Tuesday 12 January 2021

How we are getting on with the home learning.

 We made it through the first week with both of my girls learning from home and it went well. Don't get me wrong there was some moments when I thought I don't want to do this anymore and I am sure the kids thought the same but we powered through.

My girls on their laptops

For Becky nothing much has changed. Before the Christmas holidays she had to self isolate then they shut the college early so she is used to it. She has online lessons on a Wednesday and a Thursday and work to complete through the week which she is great at getting on with herself.

For Ellie it is all change. During the first lockdown home learning was a shock for everyone and nothing was really prepared but now all of Ellies teachers are on the ball. There is work being set, zoom lessons being arranged and plenty to keep her busy.

Before Christmas Ellie and her classmates had some tests and all the classes were changed depending on the results of the tests and Ellie was moved up a class. When we started the week home learning Ellie was still getting the work for her old class through her emails and not the new one. I emailed a teacher and she basically said "Oops, it hadn't been updated on the email system". After that we started getting emails for the correct class. Phew!

I am so glad I got a new laptop a few weeks ago so Ellie can use my old one just for her home learning. It would have been so much tougher without it. I feel so lucky we have enough electronics to go around and access to the internet as many children don't. 

Ellie's first Zoom lesson was on Thursday, for English and the teacher wanted everyone's video off and the sound muted but a handful of kids were making silly noises and swearing. They were swiftly kicked out of the lesson. It's a sad shame they behaved like that, they really should know better being 13 or 14 years old.

We had a walk to school on Thursday too to pick up some of Ellie's exercise books. The teachers think it's for the best they can look back on the work they have been doing. I think it is a really great idea and it also means when Ellie is given work and she says she doesn't know what it's on about I can look in her books and show her she's already done a bit about it. Yes, that has happened already. lol

exercise books from school.

Ellie was given a project for Design & Technology to run all the way until the February half term and she is really enjoying it. It is to design and create a festival. Make mood boards, decide on a theme, create posters, costumes, decide on food and make some, design a stage and some merchandise.

On Friday the school activated Microsoft Teams so the kids can hand work in via that instead of doing everything over email. I have heard of it before but both Ellie and I haven't used it but we're getting to grips with it and she has already handed some work in through it.

Last week was pretty easy with the amount of work that Ellie had to do but we were being eased in gently while everything was being set up and things were being put in place. Yesterday Ellie had 4 Zoom lessons which all went well. The teachers are doing an amazing job and I think even Becky and I learned something from listening in to Ellie's lessons. 

Doing home learning is hard work for us all but it's working. Ellie was actually glad to get off the laptop yesterday which is practically unheard of but she spent a good hour doing some drawing for her Design and Technology project. 

I hope you are all getting on OK with the home learning?


  1. It sounds like you are getting on really well! It's definitely better for us now that everyone knows what they are doing and everything is all set up, mine are getting on well but they are missing the social side quite a bit. And I'm constantly on call for help and snacks!

  2. It sounds like you've all found your footing with the home learning now - I hope that continues.

    My son is in primary school (Y2) and we're getting on well(ish). Some good days and some very reluctant days, but we do what we can on those. Like you, I am also thankful we have the equipment, knowledge and time to keep up to date with the work because I know some families just don't have that opportunity.

    It is nice reading this post and knowing that other families are going through a similar thing, y'know. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You sound like you have a plan that works for you and your family X

  4. It has been a steep learning curve for all. I can only imagine the teachers are exhausted after teaching online all day. We have five hour-long sessions a day, although there are some frees thrown in. Then they have to go off and prepare for the next day. I've seen some silly behaviour too, but hopefully it will stop as the novelty wears off. #mmbc