Friday 19 June 2020

This week my Word of the Week is: Deliveries! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I wouldn't say the past few weeks were bad or boring but it seems to have been a bit like groundhog day, everyday. This past week we've had a bit of excitement with some exciting deliveries.

On Saturday we had letter delivered from HMRC saying Stu had paid too much tax and was due a refund. For a good few minutes Stu wound me up not telling me how much. Eesh! I did get excited then he said it was just £11 odd but I suppose it's better in our bank than not at all. We also had delivery which I wasn't actually expecting until Monday. It was a bean bag I won from Raisie Bay's blog way back when the lockdown first started. Delivery has taken a while because of the company closing down for a little during lockdown but it was well worth the wait! It is the best bean bag I've ever owned and I'd say it's more like a small armchair. The kids love it and have been arguing over who gets to sit in it. 

On Monday it was Becky's girlfriends 18th birthday and all she wanted to do on her special day was spend time with Becky which we were fine with. Thankfully I had the food shop set to come on the Sunday before so could order some birthday banners, a cake and pizza for lunch. The delivery did make me chuckle. I ordered blue balloons and they weren't available so sent 5th birthday balloons. Why? They had the 18th banners on the list and picked and packed those so why the 5th birthday balloons. Sometimes they do baffle me, it gave us a good giggle with the delivery driver.

My photo prints finally arrived from Snapfish. I ordered them for the new picture frames I bought a few weeks ago and a few extra to send my great aunt. It's her birthday next week and she said all she wants is some new photos of us all.

 The frames are up on the wall now and they look fab! All that's left to get now is to get some cushion covers and a throw to match the rest of the room. I did spot a throw while I was doing the online Tesco food shop. I ordered a red one but they sent a baby pink in it's place so I sent it back. I think I'm just going to wait until I go shopping which won't be for a while yet. We're in no rush to get the bus and go to town.

I am writing this yesterday and it's chucking it down out so we're having a cosy day, in our pjs and I think we're going to do some baking. We were sent a Father's day baking kit in exchange for a blog post so we're going to give that a try and make some bread!


  1. Haha the delivery substitutions crack me up! What were they thinking?! I had the Sainsbury's driver tell me that he had seen so many ridiculous things but the best was a customer receiving gin instead of bin bags. That's an exchange I could get on board with! I'm so glad this has been a more interesting for you and ending it with a cosy baking day sounds perfect! #wotw

  2. Always nice to get a tax refund even when it is only a small amount. Congratulations on winning the beanbag – it does look very comfy. I hope Becky’s girlfriend had a lovely birthday. It made me chuckle that you got sent 5th birthday balloons instead of 18th birthday ones, what a daft substitution. You’d have thought they could have swapped them for plain ones which would have been much more sensible. Hope you enjoy your baking and have a lovely weekend. #WotW

  3. I'm so very pleased your bean bag arrived at last :) The birthday balloons are hilarious, we have had some weird stuff substituted, it does make you wonder what the pickers are thinking sometimes.

  4. A tax refund is always better than finding out you owe more taxes! What are you going to do with that 11 pounds? So funny that the birthday balloons were for the wrong age. I guess a celebration is a celebration, even if the number on the decorations is wrong! :)

  5. If only they had sent you 3rd birthday too, then you could have made it an adding game. Always nice to have a tax refund. Every bit helps. I like the look of your bean bag. I'm not surprised they are arguing over it. I bet it's lovely to have your new photos up. I'm sure you'll enjoy shopping for the new cushions and throw. Always fun deciding. Hope you have a good weekend. #wotw