Thursday 11 June 2020

The dining table is the heart of our home.

It is sometimes said that the kitchen is the heart of the home but I am thinking it could actually be the dining room or at least the dining room table!

The average family dining table will play host to 572 conversations, 1,456 meals, 57 disagreements and 468 jokes every year as well as 72 special moments are shared annually.

Since moving here we have made a point of eating together at the dining room table. I think it is important for my family to have at least a few meals together every week. It is a way to get together, chat and have a catch up. I am sure the kids would say they prefer to eat in front of the TV but once they're sat at the dining table they do like the chats we have.

We talk about all sorts but the most popular topic here lately has obviously been Coronavirus. My girls really surprised me in the early days of the lock down about what they understood and thought about social distancing, keeping safe and of course the government. They are very opinionated and have their own views about the situation which makes me so proud.

A recent survey says that with people currently spending more time at home the dining table is being used for an average of 28 hours a week. Ours is certainly getting more use.

When Ellie is doing any of her school work that doesn't need the computer she sits and the dining table and Becky will sometimes take her laptop and sit there to do her college work. Thankfully it is big enough for the both of them to share even with all the papers and books they always have scattered about.

If we all want to sit together to play board games the dining room table is where we go, we do crafts on it and the kids will sit there if I am in the kitchen cooking tea or cleaning up. 

Top uses of the dining table during lock down:

1. Children’s classroom.
2. Lunch break table.
3. Parent’s workspace.
4. The place to play games.
5. Partner’s workspace.
6. A place to have video calls.
7. A place to bake.
8. The place to catch up with friends via calls/video.
9. The place to stream live online school lessons.
10. The place to stream live workouts.

Is your dining room table getting more use at the moment?


  1. We do a lot around our dining table too!

  2. We should use our dining room more, at the moment its a storage space.

  3. We should probably use our dining table more but it’s easier to just sit with our meals on our laps watching tv. Our cats bowls are on there so at least they eat off of it I suppose 🤣