Friday 26 June 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Decorating! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Time flies when you're having fun and this week has again flown over. I seem to have been so busy doing bits and bobs around the house, getting Ellie to do her school work and trying to keep cool. Hasn't it been a scorcher of a week. I sat outside for a little while yesterday and had to come in and get changed because I was so sweaty. 

After we had decorated the living room we had planned on having a break from the DIY and painting but that hasn't happened. My dad found some door handles in one of his sheds to replace the old one's on the bedroom doors and living room door and that has got Stu and I back into doing things around the house.

Stu ran out of wood filler for the doors but after a quick look on Google it turns out you can use sawdust and PVA glue to make your own filler and we had plenty of both. After he sanded it all down and painted it you'd never have guessed we'd not used proper wood filler.

I started on painting the kitchen which has been more work than I initially thought. The blue went on so easily and only needed one coat but painting the tiles has been very time consuming and a faff especially in this heat. The white paint seemed to be melting. lol It has also made us realise that the kitchen units don't match the rest of the kitchen now which isn't a massive problem as they are wood and we can sand them down and paint them. We're thinking a light grey.

Before Christmas I saw some purple paint with glitter in, in my dad's paint shed and claimed it but left it there. He had a sort out and moved it and lost it but my dad's partner found it so next week I am planning on decorating our bedroom. Purple on the bottom of the dado rail and light grey on the top using the leftover paint we have from when we did the hallway. After our bedroom all that's left to do is the dining room and that just needs a lick of paint to freshen it up. It's a year tomorrow since we moved house from Northumberland to Scunthorpe. It might have taken us a year to get the house to how we want it but the end of the decorating is in sight.

In other news I have pea pods!! Hooray! The pea plants that I grew from seeds have finally started to grow their pods. The seemed to appear over night. We're going to wait a little until they are a bit bigger and hopefully get to them before the birds and bugs do but the birds are being well fed in my garden at the moment after I was send a bird feeder to review. They are greedy so and so's though. They can easily eat the full feeders worth in half a day. 

I think we're going to have the weekend off doing any jobs around the house. I have a pie and crumble to make with the cherries the kids picked while we were visiting my dad yesterday. Technically it's not my dad's tree but it does reach over into his field and the farmer said take what you want or the birds will just eat them so we did. We'll be back next week for more because kids have decided they love cherries. 


  1. wow, you have been busy. I love the sound of a sparkly purple bedroom. I've never painted tiles, that does sound like hard work. #wotw

  2. naha, this made me laugh Kim. Why so? Well, after three months of us being in the same house constantly, I've noticed our house needs decorating! Think we may need a new kitchen after all this is over as well.

  3. Your house must look and feel so airy and bright now. Intrigued by your tile paint and your glittery purple paint. It has been hot this week. Your peas are ahead of ours. I'm sure you already know, but you can tell when they are ready by flicking the pod. If it sounds hollow, leave them longer. We call them garden sweets. Lucky you have access to a cherry tree. Cherry crumble sounds yummy. #wotw

  4. You're going to have an entirely new house in no time Kim! We've been in ours for three and half years almost and we're still working on things. I'm so impressed with how quickly you've done it all. I hope you get to rest and enjoy it soon :) #wotw

  5. You've had a busy week on the decorating front. I love the blue in your kitchen and the tiles look much nicer white too. Good luck with painting the cupboards and decorating your room. Can't believe it's been a year already since you moved. Hope you enjoy the cherries. My in-laws have a cherry tree in the garden but the birds always seem to get them before we do! #WotW