Wednesday 13 January 2021

Ways to banish plastic from your bathroom!

We are all trying to be a bit greener and help out planet out, well I hope we are. One way you can do it is to cut down on single use plastic and buy more sustainably sourced products. 

 Three quarters of us claim we are making more eco-friendly choices than ever before Using less plastic in our beauty routines, switching to reusable face wipes and pads and seeking out eco-friendly alternatives for our personal care routines are just some of the green lifestyle swaps that people are making.

Banish your plastic brushes!
Plastic hairbrushes, make up brushes and toothbrushes are all contributing to the plastics crisis we are facing, 111 million plastic toothbrushes are thrown into landfill sites every year releasing chemicals into the air adding to their environmental impact. But there is a sustainable alternative, bamboo!

Switching to a bamboo hairbrush is not only kinder to the environment, it can also help your hair and scalp health too.

Bamboo toothbrushes are toxin free, vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable and come with soft bristles. The bamboo is 100% sustainable and can be thrown straight on a compost heap, just snip the soft nylon bristles off first and they can also be recycled in a normal recycling bin. Even brands like Colgate are selling them now. 

Ditch the disposable razors!
The Environmental Protection Agency estimate that there are at least two billion disposable razors thrown into landfill every year making a huge impact on the health of our planet. Bamboo safety razors offer a plastic free alternative and if looked after properly can last a lifetime.

Make your own wipes!
If you’re guilty of reaching for the makeup removing wipes every night then now is the time to save your skin and the planet! Reusable face pads are an ideal and cost effective alternative. Made from sustainable material like bamboo fibre or cotton they are kinder to your skin and won’t contribute to the world’s mounting plastic problem. You can even make reusable make up remover pads yourself!

Switch to bars!
Switching to shampoo bars and conditioner bars will not only significantly reduce your household’s plastic waste but also bars are often kinder to your hair and scalp with natural ingredients that don’t release toxins into your body.

Now is the perfect time to change some old habits. Maybe 2021 will go down as the year that we all started being a little bit kinder to the planet and ourselves.


  1. some really good ideas to help reduce the usage of plastic X

  2. Fab tips! We've tried to do our part to cut down on plastics. We use bars of soap now instead of Carex. It's amazing how much plastic waste that cuts out.
    Thanks so much for including my makeup remover pads. xx