gins would make a great addition to one. Here are some ideas:

Rose Negroni.

25ml Rose Gin 
25ml Campari
25ml Vermouth

Method: Stir over ice, strain.
Garnish with orange peel.

Love Potion Fizz

50ml Elderflower Gin 
15ml Lime Juice 
15ml Elderflower Liquor 
Top with prosecco

Method: Shake with ice: Gin, lime and liquor, Strain over cubed ice and top with prosecco.

Do you like the sound of either of these cocktails or the gin?

I was sent the The Old Curiosity Valentine's Day Gin gift box free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

Week 4 of #Project365. 23rd - 29th January. A photo every day for a year!

How is it nearly February already> Considering we haven't been anywhere or done anything really exciting, the time is flying over. After the news about the schools not reopening until at least the 8th of March it looks like we really do have to get used to the home schooling. It has gone well this week. Hooray!

I used creative as my Word of the Week and I think this weeks photos show that. We seem to have been busy with different projects. I have even being doing some of my cross stitch which I haven't done much of since the summer.

Now for a photo every day.

Mini eggs and a frosty garden
Lego eco-house
Painting some crafts and a storyboard about a poem
Paint by numbers set and some hair dye

23/365 - 23rd January
I'm onto the Easter chocolate now. hehehe Mini eggs are so good.

24/365 - 24th January
A frosty morning here. We didn't have any snow unlike the rest of the country. It seemed everyone had it but us.

25/365 - 25th January
Ellie had a screen free day on Tuesday so got a head start on her work on Monday by building a eco house. It could have been made from anything but she chose Lego.

26/365 - 26th January
The screen free day involved a lot of cutting, painting and gluing making a stage for her Design and Technology project.

27/365 - 27th January
English work. They have been learning about poetry and this weeks poem was Stealing by Carol Ann Duffy. Ellie had to make a storyboard with some of the key points from it.

28/365 - 28th January
Becky finished her paint by numbers set and I think it looks amazing! I need to get a frame for her and she has a list of other one's she wants to get.

29/365 - 29th January
As of writing this Becky is on with dying her hair fluorescent green. Eek! 

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Friday 29 January 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Creative! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


We have had a good week. We seem to have found our groove with the home learning, finally! I think the school having a screen free day and doing a few more creative pieces of work has helped.

The school announced that they were having a screen free day and I thought it was a fantastic idea. Ellie had been staring at a screen with Zoom calls sometimes for about 5 hours a day which in my opinion is just too much. The school set some work that was creative and didn't need the use of a computer at all.

First up was to write a poem with the title "stealing". It was like pulling teeth and took about 2 hours to finish. She hates writing and was a little worried about it not rhyming properly but we got there eventually and this below is half of it.

Stealing poem

Ellie had started building an eco house out of Lego on Monday for Science, getting a bit of a head start and did a great job. She then had to write about what made it an eco house on Tuesday. As much as she hates writing she enjoyed doing this piece. I think when she has a real interest in something she is easily motivated.

Lego eco-house

Then Ellie had to continue with the work for creating a festival for Design & Technology. She had been looking forward to this weeks work, designing and making a stage for all the acts to perform on.

It took us a while to find a box, I couldn't believe it, we usually have loads in the garage but after having a good clear out after Christmas we didn't have much choice. Ellie had planned to use a shoe box but ended up using a bigger one. It didn't matter it just give her more space to paint and decorate.

Ellie painted it yellow, picked the things she wanted stuck on it and cut them all out. All she had help with was printing the things out and Stu cut the box for her. I wasn't letting her loose with a Stanley knife.

This is the stage halfway finished. I am saving the final photo for My Sunday Photo.


As well as the creative work on Tuesday there has been a few other pieces during the week which seems to have given her a motivational boost.

Becky has been cracking on with her paint by numbers set that she started last week and finished it yesterday. Hooray. She has now asked me to buy more sets for her which I am all for. If it means she spends time off technology I am happy. You can see it over on my Insta account.

Last weeks word was "Samey" and this week feels so different, way more positive. I think being creative instead of just staring at a screen has gone a long way to helping.

