Monday 25 January 2021

Our weekly meal plan! 25th - 31st January. #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went pretty OK. Well apart from me forgetting to fill the slow cooker on Thursday. Oops, and on Friday Stu and I wanted something different than pizza so we had fish & chips, the kids still had their pizza. 

Not meal planning over the weekend has really taken the pressure off and has gone a long way to helping us relax after a week of home schooling. On Saturday we had burgers in buns with fries and on Sunday we had toad in the hole, mash and veg. I made double the amount of mash and I am planning to use that up today.

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Cottage pie cakes & baked beans.
Tuesday - Vegetable stir fry with egg noodles and rice.
Wednesday - Pork & apple casserole with mash.
Thursday - Chicken, broccoli and pesto pasta.
Friday - Pizza.

What are you eating this week?

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  1. I do think that it is a good idea of yours to stop meal planning over the weekend now you are all at home. But your meal planning through the week still puts mine to shame!

  2. A lovely week of meals. I must admit with homeschool the last thing I want to do is think about food. Lots of easy meals for us for the next few weekends and who knows how long going forward x

  3. I'm so glad not meal planning on the week-end has been helpful. The broccoli and pesto pasta sounds delicious! #MMBC

  4. Can I come for tea on Wednesday? Not a fan of pesto but everything else looks yummy! #MMBC

  5. Ahh we've all done it with the slow cooker haven't we! Last week I was thinking 'I can't wait to enjoy this stew' only to find that I hadn't even prepped it never mind turned it on!

  6. Sounds like a great meal! I love the recipes you find, it takes the meals you would think to cook but gives them a spin off which means it feels like you are not eating the same thing over and over!

  7. Ooh that all sounds amazing - I need to go and check out the recipes :)

  8. Sounds like a lovely week of proper winter meals. Just what we need right now.