Wednesday 27 January 2021

Fortnite is definitely not a game for me. Update: I lied!

Back in October I wrote a blog post all about how my girls and my fella love Fortnite. Becky used to love playing on her Xbox and Ellie and Stu on their PC's. I actually said that Fortnite is definitely not a game for me and it turns out I am a liar. I have got into it and I love it!

Fortnite loading screen

I got a new laptop last month and it is amazing! Stu said try downloading Fortnite to see how good my new laptop really was. On my old laptop I couldn't even get past the first loading screen so it was just a bit of a test for it. It worked perfectly. Hooray!

I had tried to play Fortnite on the xbox in the past but I didn't get on well. Using the controller was alien to me and Stu and Becky shouting instructions to me didn't help at all and I flung the controller onto the settee in a mood saying that the game was stupid. I had a massive tantrum over it. lol

Fortnite is a survival game where 100 players fight against each other in player versus player combat to be the last one standing. It is a fast-paced, action-packed game, not unlike The Hunger Games, where strategic thinking is a must in order to survive. 

Fortnite loading screen

I used to play World of Warcraft years ago which was a pretty similar to Fortnite when it comes to playing on a PC or laptop. Running around shooting things, the only difference is that with World of Warcraft it was more spells and bows and arrows than machine guns and shotguns.

I thought Fortnite was just a shooty game with no point to it but there is a point. Playing games, winning and doing quests earn you points and you level up depending on the points. As of writing this I am at level 54.

Fortnite Quests

I started playing without any of my family knowing and had a couple of games finding my feet and changing the keys I needed to use. On my 3rd game I amazingly won one! I played another and came 80 something out of 100 and then on the next game won again! Hooray!

I let my family in on the fact that I was playing and they were so happy that I had joined the club. They were keen to have me playing in team games with them and joined in a couple but they did my head in. They were running around like headless chickens, running into people shooting them! Eesh!

Fortnite waiting

My tactic to win is to land, find some guns, up my shield and hide!! I run from house to house to stay in the circle and hide. I have won quite a few games by just staying out of the way of other people. You can often find me hiding up in attics, in bins or porta-loos.

At the moment I am not great at building, I don't have any of the fancy dances or outfits because I refuse to spend any money on it, I am improving with driving cars but I am managing to stay alive longer than the kids and my fella with my hiding tactic. lol They are starting to wish they hadn't introduced me to the game.

Victory Royal

Have you played Fortnite before or do your kids play it?


  1. Haha I love this post! I am no good in Fortnite, Ethan plays it and is great, I'm just too slow to play this. I play Call of Duty though :D

  2. That's so funny that you are better than the rest of your family at it! We've not played it here, my two go for Minecraft and Roblox, both of which I've tried to play and am really bad at. Animal Crossing is about my limit for video games!

  3. Oh it is really nice that you have got into it and can play with your family. My boys would love me to join in with their latest game but I am just not really that interested in them any more. Well about from Beat Sabre- that's alright.

  4. We eat, sleep and breathe Fortnite haha! It's great isn't it?! We need to add each other and have a 'Mum's Fortnite hour'. It would obviously be for our wellbeing in the lockdown, self care and all that hehe. xx