Thursday 28 January 2021

(Ad - Gifted) Valentine's Day experiences that you can enjoy at home from Buyagift.

Coronavirus has changed many things about our lives and one of those things is how we celebrate things. Birthdays, anniversaries and special days like Valentine's day.

Valentine's day used to mean meals out, nights in hotels or romantic weekend getaways. Now that we're all staying home we have to do things differently and Buyagift is here to help with a fantastic range of experiences so you celebrate Valentine’s Day from the comfort of your own home!

I have been having a look what is on offer and these are the one's which caught my eye.


An afternoon tea

Get an afternoon tea sent to your door and enjoy it from home with Piglet's Pantry. This award winning food producer supplies a selection of freshly made sweet and savoury treats to venues all over the country. So enjoy the perfect slice of British tradition from your home. Tuck into delicious cheese and chive quiche, classic sausage rolls, Scotch eggs, sausage rolls filled with cheese and pickle, a selection of cakes and fruit scones topped with jam and cream. You will also receive Earl Grey tea bags, so you can make a pot of tea to go with your treats! Available as a vegan option.



It’s time for your big night in this Valentine's Day! You’ll be sent everything you need for a fun evening filled with entertainment, delicious pizza and gourmet popcorn! With a Birtelli’s pizza kit and two 80g bags of salted caramel popcorn sent straight to your door, you'll have everything you need for the best night in yet. These handy kits include a choice of par-baked bases, 10 pizza toppings and can be cooked in only ten minutes! Simply choose the date for your big night in, pick your toppings and you’ll receive everything you need on the day. All you have to do is pop it in the oven. You’ll also receive a CHILI movie stream voucher, so you can pick the perfect film to watch as you tuck in.


Truffle ingredients

Treat an aspiring chocolatier to this interactive online workshop. Follow the steps as a talented expert demonstrates how to make delicious cream truffles. This hands-on webinar is a chance to discover how to mix ganache perfectly, pipe chocolate and create a mouth-watering flavour for the finishing product.  Have fun and work as a team whilst getting into the spirit for some chocolate making from the kitchen at home. Make tempting truffles and indulge in these sugar sweet treats knowing they have been crafted by hand from fresh ingredients.



Staying in is the new going out, so don your evening gear and head down to the kitchen for a virtual cocktail making masterclass! Hosted by Beyond the Bar, this one-and-a-half-hour masterclass includes mixing up three gin-based beverages using your own ingredients, as well as drinking games and a fascinating history lesson in gin! Expect non stop laughs, good vibes and even better entertainment with a unique and fun-packed experience perfect for gin lovers!


Tuscan pottery date night

Relax and reconnect – we are bringing the ultimate date night to you. This creative at-home experience promises an evening of intimacy and joy. The Tuscan Pottery box will bring all the fun ideas to you, so there’s no need to frantically browse the web for outdated inspiration. These snazzy little boxes include the goods to get the sparks flying. With indulgent snacks and drinks also included, this date box is beautifully designed to bring out your creative spirit with a hint of Italian romance. Impress your other half with a unique date night at home.

Buyagift also have a fantastic selection of hampers to enjoy at home including chocolate, prosecco, beer and snacks.

As well as experiences to enjoy at home Buyagift still have their amazing experiences days. Spa days, afternoon tea's at amazing venues, helicopter rides and meals out. They know times are uncertain so you can shop with confidence as experience vouchers are valid for 20 months and gift experience boxes with 1000s of experiences for your recipient to choose from are valid for 2 years so you can surprise your loved one now and enjoy later!

What have you got planned for Valentine's day?

I was gifted an Afternoon Tea for Two at home with Piglet's Pantry in exchange for this blog post.

Wednesday 27 January 2021

Fortnite is definitely not a game for me. Update: I lied!

Back in October I wrote a blog post all about how my girls and my fella love Fortnite. Becky used to love playing on her Xbox and Ellie and Stu on their PC's. I actually said that Fortnite is definitely not a game for me and it turns out I am a liar. I have got into it and I love it!

