Friday 1 January 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: New (again). #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I try to use a new word every week for my Word of the Week post but I am reusing "New". The last time I used it was back in July of 2019 when we moved house and I changed the name of my blog from Northumberland Mam to Life As Kim. That seems like a lifetime ago but I think I am just about finally used to using the new name. lol

After having our Christmas decorations up for what seems like forever we took them down and packed them away for another year. It feels like we're living in a new house. Everything has felt so cluttered and messy since Christmas day with presents laying around, some still in their boxes but now it's all fresh and clean. It does look rather bare though.

For Christmas Stu got me a coffee machine and lots of pods to go with it and I love it! I think I have tried every single drink that came with the starter kit. The hot chocolate is amazing but I the cappuccino is my favourite and I have been enjoying plenty in the new mug that Becky got me! Becky was so pleased with herself as this is the first year she's had her own money, bought and wrapped presents for everyone.

Dobby Mug

Last year and most of 2019 I have been saving for a new laptop (yes it's took that long). With the help of people giving me money for Christmas I could afford a pretty decent one. I would have liked a bigger hard drive but they don't seem to do them anymore unless you pay way more than I did. I feel old wanting to store things on my laptop instead of on the cloud. I think my next buy will be an external hard drive. It arrived during the week and I love it. It's exactly the same as my old one, a HP but with faster and better everything apart from the hard drive, it's the same size as my old one.

On my old laptop I could play The Sims 4 but it would take 12 minutes from clicking the icon on my desktop to getting to my Sim to play. (I timed it). This one takes 2 minutes at the most. I couldn't play Fortnite, it just wouldn't load at all but the kids have made me download it and it took 2 games to get the hang of it and I won my 2nd game and a few after. They were fuming I was doing so well but pleased at the same time. I have watched them play enough to know what I'm doing but I collect some weapons and then hide. hahaha

We've had a good week. We've spent most of it in our pj's, eating leftovers, playing board games and of course the kids have been setting up their new electronics. Becky her new phone and Ellie her Nintendo Switch. Stu told me that he got a two month free trial of Disney Plus and we signed up. Wow! There are films there that I didn't even know Disney owned and some I had totally forgotten about. I am now working my way through the Marvel films in order.

Happy New Year to you! Welcome to 2021. I hope it's a good one for you!!

I will probably still be in bed when this blog post goes live after having a late night last night. Our new years eve didn't change much from other years. We have never been one's for going out but Becky was gutted she couldn't with it being her first year being legally old enough to drink and go to the pub. There's always next year, fingers crossed.

God knows what this year will bring. This time last year we didn't really know much about Coronavirus and certainly didn't know anything about social distancing, lockdowns and tiers. I have hope that the vaccines will help us to return to some sort of normal life but for many there will be no normal life, those who have lost loved one's. Their lives have changed forever.

I do hope with it being a new year it is a new start for us all and the beginning of things starting to improve. Sending love and hugs to those who need it and happy new year to you all!

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  1. Happy New Year! We bought a new computer this year too and it has made such a difference x

  2. Happy New Year Kim, I'm looking forward to reading lots more posts written from your new laptop. x

  3. Happy New Year. Fingers crossed 2021 is a new beginning or at least a return to old-style life. xxx

  4. Happy New Year! Karen Early Rising Mum

  5. Happy New Year! We have taken our cards down too and will do the tree tomorrow. Feels like I have never stopped today but I still haven't hoovered or made my bed! Even gave the kids some jobs to do - but they'll all need done again tomorrow, lol.

  6. Happy New Year Kim! I'm so glad you managed to make the most of it and enjoy it :) Here's to a happy 2021, whatever it might have in store for us! x #WotW

  7. Happy new year to you all.
    Love your Dobby mug x

  8. Happy New Year! Nice to start the year with new coffee machine and new laptop. A fresh start. Love the Dobby mug. #wotw

  9. Happy New Year to you all! How exciting to have a new laptop! I'm with you on the cloud - I'd much rather be able to see where everything is!