Tuesday 19 January 2021

New Year resolutions for my family.

I am late in writing this blog post. It should have been posted a couple of weeks ago but I forgot I had wrote it and it moved down my list of posts, out of sight.

In the past I have written about how to stick to your new years resolutions but this year we're not making any massive resolutions as a family. Life seems so uncertain at the moment to make any massive changes, we are just going with things that will make us happier as a family.


Eat better.
Over Christmas we ate so much rubbish and we need to get back on track eating fruit and vegetables. It is hard when all we want to do is eat quick food because we're all so busy with home learning and who wants to spend time in the cold kitchen when the living room is so warm. We're back to eating proper meals and the snacking on junk has mostly stopped. The fruit bowl is full and I am planning some healthier meals.

Eat together around the dining table.
Since Christmas we have drifted away from eating in the dining room into the living room with our plates on our knees. We need to get back to eating around the dining table. It was always a great way to spend time together and have a chat.

Unplug more.
We have internet and electronic free time on a Sunday morning but I would like to aim for more especially with the girls learning from home and spending more time on their laptops. I feel like we should spend more time unplugged and maybe having an hour or two each evening.

Get outdoors more.
This could help us spend more time off electronics. I noticed last week that the nights are staying lighter for longer and I am thinking our evening walks could become a thing again. Obviously we're not going to travel far, there are plenty of places to walk around here.

Lockdown has meant we're not exercising as much and we should. We need to do some exercise so we're thinking about finding fun workouts to join in with on YouTube. Not Joe Wicks, he does all of our heads in. I have came across some fun workouts by someone called Kyra Pro. She does workouts to songs from The Greatest Showman, Frozen, Disney and even has one with Billie Eilish music so Becky can't say she hates the music. lol

Have a Saturday night together.
Saturday night is the one night that we have together as a family and watch TV. I want to keep up with this despite the protests from the kids wanting to play and chat with their friends online.

Sleep more.
As a family we are all rubbish at getting enough sleep. I am setting bedtimes for us all. 10pm for the kids and 11pm for Stu and I during the week. I am not even trying with a weekend. Last year I started going to bed at 11pm and it worked wonders for me but lockdown put shot to that, now it seems like we're going to be on a lockdown for a while I feel like we should be in more or a routine.

Stop spending money.
We have a habit of nipping to the local shop for bread or milk and then buying things we don't really need like reduced cream cakes or flowers. They're nice but not really needed. It's not just me, the rest of my family are guilty of it too. Becky will go for loo roll and get a meal deal for lunch, she could make a sandwich at home and we always have crisps or chocolate all she's missing is the sugary drink. Not buying a meal deal will save around 3 or 4 pound. We need to stop that!!

Have you made any new years resolutions?


  1. Good look, they all sound like great resolutions and ones that would be good for our family too! Thank you for the exercise video recommendations, I've been doing Joe Wicks videos and I do enjoy them but I'd like something with a bit of music to try as well!

  2. Sound like some great plans here, Kim :) Good luck with your goals. I need to start getting fit again. I only walk the dog once at the minute but I really need to get back into running again with her.

  3. I didn't make any resolutions this year to be honest. I made plans with a new man who encourages me every day and wants to be happy and loved just like I do. So we are looking forward to a new normal together and will be sharing some of your plans too in terms of healthy eating, exercise and sanity around money with a few treats along the way lol #MMBC #MondayMorningBlogClub

  4. Good luck and always good to have something to work towards X