Fortnite loading screen

I got a new laptop last month and it is amazing! Stu said try downloading Fortnite to see how good my new laptop really was. On my old laptop I couldn't even get past the first loading screen so it was just a bit of a test for it. It worked perfectly. Hooray!

I had tried to play Fortnite on the xbox in the past but I didn't get on well. Using the controller was alien to me and Stu and Becky shouting instructions to me didn't help at all and I flung the controller onto the settee in a mood saying that the game was stupid. I had a massive tantrum over it. lol

Fortnite is a survival game where 100 players fight against each other in player versus player combat to be the last one standing. It is a fast-paced, action-packed game, not unlike The Hunger Games, where strategic thinking is a must in order to survive. 

Fortnite loading screen

I used to play World of Warcraft years ago which was a pretty similar to Fortnite when it comes to playing on a PC or laptop. Running around shooting things, the only difference is that with World of Warcraft it was more spells and bows and arrows than machine guns and shotguns.

I thought Fortnite was just a shooty game with no point to it but there is a point. Playing games, winning and doing quests earn you points and you level up depending on the points. As of writing this I am at level 54.

Fortnite Quests

I started playing without any of my family knowing and had a couple of games finding my feet and changing the keys I needed to use. On my 3rd game I amazingly won one! I played another and came 80 something out of 100 and then on the next game won again! Hooray!

I let my family in on the fact that I was playing and they were so happy that I had joined the club. They were keen to have me playing in team games with them and joined in a couple but they did my head in. They were running around like headless chickens, running into people shooting them! Eesh!

Fortnite waiting

My tactic to win is to land, find some guns, up my shield and hide!! I run from house to house to stay in the circle and hide. I have won quite a few games by just staying out of the way of other people. You can often find me hiding up in attics, in bins or porta-loos.

At the moment I am not great at building, I don't have any of the fancy dances or outfits because I refuse to spend any money on it, I am improving with driving cars but I am managing to stay alive longer than the kids and my fella with my hiding tactic. lol They are starting to wish they hadn't introduced me to the game.

Victory Royal

Have you played Fortnite before or do your kids play it?

Tuesday 26 January 2021

(Ad - Gifted) The Plastic Free Bamboo Safety Razor from The Clear Confidence Company!

Just a couple of weeks ago I shared a blog post about ways to banish plastic from your bathroom. We should all be doing little things to help our planet. Single-use plastics and non-reusable health and beauty items are a massive contributor to global land and sea pollution. 8 to 10 million tons of waste is projected to enter the ocean each year unless we take action, and fast!

Recently I was helped out a little in talking a step to being a bit more eco-friendly, I was sent a plastic free bamboo safety razor from the Clear Confidence Company.

clear confidence razor

Clear Confidence is all about health - your health, the health of the planet and all its inhabitants including animals. All of their products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Sustainability is their top priority and they take their ethical and environmental obligations seriously. 

Disposable plastic razors have a terrible environmental impact, conventional re-usable metal razors still use non-recyclable cartridges and are wasteful and expensive. There is a better, more ethical alternative out there and this is it.

The plastic-free bamboo safety razor can elevate your shaving experience to a new level. It’s authentic, effective and sustainably manufactured using natural materials.

The bamboo handled re-usable razor is crafted from ethically sourced highly sustainable bamboo. It is not only extremely hardwearing but also aesthetically beautiful and elegant. It really is beautiful.

plastic-free bamboo safety razor

As it is suitable for both men and women Stu and I did have a little discussion about who should try this out. I am writing this blog post so the obvious choice was me. hehehe Using a real blade did scare me a little and this did seem heavier and bigger to hold than a disposable razor but after a few minutes of shaving my legs I soon got used to it. It gave a really good shave. It is said to give a professional shave free from ingrown hairs or other irritations and so far so good. I am glad I have made the change as it's going to be far cheaper in the long run.

