Saturday 23 January 2021

Week 3 of #Project365. 16th - 22nd January. A photo every day for a year!

 The home learning hasn't been that bad this past week. I think we have found more of a routine and Ellie has finally realised that she's not on holiday and between 9am and half three she needs to do school work. It took some getting there but I am hopeful things will be easier from now on.

We have had another week of not doing much and mostly staying home. There is an advantage to the lockdown, we get to stay in the warm. The weather has been terrible here, grey and wet although yesterday was brighter.

Now for a photo everyday!

cupcakes and a tiktok wrap
maths questions and the kids on their laptops
Kamala Harris and a Paint by numbers kit
My trainers stood waiting for my youngest

16/365 - 16th January
Pretty pink cupcakes. I reviewed a baking box and it kept us busy most of Saturday afternoon.

17/365 - 17th January
More TikTok wraps, this time sweet one's. We had strawberries, chocolate spread, bananas and Biscoff spread. They were so good.

18/365 - 18th January
Ellie was doing some maths quizzes online and came across this question. Which months have 30 days? She got it wrong the first time around and ticked all except February which in my opinion was right but it was wrong. She had a right shout at the computer saying they should word it more clearly. Which months have "only" 30 days. She had a point. lol

19/365 - 19th January
Both girls doing their home learning. I was starting to get a bit annoyed that the kids were spending so much time looking at screens but yesterday Ellie's school sent a message out saying that on Tuesday it will be a screen free day. No Zoom calls, no online learning and no computers! We're very happy about it. 

20/365 - 20th January
I had CNN on most of the day watching Trump leaving the White House and Biden going in. I got all emotional seeing Kamala Harris being sworn in. What a bit of history! 

21/365 - 21st January
Becky was sick of spending time on her laptop so got out a paint by numbers set which I got her last year. She's made a good start and I think it will take her a while to complete it.

22/365 - 22nd January
I stood for 50 minutes waiting for Ellie to get her year 9 booster jabs. She was not happy, she thought she was just getting one injection but ended up with one in each arm. 

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  1. We have gotten into a settled routine too with the home educating thankfully...seems to be working.

    The wraps sound good!
    She does have a point with the months question!

    50 mins is quite a bit of a wait!

    1. I am glad you are into a good routine now.
      The 50 minutes wait I think was because they had to clean everything between each child. x

  2. You should hear what Darren say's about Little E's maths questions. He is refusing to do those with her now and it's my job lol. I love the paint by numbers set. We didn't watch it on Wednesday. I knew it was on but I think I might have stuck Trolls on to keep the kids entertained #365

    1. hahaha! I can quite imagine what Darren says about Little E's maths questions. lol They are way harder than what I remember when I was at school. x

  3. Finding a routine helps with the home-learning – ours mostly works although there’s a little bit of juggling needed as Sophie and I are both using my laptop for Zoom meetings! Those cupcakes look nice. Biscoff spread in a wrap with chocolate spread, strawberries and bananas sounds very yummy – I must try that. It was so good seeing Biden and Harris being sworn in. Love the look of Becky’s paint by numbers, hope she has fun doing that. That was a long wait for Ellie's booster jabs. Hope her arms aren't too sore. #project365

    1. It is a struggle having to juggle things when it comes to home schooling.
      The sweet wraps are amazing. We've got marshmallow spread for this week. hehehe x

  4. Ouch, poor Ellie. I had a shingles vaccine this week and my arm ached for 3 days and I felt really run day

    1. I hope your arm is feeling better now.
      Ellie was fine with hers. Phew! x

  5. That's good that the remote learning schedule is working for them. Screen free day sounds good, N's screen time has been about 40 hours last week, as they're on from 8.45-2.30 ish for school, wit a lunch break, then he looks at youtube and various others for an hour in the evening/weekends. Like the idea of a sweet wrap.

  6. Poor Ellie, was it a DTP booster? It's very painful. We have settled into the remote school routine more or less. A screen free day sounds good, I think the kids spend too much time with screens.
    Sweet wrap looks good, you reminded me that I wanted to make some for my guys. I have just googled ideas for sweet wraps, and got on some Wrap me in plastic TikTok videos, I wish I didn't. :)

  7. Looks like a great week - I want a cupcake, so pretty. The tiger painting is beautiful. #MMBC

  8. It is worrying just how much time they are all spending on screens. I'm so grateful that our school made the decision to finish screen time early on Weds and Fri from now on - it's needed by all #365

  9. Hoe refreshing that your school had a screen free day, that is a seriously awesome idea! It is a worry them staring at screens all day long, but it's the only way at the moment. There is no win/win situation in this! :(
    I have seen those crazy wraps! They look amazing! We haven't tried them yet, I'm surprised Liv hasn't asked already but think we will give them a try at some point. Hope you are having a lovely week... you've got this! Sim x

  10. Those cupcakes look great I keep promising the boys that we will do some baking but never quite find the energy!! I keep meaning to try those wraps and still haven't. Glad Ellie has got into the swing. Love the look of the painting. I brought myself one when we first went into lockdown but haven't started it yet. Really should! Sorry to hear about the jabs, but at least they are now done.

  11. I would love the kids to have a screen free day! I have seen the wrap pics and videos but the gluten free ones are a bit small so might have to do thirds... #project366

  12. The cakes look lovely, will have to check out your review. I am back to eating treats so will have to try out those wraps! Something to look forward to in the week. I love the idea of a non-screen day with school. Wish ours would do some of those, it feels like a challenge keeping up with all the tasks they post! I can't wait till half term x

  13. I should try that sweet version of tiktok wraps. Both biscoff and chocolate spread looks like my kind of thing1 :D You daughter was right about that 30 days question haha. Loved their smiles in front of the screens!

  14. I'm with Ellie with all the months bar feb having 30 days, stupid question and I would've shouted at the computer also. Love the idea of the tik tok sweet wraps but that would just be too sickly for me, but then I'm no longer a teen lol I did some baking yesterday just for myself