Tuesday 16 June 2020

Period's should be talked about and we do.

My girls and I have always been open and honest when it comes to talking about period's. It's a natural part of being a female and there is no reason to be embarrassed about them. I have always told them that it is just stupid that some others think a period is a shameful thing. I am thinking about teenage boys when I say that.

Some of the conversations my girls and I have had about periods have made me chuckle and the things that have happened. I thought having two girls would be a nightmare when they had periods but it sometimes is quite funny.

Sneezing is not advised when on your period say my girls and I tend to agree. Your whole uterus tries to escape from your body! One of my girls crosses their legs when they sneeze to stop gravity and the pressure. It doesn't work.

We use different sized pads depending on what day we are on of bleeding and the part of the day. One of my girls had got ready for bed and got into bed only to realise the thin daytime pad is not going to cut it on a night time on day two of her period. The girl has come walking past me to the bathroom and said "I'm an idiot, remind me I need a the big one's when I go to bed". lol

Both of my girls started their period within hours of each other recently and turned the whole thing into a competition. One was saying she was in pain the other was laughing because she wasn't and gloated on the fact that the other was being a cry baby. They thought it was a race to finish their period first and then the next month thought whoever started their period first was classed as better than the other.

My girls and I are always walking in on each other when one of us is in the bathroom. Usually when one of us is pulling our pants up with a sanitary pad on and when our knickers are up we always do a little dance to jiggle the pad into a comfortable position. We call that our period dance.

Someone was very excited when they realised that their place of education provided free sanitary pads in all of their toilets until they realised that they were the cheapest of the cheap one's and they had no wings on them. We do prefer pads with wings on.

One time we were running low on pads and all that was left was the massively, thick night time one's. One of my girls had a hissy fit saying I was making her suffer from period poverty. She went less than an hour until I had stocked back up and we had our usual brand.

When one of my girls started her periods even though she knew the facts of life and periods happen every month until you are about 50/60 years old still thought it was exaggerated and they were optional. I said the only time they come close to being optional is if you're pregnant. She then asked when is the right age to get pregnant because the 9 month break can't come soon enough.

My dad has never been one to talk about periods. Even now if his partner mentions her's or me mine he will run a mile. When it comes my girls he has all the sympathy. I mentioned one of of the girls had cramps and he made sure I had painkillers and a hot water bottle bottle for them. On orders from my dad they had to take it easy, did they want chocolate bringing. Eesh! He was never like that when I was a teen. lol

My dad mentioning chocolate and hot water bottles being essentials when on your period has made my girls demand it. They think it's the only cure for period pains now.

As bad as periods are sometimes there is some things to laugh about with them.


  1. Im so old that i remember my dad going off on one of his rants when the first Kotex adverts appeared on the TV back in the 70s , even worse he spotted it during World of Sport between the Football results and wrestling ...lol

  2. I'm not trying to compete with Kate, but I'm so old that when I first started my Mum gave me a Dr White Sanitary towel which was held up by a belt around your waist and some clips like suspenders!! Thankfully, although they were what she used, there were some pads available that stuck to your pants. They were huge and uncomfortable though. I think the way they have evolved is amazing, you can even buy knickers that don't need pads now. I have a grown up daughter and teen at the moment, but the youngest is almost 13 so I figure she'll be starting soon too...that'll be 3 period misery guts in the house...thank heavens I've had the menopause, lol.

  3. I've suffered with my periods since I started. A hot water bottle and chocolate are my best friends every month! x