Razor head

It can be refilled with standard high quality double edged razor blades that cost around 10p per blade instead of £2 or more, which is the cost of conventional razor blade cartridges. The plastic free razor double edge safety razor with bamboo handle costs £14.97 which might seem expensive but in the long run it will end up you saving money.

This would make a fantastic gift for anyone who shaves especially when paired with the Plastic Free Shaving Brush with Ash Wooden Handle costing £14.97 also from The Clear Confidence Co.

I was sent the Plastic Free Bamboo Safety Razor free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

Monday 25 January 2021

Our weekly meal plan! 25th - 31st January. #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went pretty OK. Well apart from me forgetting to fill the slow cooker on Thursday. Oops, and on Friday Stu and I wanted something different than pizza so we had fish & chips, the kids still had their pizza. 

Not meal planning over the weekend has really taken the pressure off and has gone a long way to helping us relax after a week of home schooling. On Saturday we had burgers in buns with fries and on Sunday we had toad in the hole, mash and veg. I made double the amount of mash and I am planning to use that up today.

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Cottage pie cakes & baked beans.
Tuesday - Vegetable stir fry with egg noodles and rice.
Wednesday - Pork & apple casserole with mash.
Thursday - Chicken, broccoli and pesto pasta.
Friday - Pizza.

What are you eating this week?

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Sunday 24 January 2021

Painting by numbers. #MySundayPhoto

 Becky had finished all of her college work for the week and was at a bit of a loose end. She said she was actually sick of messing about on her laptop so was looking for something different to do. She remembered about the paint by numbers set I got her last year and decided to give it a go. This is her progress so far.

Paint by numbers tiger

Saturday 23 January 2021

Week 3 of #Project365. 16th - 22nd January. A photo every day for a year!

 The home learning hasn't been that bad this past week. I think we have found more of a routine and Ellie has finally realised that she's not on holiday and between 9am and half three she needs to do school work. It took some getting there but I am hopeful things will be easier from now on.

We have had another week of not doing much and mostly staying home. There is an advantage to the lockdown, we get to stay in the warm. The weather has been terrible here, grey and wet although yesterday was brighter.

Now for a photo everyday!

cupcakes and a tiktok wrap
maths questions and the kids on their laptops
Kamala Harris and a Paint by numbers kit
My trainers stood waiting for my youngest

16/365 - 16th January
Pretty pink cupcakes. I reviewed a baking box and it kept us busy most of Saturday afternoon.

17/365 - 17th January
More TikTok wraps, this time sweet one's. We had strawberries, chocolate spread, bananas and Biscoff spread. They were so good.

18/365 - 18th January
Ellie was doing some maths quizzes online and came across this question. Which months have 30 days? She got it wrong the first time around and ticked all except February which in my opinion was right but it was wrong. She had a right shout at the computer saying they should word it more clearly. Which months have "only" 30 days. She had a point. lol

19/365 - 19th January
Both girls doing their home learning. I was starting to get a bit annoyed that the kids were spending so much time looking at screens but yesterday Ellie's school sent a message out saying that on Tuesday it will be a screen free day. No Zoom calls, no online learning and no computers! We're very happy about it. 

20/365 - 20th January
I had CNN on most of the day watching Trump leaving the White House and Biden going in. I got all emotional seeing Kamala Harris being sworn in. What a bit of history! 

21/365 - 21st January
Becky was sick of spending time on her laptop so got out a paint by numbers set which I got her last year. She's made a good start and I think it will take her a while to complete it.

22/365 - 22nd January
I stood for 50 minutes waiting for Ellie to get her year 9 booster jabs. She was not happy, she thought she was just getting one injection but ended up with one in each arm. 

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Friday 22 January 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Samey! #WotW

 This week my Word of the Week is:


Another week of nothing much apart from home learning. Everything is feeling a bit samey at the moment. Get up, school work, have lunch, more school work, watch a film, have tea, play Fortnite, watch TV then bed. It's boring. In the first lockdown the sun was shining and home learning was new but now the weather is rubbish it is not as much fun.

