Wednesday 24 June 2020

(Ad - Gifted) Looking after the birds with pre-filled bird feeders! - Review!

Over the past few months we have been doing up our garden. We have done a lot of digging, planting, painting and moving things around. The flowers have grown in the flowerbed and the bees are loving it but what we hadn't thought about was the birds. I hadn't even thought about feeding them until I was asked if we would like to try out a bird feeder.

I was sent a pre filled bird feeder from Henry Bell which is a fantastic way to get started on feeding the birds in your garden and a bag of Superior Seed Mix.

Bird seed and a bird feeder

The Henry Bell Pre-Filled Feeders which cost around £4.99 can simply be unwrapped and hung in the garden. There is no messing around as they're already filled. Sleek and contemporary, the Henry Bell’s Pre-Filled Feeders come in grey with bird friendly perches, an easy opening lid and an angled base to support the flow of seeds to the ports.

Our new bird feeder ready to be hung up.

It took longer to decide where to hang the bird feeder than actually get it hung up. lol There is nothing complicated about the feeder, take it out of the packaging, pull the perches down and hang it up.

We found the perfect spot on the side of the garage, far away enough from the house so we don't disturb the birds but close enough to still see them. Within half an hour of it being hung up birds were already feeding from it. There was at least 10 of them flapping around it at one point. Ellie was especially fascinated by them. She has already been on the internet trying to find out what birds we have visiting. I think bird spotting might be her new hobby.

The bird feeder hung up ready for the birds to eat from it.

I think the pre filled bird feeders are a fantastic way to get started on encouraging birds into your garden and with the bag of Superior Seed Mix we will be feeding the birds for a long while yet. I feel like we're doing our bit for nature now. Food sources for wild birds are decreasing and it is becoming more and more essential that we feed the birds in our garden's all year round. I hadn't though of this. I had thought it was just a winter thing to feed the birds. I feel quite sorry for them now. I think now we're going to have to give them something to drink from too and the kids are already suggesting a bird bath for them. I think feeding the birds is something we're really going to get into.

Henry Bell is a leading quality animal feed producer. The Henry Bell Wild Bird Care range includes over 100 products catering for every type of garden bird. Products are available nationwide in 150+ garden centres and online (such as Dobbies), pet shops and mainstream retailers.

Do you feed the birds in your garden?

We were send the pre filled bird feeder and the bag of Superior Seed Mix free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Aww this is a great idea. Glad to hear you're getting loads of birds coming down to feed. In the summer, I leave our back door open and earlier, I heard a noise in the kitchen. It was a bird coming into the kitchen pinching the dog biscuits ! I guess we need a bird feeder too !