Saturday 13 June 2020

Week 24 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

We have had quite a productive week with more decorating being done. The living room is about 95% finished. I just need some cushion covers and a throw and then it will be finished. For now we're done and it's just as well because Stu is back to work on Monday. 

The weather hasn't been great, we made the most of it yesterday with the really light showers and went for a bike ride and popped to see my dad and his partner. It's nice to have the freedom now to do that even if it means sitting in his garden.

Now for a photo every day!

Pj's on the radiator warming and a me playing the Sims 4
2 inflateable pigs blown up
Our new wallpaper up. Red and silver stripes
A bunch of roses and my fella painting a door
the rainy view out of the front room window

158/366 - 6th June
I had to get my fleecy pj's back out on Saturday. It was freezing. I had them heating on the radiator (we had the heating on too) for when I got out of the bath.

159/366 - 7th June
I am back into playing The Sims. I got the newest expansion pack so I've been playing it far too much this past week and yes I used the money cheat. hehehe

160/366 - 8th June
Two little piggies. They came from the game Giant Pass the Pigs which we tried out. It is great fun and when the weather is nicer we will be playing it out in the garden.

161/366 - 9th June
Stu but the wallpaper up and did a great job. I love it. It goes so well with the wood on the fireplace and matches everything else we have in the room. 

162/366 - 10th June
"A", Becky's girlfriend brought her a gorgeous bunch of roses. This young love thing is so cute. 

163/366 - 11th June
Stu finished off decorating the living room. It's crazy how yellow the doors looked when he started on painting them white. Eek! A lick of paint has really freshened it up in here.

164/366 - 12th June
We moved the furniture around in the living room and now I have my armchair where the sofa used to be. I have a good view out of the window now to be nosy. hehehe All I saw yesterday was rain.

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  1. It must be so nice to see your lounge very nearly finished. I like being nosy too, but we live right on a bend in the road, so I can't see much at all! How lovely of Becky's girlfriend to bring her flowers.

  2. The wallpaper looks very smart. Nice roses - so sweet. We used to have some of those Pass the Pigs - they survived during N's toddler years which I was impressed about.

  3. The weather is crazy - there's no knowing what it's going to do next ! Either I'm getting rained on without a coat or I put on a jumper and a coat and I'm boiling hot when I come home from work ! Love all the work you've done in your house. It looks great now. The difference in colour on the doors is amazing ! And awww, it's so cute seeing Becky and her girlfriend :) xx

  4. Giant Pass The Pigs is so fun! I played it a few years ago at a BlogOn conference party... with Susan actually... so much fun and many laughs! :) Awww bless Becky and 'A', good choice on the roses, they are gorgeous! :) I do love having fresh internal doors, it's just the getting round to actually painting them that's the bit I don't like! ;) Hope you have a lovely week! Sim x

  5. it is amazing how a lick of paint can not only brighten up a room but make it feel so much cleaner. love the wall paper, those colours would suit our furniture when it eventaully comes over

  6. I love fleece clothes in the winter. It's quite hot here where I am. Interesting looking pigs for the game. Lovely roses. Good to have a nice view of the outside world

  7. Must be nice to see so much progress on the house. I played the Giant Pass The Pigs at Blogon and it was great fun.

  8. Love the looks great. And the white looks much nicer on the doors. Must admit I had put the heating back on too.

  9. It must be so nice to see your lounge nearly finished. I love Pass the Pigs game. I used to play it with my dad as a kid. I am not nosy at all, drives my hubby crazy. That is lovely of Becky's girlfriend to bring her flowers xx

  10. Giant Pass the Pigs sounds like a lot of fun. Those roses are beautiful. It's amazing what a different a coat of paint makes on the doors isn't it? Hope that all went well for Stu with returning to work. #project366

  11. The weather has been a bit of a downer in the past week. I had to put a warm duvet on the bed. Lovely bunch of roses! The pass the pigs game looks fun. How nice to have an almost finished project. The wall paper matches the wood on the mantlepiece perfectly.

  12. I have given up playing Sims! The mobile and freeplay were getting too repetitive and I had no time before lockdown and the DS and PS4 versions were too complicated! Our heating has been on... #project366

  13. We have avoided the heating so far. The lounge looks great, good choice on wallpaper. I have never played the sims sounds like it could be addictive. Pig game sounds good and how sweet to send roses. Must be difficult as they cant see each other much during lockdown.

  14. The weather has been so bizarre we are due a heatwave now apparently. We also loved the Pass the Pig game.
    Those roses are lovely...

  15. haha I don't blame you for using the money cheat, I have done that before its nice to be able to get your house set up all nice! And that really costs otherwise lol. We have had the heating on a couple of times too, I could do with some fleecy PJ's! x

  16. I haven't liked the cooler weather and am looking forward to the sun returning