Wednesday 3 June 2020

Directions Hair Colour - Flamingo Pink - Review!

For years I have been using Schwarzkopf hair dyes. It is a brand I know and trust. It always works well on my hair but with the lock down and not being able to get out and Tesco seems to be sold out of the colour I've wanted for weeks so I had to find something new and different.

I decided to have a look on ebay. I came across Directions Hair Colour a brand I hadn't heard of before, it was cheap enough and had some fantastic colours so decided to give them a try.

I went for Flamigo Pink and it cost £6.99 with free delivery which I didn't think was a bad price. Usually I pay around £5.00 for a hair dye and with the lock down happening I didn't mind paying a little more.

It arrived and I couldn't wait to get it on my hair. I put Vaseline around my hairline as I didn't want to be stained and got on with covering my damp hair. There was no instructions with it but and I guessed about leaving it on for half an hour as that is pretty average with hair dye.

What I was pleased about was that I only used half a tub of the dye. As it didn't need to be mixed or prepared it meant I could just put the lid on and I have it to use for another day.

Putting it on it looked much darker than the photo I had seen on ebay and was slightly worried but it was better than the green I had previously after using Colour B4. lol

I rinsed it off and was pleasantly surprised. It went on fantastically well and the colour was much lighter than I initially thought it was going to be and ended up looking brilliant. I don't know how or why but the ends still look a slightly different shade but it works!

What did fascinate me was that when I did get it on my skin it washed off easily it also didn't dye my scalp like other dyes do.

The colour lasted well and it was about a month before I had to dye it again. It's obviously faded but not as much as I thought it would and when it faded it just got lighter instead of looking washed out.

When I bought the tub of hair dye off ebay I didn't know much about the dye but since using it I have read up about it and it turns Directions hair colour is manufactured in the UK, have never tested on animals and the dye is vegan friendly.

There is 36 different colours to try and I am quite tempted to work my way through some of the brighter one's. Bright Daffodil (bright yellow) and Madarin (bright orange) look interesting.

On the Directions website the tubs of colour are sold for £4.99 with free delivery over £15 which I think is such a bargain considering I can easily get 2 uses out of one tub. I will be using this brand from now on.

What is the craziest colour you've dyed your hair?


  1. I've never dyed my hair ever - so boring ! lol. Love the colour, really suits you :)