We're in a good routine with the home learning and Ellie had come to the realisation that she has to do her school work and there's no getting out of it despite her trying to last week. She has done some great work and has started getting feedback from her teachers who have nothing but praise for her. She's been getting a ton of Trackit points for her efforts which I am told are like house points from when I was at school. Ellie works well when she has something to aim for, a reward.

I forgot about how samey the lessons are at school. I totally forgot that you don't do just one lesson about a topic and move on. For 2 weeks Ellie has done work about a poem. Nettles by Vernon Scannell which I now almost know word for word. I cheered yesterday when they moved on to a new poem. She's still learning about volcanos in Geography and the periodic table in one of her science lessons.

Ellie has always struggled with maths and nothing has changed there. It took 4 of us to help Ellie understand her work this past week, similar shapes. Stu and I didn't have a clue and Becky wasn't sure and I ended up on video chat with Becky's girlfriend explaining how to work it out. She is a bit of a genius when it comes to maths. We finally got the hang of these maths problems. Phew!

Maths work

All week the weather has been terrible. It has done nothing but rain. On Wednesday evening I thought there was someone walking around in the kitchen which was a tad worrying as I knew I was the only one downstairs, of course there wasn't, it was the rain lashing at the window although it could have been hailstones.

The only day which didn't feel samey was Wednesday. What an exciting day. We had a power cut. The electricity was off for about an hour in the whole of our town. That meant a break from the home learning for both of my girls which wasn't great for Becky. She missed the end of one of her college lessons and the start of another. Of course the power cut didn't reach as far as Scunthorpe so the tutor thought she had just left the lesson. A quick email to explain sorted things out.

There was also Donald Trump leaving the white house and the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. What a wonderful day for America. I watched the news on CNN all day and I found it so interesting and pretty emotional. I was gutted that they didn't have to drag Trump out of the White House kicking and screaming like I imagined. hehehe

Becky got to the point yesterday when she was sick of doing the same things, she had finished her college work for the week and was bored so she got out a big paint by numbers set and cracked on with that.

It hasn't been a bad week, just a samey one. The weather is supposed to be better today so we're hoping to get out for a walk. Ellie also has to go to school for her year 9 booster injections from the school nurse. I am quite excited about getting out and doing something different. 

I hope you have all had a good week?

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Thursday 21 January 2021

A bit of fun! The Disney Tag.

It has been ages since I have done a tag, I saw this on YouTube, I don't remember who did it but I did save the questions into a draft post.

I love all things Disney and these questions really got me thinking.

The Disney castle

Which Disney character is your favourite?
There is so many to choose from but the first which sprung to mind was The Genie from Aladdin. I preferred the Robin Williams one to the Will Smith one.

Which Disney princess is your favourite?
Merida from Brave! She's feisty, independent and a bit of a rebel.

Which Disney villain could give you nightmares?
Lots-o-Huggin' Bear from Toy Story 3. He was evil. I am betting he gave a few kids nightmares.

One Disney movie that you have watched at least 10 times?
Finding Nemo. Becky used to be obsessed with it but I have watched it without her just for my own amusement. It's such a good film.

Which is your favourite of all the live action Disney remake?
I love the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. I loved everything about it. Emma Watson was the perfect Belle and Luke Evans was a brilliant Gaston! 

During your childhood what was the first Disney movie you remember watching?
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. My dad took my brother and I to the cinema to see it when they were randomly showing it. It was the first film I saw at the cinema too.

Which Disney song is your favourite?
It's the Circle of Life from The Lion King.

Who would be your Disney pet?
Heihei from Moana. He's not the cleverest rooster but he is very funny.

Who is your favourite Disney couple?
Nala & Simba from The Lion King. They grew up best friends and then life partners. Simba wouldn't be king if it wasn't for Nala and they find their way back into each other's lives after years of being apart. How romantic.

Who is your favourite Disney sidekick?
Olaf from Frozen! No one can hate a talking snowman with his own flurry and he can sing. 

What is the saddest moment in a Disney movie?
When the toys are heading into the Incinerator in Toy Story 3. It gets me every time. As soon as they hold hands I start crying even thought I know they are going to be OK.

