Monday 22 June 2020

Our weekly meal plan! 22nd - 28th June. #MealPlanningMonday

Writing the title of this blog post made me realise how quickly this year is going. We're nearly into July! How, when all we've done for the last 3 months or so is stay home! Staying home usually makes the days go slowly. 

Last weeks meal plan went well. We had the BBQ. I think the best thing about the food we ate last week was the bread rolls my fella and the girls made. It was a ready made mix where we just needed to add the wet ingredients. They turned out so well and didn't last long so it's got me wanting to make more of our own bread.

We emptied the freezer a little last week but there's still more to go until we can defrost it. I was due to be having a food shop from Tesco delivered yesterday but it turns out we don't actually need that much and what we do need I can get from our little Tesco up the road so I decided to cancel the delivery. 

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - Leftover BBQ food. I think I might just do a fry up with the burgers and sausages and add some eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and baked beans.
Tuesday - Iceland Salmon, Broccoli & Pea Risotto meal in a bag for me and Ellie and Stu and Becky will have the Chicken and bacon pasta meal in a bag. They don't like salmon but to be honest I'm not a fan of broccoli but will eat it in this one meal. 
WednesdayPork & apple sausages with potato wedges.
Thursday - Cottage pie. I have a mix of mince, onions, and veg in the freezer from the last time I made cottage pie so this will get rid of that.
Friday - Fish fingers, chips and baked beans.
Saturday - What we call a picky tea. I will cook random things from the freezer. Onion rings, mini sausage rolls, chicken dippers, garlic bread and anything else that will go. It will probably be very beige.
Sunday - A casserole of some sort to use up the veg I have in the freezer.

What are you eating this week?


  1. I keep thinking this year is flying right by too; and that's probably not a bad thing! LOL. I have been awful at putting a meal plan together these past few weeks but I am trying to mostly plan meals from what it is already in our freezers. Tonight we're having fish (chicken for the boys) with salad and maybe.. rice?

  2. oh dear, I started the shop online on Friday and then I was poorly all weekend so we got with what I put in my trolley to secure the spot. I usually spend a couple of days amending the order. It arrived today and I honestly think I could have got away with bread, milk, coffee and pop. I have so much in my cupboards and freezer. We'll definitely be having some 'picky' teas (I'm adopting that term from now on.) We need to eat all this food I've been hoarding. We may have a BBQ this week too. I think a cottage pie sounds lovely, not had that in ages...maybe we can do that for Sunday dinner.

  3. I love your meal plan this week, and will be featuring it as my favourite on Friday when my next one goes live! I love a picky tea, haven't had one in ages!

  4. I love your picky teas it is my favourite type of food

  5. Wow, the rolls look amazing ! Love the sound of this week's meals too. The picky tea would definitely go down well here !

  6. Well done on the bread rolls they look delicious, I keep thinking I will try and make some but never do lol. I love picky teas but never seem to get stuff in to do them, my mum does the best ones. Have a great week x

  7. I feel like the days are going really quick since we've been at home, it's crazy!
    Oh we love a picky tea too. We generally do that at the weekend. The Pork & apple sausages with potato wedges sound amazing! What a fab meal plan. x

  8. Love a beige tea. My OH would moan at it, but it's like party treat food for me!