Saturday 27 June 2020

Week 26 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

In the words of Bon Jovi: Woah, we're half way there! Week 26, halfway through the year. It really has flown over and to think this time last year we were moving house. Where has the time gone!

We've had a good week. I have tried not to complain too much about the heat but it's far too hot for me. The kids are glad they're not at school and college though. I told my girls form tutor this week she hasn't done as much work because the heat seems to have taken away all her motivation and instead she's been doing other things and she was fine with that. Life skills are important too! Phew!

Now for a photo every day!

My teen out hanging the washing out and my fellas father's day cards
A new door handle on the living room door and the start of the paintwork in the kitchen
My pea plants with pea pods on and a bag of cherries
Halfway through making a cherry crumble.

172/366 - 20th June
Becky was supposed to be putting the washing on the line but spent 10 minutes faffing on her phone then came in and said putting the washing on the line was such a big job, that's why she took so long. Eesh!

173/366 - 21st June
Father's day! We had a lovely day and it was so nice to actually see my dad to give him his cards and present.

174/366 - 22nd June
My dad gave us some door handles and Stu got on with putting them on the doors upstairs and one downstairs which needed changing. They look so much better now.

175/366 - 23rd June
I got on with painting the kitchen. Duck egg blue on the top and we've painted the tiles too, just white but it looks so much fresher and brighter. Next on our to do list is sand the kitchen units down and paint them a light grey.

176/366 - 24th June
I have pea pods on my pea plants. I am so chuffed with myself. I've actually grown something! 

177/366 - 25th June
The kids went cherry picking with my dad yesterday and got a massive box full. There's still more to get and we're going back next week to pick more when more are ripened.

178/366 - 26th June
Halfway through making the cherry crumble. What a faff getting the pips/stones or whatever they're called out. I was using a straw but because they're now paper straws they were getting soggy. It was delicious when it was done though.

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  1. I hate getting the stones out of cherries but I always cut them in halves or thirds then pull them out with my fingers. I will have to investigate the straw technique ! I did have a giggle at the sneaky pic of the long and complicated "hanging out the washing" - sounds like something my kids would do too ! lol. Love the decorating - great colours :)

  2. Ooh I love cherries. But the OH moans about them, so don't do much with them here. I can't bear the heat either although at least we don't have to go anywhere in it.

  3. Haha, loved what you did with Bon Jovi there!
    I love the duck egg blue paint that you have chosen. Can't wait to see it finished.
    Your peas are doing brilliant! They've really come along.
    The cherry crumble sounds amazing, I really fancy one now. Have a lovely Sunday. xx

  4. The cherry crumble sounds a flaff but worth it in the end. I had my first picking of peas this week, only enough for one serving though, will grow much more next year. Hadn't realised we were half way through the year, I've actually only had 3 months of normal activity so far.

  5. Cherry crumble sounds divine! :) I would swamp it with loads of double cream cwtch up on the couch. Nom Nom Nom! Ohhhh I love the colour combination of your kitchen - duck egg blue is such a good choice. So fresh and bright, it's such a lovely calming colour! Hope you are having a lovely week! Sim x

  6. I love cherries, and would just gobble them all up fresh, but I imagine the crumble was delicious. Lol @ the washing line saga. Well done on your first peas this season! Lovely that you were able to see your Dad on Father's day. That's a nice selection of cards.

  7. Can't believe we're halfway through the year already! How lovely that you were able to see your dad for Father's Day and so exciting to see pods appearing on the pea plants. Those cherries look yummy - it is a faff removing the stones though. #project366

  8. I can imagine destoning cherries would be a pain in the neck - it might have been worth it though because I bet it tasted good. The kitchen looks brighter for the new colour scheme.

  9. Our local pick your own still hasn't opened up! Hope they do soon! Ooh never tried a cherry crumble before...will have to give it a go.

    The Duck egg blue looks nice!

    Well done on the peas. They look nice and healthy!

  10. Love the sound of the colour change in the kitchen I have always wanted grey units. Yay to peas. Something has eaten most of ours. Cherries are popular in his house but we have not been picking yet. Although I maybe tempted ow with the idea of cherry crumble.

  11. Aaa Aaaa!! Livin on a Prayer!! I've experience a strange alternation of sunny heat and rainy cold these past few days. Kids do have the tendency to not do work by saying how had it is. Good to get better door handles. OoOoO bringing freshness to the kitchen.

  12. I hate our door handles so much, in fact we have just had a quote to replace our doors and the candles and I cannot wait. Glad the kitchen is feeling fresher

  13. I love crumble bet that was so good and well worth the effort! I hope you had custard too. I am glad your daughters tutor has been sympathetic, I feel we have had enough here now. Maybe I should reach out and see if we can take a step back too, sometimes it feels so overwhelming.

  14. We love crumble but preparing fruit is often time consuming (I have a pot of gooseberries in the fridge that need topping and tailing right now!). We've had a bumper crop of raspberries and our blueberries are nearly ready but only one cherry on our tree! #project366

  15. I love cherries, and would eat them all out the tub. However, the crumble was delicious. Well done on your first peas this season. I'm so bad at gardening. Lovely that you were able to see your Dad on Father's day x