Which is your favourite Disney Pixar movie?
Up! Another Disney film guaranteed to make me cry but I do love it.

What is your favourite Disney quote?
"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."  from Christopher Robin in Winnie the Pooh.

Do you love Disney too?

Wednesday 20 January 2021

(Ad - Gifted) The Mindful Baking Box from Britain Loves Baking - Review!

Coronavirus has changed the everyday lives of most people and we're looking for new ways to entertain ourselves and keep ourselves busy. Baking is a great way to move away from watching the news and concentrate on something else. It is now considered an act of mindfulness and many have spoken out about its benefits. It is a fantastic way to relax and when you have baked there is always a delicious treat rewarding your efforts. 

Britain Loves Baking, the direct to consumer baking box business launched during Covid to safeguard the jobs of the founders employees has launched its Mindfulness Box Initiative, a baking box that not only tastes good, but does good.

Mindful baking box

The box is created for ‘those anxious and stress moments’, or a mindful gift for to someone you know who is experiencing isolation anxiety or is feeling down. The box is to a provide wholesome distraction and enable them to focus on something therapeutic, relaxing and enjoy tasty bakes at the end.

The boxes include: Focused Focaccia, Meditation Cupcakes and Raising Your Self Esteem Polenta & Sesame loaf. All ingredients are supplied ready measured out, with a step by step recipe card and full instructions and video tutorials on Facebook and You Tube.

More ingredients

I love how everything arrived, all measured out. The liquids were in little plastic bags I am assuming in case they leaked which was great. All that wasn't included was 2 eggs and water.

Each recipe came with clear and easy to understand instructions. There was a lot of waiting around for the yeast to do it's stuff for the Focaccia and Polenta & Sesame loaf but that gave us time to make the cupcakes.

Instructions for polenta bread

I am no expert at baking any type of bread. It's something I usually shy away from but making the Focaccia and Polenta & Sesame loaf was easy and the end results were fantastic. There was a lot of waiting around for the yeast to activate and the dough to prove but it was well worth the wait.

Focused Focaccia.

From the smell of a freshly-baked loaf filling your home to the first bite of a homemade hunk of bread to the scientific evidence that cooking and baking is beneficial for your mental health.


Raising your self esteem with the Tuscan Polenta Bread. 

The positive effects of opening the oven and taking out a loaf you have laboured over cannot be overstated. The sensory impact of seeing the finished loaf for the first time, the whoosh of heat from the oven, the aromas of caramelised sugars, the sound of the crust singing and the taste of fresh bread is a collection of joys. It is a uniquely satisfying payoff, and pride in such an achievement can feed directly into boosting self esteem.

Polenta Bread

Mediation Berry Cupcakes.

So this is a trick for all you people who think you can’t meditate and would also like an excuse to eat some sweets with intentionality.  I hereby give you official sanction, if that’s what you need: make yourself some cupcakes but here’s the catch: when you make it, you have to focus on it. That means you’ve got to keep your phone out of sight, turn off the TV or ignore it if you’re in a public space where one’s blaring, step away from your computer, and don’t even allow yourself a magazine or a cereal box to stare at.


Considering the kids don't like olives the Focaccia was gone by the end of the day and the Polenta & Sesame loaf didn't last much longer. Of course the cupcakes were eaten as soon as they were iced. lol

Didn't we do well?! 

The Mindful Baking Box aims to support the nations mental wellbeing and Britain Loves Baking will produce the box at cost and sell it for £10 with the difference donated to the Mental Health Foundation, the UK’s leading charity for everyone’s mental health.

I think that is a fantastic price for this baking box considering what is included in it. Doing a bit for charity is a massive bonus too. I think one of these baking boxes would be fantastic for kids to do too, incorporating it into their home learning. There is the science aspect as well as teaching them how to bake.

Each week during lockdown Greg Wixted, the founder of Britain Loves Baking and his team will randomly gift up to 20 boxes and anyone can nominate someone or themselves via the contact section via the website.

I was sent the Mindful Baking Box free of charge in exchange for this blog post.